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How would you like to have a job where you get to see the latest movies and experience the exciting sights and sounds of the movie theater every time you go to work? If the thought piques your curiosity, continue reading and learn more about exciting career opportunities in the movie theater industry.

With headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, AMC Movie Theater is one of the oldest and most successful movie theater chains in the United States. The company has been providing stellar entertainment experiences and promising career opportunities since 1920.

Submit your AMC Movie Theater application, and experience the excitement of having a rewarding career with one of the biggest names in the movie theater industry.

Applying for a Job Online

Thanks to computers and the internet, applying for a job at AMC Movie Theater has never been easier. If you are looking to start a career with one of the top three movie theater chains in the country, the first thing that you will need to do is visit the company’s official website.

From the homepage, click “Work at AMC” at the top right corner or towards the bottom of the screen. You will be taken the company’s careers page, where you can search for current career opportunities within AMC Movie Theater.

Choose the career path that you want to take, and on the next page, look for the job that best matches your skills and qualifications. When you find a job opening that interests you, click the title link and read through the job description page thoroughly.

At this point, you will be asked to sign in to your applicant profile. If you do not have an applicant profile yet, you may set one up by registering your email address and nominating a password. Setting up your own applicant profile allows you to apply for jobs, store your information, and save job listings.

Once signed in, fill out the online AMC Movie Theater employment form completely. Make sure to include accurate contact details, so that you can be reached when the hiring managers schedule you for interview.

To see other career opportunities available at AMC Movie Theater, visit the company’s careers page here.

Minimum Age Requirement

The company adheres to a minimum working age policy, where in employment is only legally provided to individuals who are at least 18 years old at the time of hiring. However, some states allow minors over 16 years of age to have jobs, provided that they can present the necessary work permits.

Check local employment laws to find out what the exact legal working age in your area is before you apply for a job at AMC Movie Theater.

Hours of Operation

AMC Movie Theater locations are usually open from noon until midnight, weekdays to Saturday. On Sunday, theaters are open from noon to 9:00 p.m. If you want to see the exact hours of business as well as the movie showtimes of a particular theater, use the online locator available on the company’s website.

About AMC Movie Theater

The company’s long history started during the early part of 20th century. AMC Movie Theater was founded in 1920, when the Dubinsky brothers, Maurice, Edward, and Barney, bought the Regent Theater on 12th Street, between Walnut and Grand, in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Before starting their own business venture, the brothers were travelling vaudeville performers who shared the stage with the famous actress Jeanne Eagels. The brothers later had their name changed from Dubinsky to Durwood, and the company that they built was named Durwood Theaters.

After Edward Durwood died in 1960, his son Stanley took control of the business. He renamed the company, turning Durwood Theaters into American Multi-Cinema Inc., and began making significant changes in the company’s approach to the business, and how it can revolutionize the movie theater industry.

In 1963, AMC Movie Theater opened one of, if not the first, multiplex on Ward Parkway in Kansas City. The industry quickly embraced the concept of having more than one screen, because it resulted in a significant increase in profit by drawing in bigger crowds.

More than 30 years later, the company took the concept of the multiplex and improved on it, when it opened the AMC Grand, which is a massive megaplex that could accommodate thousands of patrons, in Dallas, Texas. The company continued to open other megaplex theaters, the largest of which is the AMC Forum 30 in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

At the onset of the new millennium, AMC Movie Theater made several improvements in the technology that was used in its theaters. In March of 2009, the company began plans to replace all of its movie projectors with digital cinema projectors. Installation of the new projectors was completed in 2012.

In May of 2012, AMC Movie Theater entered into an agreement with Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group, wherein Wanda would acquire 347 theaters in the United States and Canada. The acquisition makes the Chinese conglomerate the largest cinema chain in the world.

Today, the company has 346 movie theaters in North America, along with 86 additional locations in China. It also operates 5,128 screens in six different countries. In a few markets, the company offers dine-in theater services where moviegoers can have food and drinks brought to them by servers, who they can signal with a press of a button.

Employment at the Company

Working in the movie theater industry is a fun and enjoyable experience. Not only will get paid a fairly decent salary, you also get to meet new people and be friends with individuals from all walks of life. You will also be exposed to opportunities to grow as a career professional,

AMC Movie Theater is an equal opportunity employer that strongly believes in diversity and the importance of rewarding hard work and dedication. As such, you can be assured that if you get hired, your efforts to do your job and do it well will not go unnoticed.

Besides, where else can you have a job where you get to watch movies as soon as they come out for free? Submit your AMC Movie Theater application today and give yourself a taste of what could just be the next best thing to having a career in the movie industry.

Current Job Openings at AMC Movie Theater

As the movie theater chain continues its efforts to expand, more careers with AMC Movie Theater become increasingly available to qualified individuals who are looking for more exciting job opportunities. If you have just started out in the business, you may be interested in applying for a number of entry level positions.

One of the most commonly viewed jobs on the company’s careers page is the position of Cashier. If you get hired as a Cashier, your responsibilities will focus on box office tasks such as selling tickets and gift cards, answering questions about prices, show times, and policies, and enrolling guests in the AMC Stubs program.

In order to be considered for the position, you must have good verbal communication skills, as well as the ability to work under minimal supervision. A Cashier at AMC Movie Theater usually makes around $7 to $9 an hour.

More experienced applicants may also vie for a position in management. AMC Movie Theater Managers are in charge of making sure that the theater runs smoothly, and that guests enjoy their movie-going experience. Other responsibilities include hiring and training new associates and resolving customer concerns.

If you are looking to become a Manager at AMC Movie Theater, you must possess effective written and oral communication skills, as well as strong analytical skills. You must also have a significant level of experience in management. Managers can earn anywhere from $14,000 up to $51,000 in annual salaries.

To see other job openings at AMC Movie Theater, visit the company’s careers page here.

Direct Competitors

If you want to become part of a movie theater company that offers more employment opportunities through a larger network of theater locations, then a job at Cinemark may just be what you are looking for. The movie theater chain has close to 500 locations in North and South America.

On the other hand, an even greater number of employment opportunities might be waiting for you at Regal Cinemas. The movie theater chain consists of more than 7,300 screens in 574 theater locations all across the United States.

Job Application Tips

It is important for you to make a positive first impression during your interview. You can do this by coming to the interview on time, dressed in proper attire, and answering all questions with a smile.

Some of the more commonly asked interview questions may include the following:

  • “Why do you want to work at AMC Movie Theater?”
  • “What is your favorite movie?”
  • “How well do you work with others?”
  • “What can the company expect from you, as an employee?”

Employee Benefits

The company understands how important it is to reward hard work and dedication. Aside from a competitive salary, flexible hours, and opportunities for career development, qualified AMC Movie Theater employees are also given benefits such as free movie tickets, paid time off, health care benefits, insurance, and 401(k) retirement plans.

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