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The American Automobile Association (AAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to securing public road safety through teaching vehicle owners of responsible driving. If you want to be in the automobile industry but in a different way, becoming a member of the AAA family should be in one of your employer options.

The AAA application process is quite fast and easy, as they offer a career website for interested applicants. You can apply online and prepare to enter all the necessary information required by the company.

This article is intended to help you have an educated decision concerning your job at AAA. The goal is to familiarize you with AAA corporate background, working condition, career development, employee benefits and other job opportunities.

AAA Guide to Applying Online

To start your AAA hiring process, you will need to browse through the company’s job vacancies. It is important that the job you are applying for is appropriate for your work experience, skills and knowledge. However, the company still accepts applicants who are thinking of having a career-change.

The first step to applying online is to create a profile on their website. You must select which state you would like to work in, so choose one division that is closest to your home. It will then bring you to a page where the address of the office is listed, including the contact numbers.

You may call the office to inquire about the available job vacancies. Or, you can just visit the other career website where you can check out job information comprehensively. Click here to get more information.

The profile login button is found at the lower left corner of the web page. You can click on it to go the AAA site where you can create your own profile, or sign in with your Gmail or Yahoo account. Since you are a new user, you must register as a new user to the login profile page. Fill-out everything completely and save it to the website’s database.

Another way of using the job search feature of AAA’s career website is by selecting your area of interest, state, city, preferred job schedule and by typing in the main keyword. This will filter out the results to give you the most accurate information about the job position available. Thus, you are able to find the right AAA job for you easily. You can click here to start your job search.

About AAA

AAA started out as a group of concerned citizens who wanted to look after public road safety in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in 1902 when there is lack of improvement in the road infrastructure; thus, few families owned a vehicle for private transport.

There were only 23,000 vehicles at that time compared to the overwhelming number of horse-drawn carriages, with 17 million. The motorists reported that they had a hard time traveling across the interstate highways. And this concern gave birth to an organization called AAA, an automobile clubs for Americans.

Today, AAA club grew in number with 54 million official members throughout North America. The company is serving these millions of independent vehicle owners through its 1,100 offices in the continent. With this wide network, the company felt the need to hire approximately 45,000 employees to help them with their business goals and objectives. Needless to say, you can get a lot of job opportunities where you can jump-start your career in the NGO sector.

As an AAA employee, you will assist the club member’s travel concerns in North America and in 130 countries. You can work as a sales representative, call center agent or customer support officer. You may also opt to apply for the company’s insurance and corporate department, where higher level of skills and experience are required.

Working at AAA

AAA has a century-old wisdom, tradition and business practices that have been tested over time. The company is particularly client-centric as they have to take care of their club members all the time. Thus, as a potential employee, you must also share the same mission and vision as the organization.

Over the years, AAA has been recognized as the primary provider of road service. Being a large organization prompts them widen the scope of their work and expertise so they also publish comprehensive information about travel and leisure. The company also offers insurance products such as life and automobile insurance policies.

To work for an organization that is socially responsible can be your gateway to becoming an experienced travel advisor, road safety advocate and insurance professional. Expect to be provided with a dynamic work environment where you can voice out your ideas and opinions for the betterment of the company.

In fact, they encourage their employees to demonstrate their excellent strategic thinking and planning. You must always be up for new challenges and an overachiever.

AAA is a fast-paced company where new ideas are always welcome, so you get to work with highly professional and experienced individuals focused on meaningful work. Every employee is also given equal career advancement opportunities, where they can further develop new skills.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Previous work experience preferred, but not required
  • Strong communication skills

Direct Competitors

The American Automobile Association, or AAA is an exclusive membership with plenty of benefits towards keeping people on the road protected and giving them some sweet discounts when they go out. Applying here means you like helping people, and you know a thing or two about cars. Great, apply to Autozone as well and help people like me figure out which of the thousands of windshield wipers is right for my car. When you’re done there, apply to Disney, because with every single ride being some kind of car, you’re talents will come in handy. Finish your applying spree with Wells Fargo, where people pay you to keep their money in check. 

Working Hours

The working hours at AAA vary depending on location and job title. The work schedule is flexible so you can work either part-time or full-time.

