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Being healthy isn’t easy. You would think that by simply living and eating reasonably healthy food and portions would be enough, but unfortunately, that’s not enough to stay in shape nowadays. Exercise is the crucial second piece to the puzzle, and while it may not seem hard to do, most houses aren’t stocked with exercise equipment. You could try going on walks, but what neighborhoods are totally safe nowadays? If you’re a person who is passionate about your health, and the health of those around you, fill out and submit a 24 Hour Fitness Application today!

Because of the circumstances that society has put us in, gyms have become increasingly popular. With a simple membership, you can go work out in a safe environment filled with all of the tools needed to stay in shape. Of all the gyms out there, 24 Hour Fitness is one of the leading options, and the reason is in the name; they are indeed open twenty four hours, seven days a week. With this unique and smart business model, you could easily find a rewarding career working in this gym.

Company Overview

24 Hour Fitness was founded in 1983 and has grown to become a massive chain of fitness centers, which provides all manner of resources to exercise and stay healthy. The company offers a paid membership to utilize the options within the gym. The company began as a small fitness club in San Leandro, California and since spread to over eighteen states.

The number of memberships is currently at four million and counting. This makes it the largest privately held chain of gyms in the world. To stay in competition with other gyms, 24 Hour Fitness became the first chain amongst them to stay open all hours of the day and everyday of the week. Currently, the company has over 20,000 employees and 425 locations. With these kinds of numbers, the fitness chain is constantly hiring and seeking new help.

Beyond offering the latest in workout equipment and technology, including strength training, cardio, and functional training options. 24 Hour Fitness also strives to offer convenient locations, personal training services, and group exercise classes. The company also consistently donates to charitable organizations and groups focused on bettering the health of the American people and the health of the youth in our country. The company also holds accreditation from the Better Business Bureau with A+ ratings for all of the club locations in the United States.

How to Apply to 24 Hour Fitness

The company does not have a downloadable or paper application. To apply, you need to navigate to the 24 Hour Fitness Careers page. On this page, you will find plenty of information about the company, the available opportunities for employment, and the capacity to search for opening in your area. There is also an option to enter your email and give some information about yourself to receive updates and opportunities delivered to you.

Utilize the easy to navigate job search to find the position you’re looking for in your area. You can search by position, or click on an interactive map to choose your state and city. Once you’ve found a position you’re interested in scroll to the bottom of the job page and click on the “Apply Now” button to begin filling out your employment form online.

The company will request some basic information that allows them to place you in their candidate community. From there, the second step is the official application for the position you’ve chosen. Once you’ve completed this simple online process, a recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview if your employment form shows potential.

Direct Competitors

Even though 24 Hour Fitness was the first to pioneer the concept of being open all hours of the day and night, other gyms have adopted this policy, in addition to offering competitive membership rates to attract people to their locations.

Health isn’t an exact science, and everyone has their approach, so look into applying at the YMCA. Once you’ve finished that, go stock up on health supplements over at GNC and seek employment there. Multiple reps are always recommended.

Job Requirements and Featured Positions

A distinct amount of the positions on offer with 24 Hour Fitness are entry level. Because of this, very little experience is required to obtain employment with the company. The only true requirement is that all candidates must be over the age of eighteen to apply. On the careers page, you can find a number of features positions with the company that are in high demand. Below are a few examples of positions the company is constantly hiring for:

1. Membership Jobs

This position is great for individuals who are excited to help other people take that first step on their journey toward personal health. At 24 Hour Fitness, the company encourages a pressure-free sales environment for both their team members and the guests they attend to. In this capacity, you will be working in a non-commissioned position which allows you to focus on the needs of the guests instead of trying to push the membership for your own ends.

Candidates should have the ability to provide energy, versatility, and knowledge to their guests while making an impact on the company’s performance and membership numbers. This is truly a rewarding position as it allows you to make a difference in countless lives.

2.  Personal Trainer Jobs

If you have a passion for fitness and you’ve built up a knowledge of the nuances and proper methods of utilizing common exercise equipment, a career as a Personal Trainer with 24 Hour Fitness could allow you spread that knowledge to others as you inspire them to better themselves. The company believes that “Wellness Begins with Fitness” and as a personal trainer, you can set people on that path.

3. Service Jobs

This is a great entry-level position to consider. As a service member with 24 Hour Fitness you will be the first and the last person people see when they come and go from the club. You will welcome everyone who enters with a warm smile and always show energy and enthusiasm. The goal in this position is to ensure that all guests have a memorable experience each and every time they come in to exercise.

4. Club Manager Jobs

If you have experience in a leadership role, you should consider becoming a Club Manager with 24 Hour Fitness. In this capacity, you will focus on helping your guests and your team members with achieving their goals and following their path to a better life through fitness. You will assist with multiple departments, helping with sales, service, and management on a daily basis. Through your leadership, you can make fitness a life goal for everyone you come across.

Employee Benefits

There are number of added benefits for employees of 24 Hour Fitness. For starters, all members of the team will receive free health club memberships. In addition, employees receive discounts on personal training sessions. As you gain tenure with the company, other benefits become possible. There are options for healthcare, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and plenty of other benefits as well.

The free membership alone proves that 24 Hour Fitness cares about its employees just as much as they do for their members. If you need a part-time job to support yourself, or if you have a passion for health, the company will offer you a wide range of opportunities. Head over to their career page and begin filling out your 24 Hour Fitness application now!

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