Community Involvement

AAA is more than happy to be a part of a greater cause, which is to give back to communities. In fact, the company is aimed at helping building the communities in Central Florida. The active community involvement of AAA is a great opportunity to become socially responsible and socially aware of the community problems.

If these promising expectations excite you, you must be interested in learning more about the AAA job openings.

Current Job Vacancies at AAA

The available jobs in AAA are divided into five talent areas. The company welcomes OJT students, fresh college graduates and experienced individuals. You can pick a job from the following interests:

  • Corporate – You will join a team of clerks, department associates and managers. You will be responsible for helping the department in planning and executing business strategies.
  • Customer Support – Your primary role is to help the club members with planning their vacation through AAA’s travel agency. You will serve as a travel advisor to the customers. You may also teach teenagers about driving properly or give advice on which car is right for them.
  • Call Centers – You will handle outbound/inbound telephone calls from the club members, so you must have strong oral communication skills. You will also assist the clients with their concerns, arrange appointments and respond to their inquiries.
  • Sales – You will be responsible for handling the products and services of the company. You must have a passion for interacting with people and learning what they need, so you can offer something to their automobile-related problems. This job also requires you to earn a property and casualty license and driver’s license before hiring.
  • Insurance – You must have a good understanding of the basic life insurance needs of a family. You are keen to developing a large referral network of members and insurance policy holders to generate leads. An insurance license issued by the state is also necessary.

Click here to check out the complete list of customer support vacancies, where you may also apply.

AAA Hiring Process

At AAA, employees are provided with equal opportunities geared towards their career growth. You must be a qualified professional to receive such a distinction by the management. Thus, it is important for the company to only hire individuals who have the most potential to excel in the industry. Upon employment, you can receive a competitive salary, training, benefits and promotion.

You must apply online as per the company policy. Fill-out all information, particularly your contact info, work history and educational attainment to secure a successful interview. You will then receive a confirmation response from the company upon submission. Allow the recruitment to review your resume within 2 days, to check if you fit the company’s present hiring needs.

If the process took longer than you have expected, you may check the status of your resume by reaching through 1-800-Monster. The interview is typically done by phone call. Another series of interviews should also be conducted that can be a one-on-one with the recruiter or in a panel interview arrangement.

Basic Interview Questions

  • What do you want to achieve while working for AAA?
  • What do you expect from AAA?
  • How do you handle conflict with your customers?
  • How many years have you been driving vehicles?
  • Do you have deep interest in automobile and mechanical engineering?

Interview and AAA Application Tips

Keep in mind that some interview questions can be situational. It is especially true among call center, customer support and insurance job applicants. For example, as a customer support agent, you will be dealing with different clients every day and face to face. You must also know how to get around with kids and teenagers as the club members usually travel with their whole family.

Salary Information

Salary is a big factor that can affect your decision. Good thing the average salary range at AAA is above the industry standards. Salaries may vary depending on your experience, level of expertise, education and job title. Read on the list below to have idea about salaries the company offers.


  • Sales and service Agent – $35,700 per year
  • Insurance Sales agent – $55,000


  • Project Manager – $92,808
  • Software Engineer – $73,750
  • Systems Engineer – $85,350
  • Manager – $68,214
  • Business Analyst – $54,833
  • Employment form Developer – $84,155
  • Actuarial Analyst – $59,214
  • Supervisor – $48,340

Customer Support

  • Travel counselor hourly – $12.30

Call Center

  • Call center representative hourly – $10
  • Call center representative – $24,216 per year


  • Insurance agent – $41,960 per year

Employee Benefits

AAA is well-known for providing generous compensation and benefits offers to their employees. It is one of the reasons why many have been sticking to the company for years. Some put a lot of weight on employee benefits than the salary package because they look for long-term stability that could support their growing family needs.

So, before applying, you must know what is in store for you in the company at the time of hiring.

  • 401(k) retirement and savings plan
  • Pension
  • Comprehensive medical and dental benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Disability coverage
  • Paid leave and holiday
  • Credit union – Auto Club Federal Credit Union
  • Employee and health savings account
  • Paid professional training for career advancement
  • Assistance program for employees – strictly confidential service designed to provide financial aid to the employee’s family problems like substance abuse, emotional instability, marital, etc.

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