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Are you interested in working for an airline company? The American Airlines is one of the largest airline carriers in the country today, in which you can work as an on the ground or in the air personnel. Whatever your desired position is, submitting your American Airlines application form online is one of the easiest ways to start things right.

In this article, you will discover so much about AA; from its company history, aircrafts and service routes, employee benefits, workplace, job vacancies, and so much more. These things should sound enticing to you and it is enough to keep you reading on this page.

Applying to American Airlines Online

The job market at AA is quite tough and competitive because for certain thousands of Americans are on the lookout for a stable job, which the company can provide. That is why taking full advantage of the company’s career website would be integral in earning a scheduled interview with them. So, how are you going to use such a web-based platform?

First, go to this site. Over there, you will find a search section at the left panel of the web page. It is always good to check out the available jobs first to see if they are interesting and a good match for your long-term plans. You don’t want to waste your time pursuing on a job that you could see yourself unhappy with it a couple of months after, right?

So from there on, insert the job title that you have in mind like “ground crew” and then choose a particular location that is convenient for you to be working at. Choose a department, especially if you are looking at a position that belongs to the corporate services department. Although these two options are not mandatory, having them considered in the search could get you to a more educated decision because you are getting the most accurate results and preferences possible.

After you are through with entering the requested details, click “Show All Jobs” to show the results. If you didn’t find the job that you wanted, try your luck with other positions that you have prior experience with or you simply meet the qualifications. Select and then apply, however;

On Creating a Profile Account

American Airlines do require online applicants to register themselves to their employment database. Do not fret as it won’t take so much of your time to finish, as you will only have to fill-out the American Airlines employment form, upload your resume and cover letter and answer a few questions. You can even use your Gmail or Yahoo email account to sign in with. Just provide your email address and a strong password to be able to continue logging in.

By having an AA account, you could get the latest job alerts and offers. Plus, you can apply to as many positions as you want and then you just have to wait for the recruiter to contact you if he/she found your experience and skills an excellent match for the position.

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About the Company

American Airlines began in 1930 as a conglomerate of companies that was composed of 82 airline companies. From the 1930’s, the company has been acquiring carriers until today, with the US Airways as the latest addition to the organization. The major companies that merged with AA were Trans Caribbean Airways (1971), Air California (1987), Trans World Airlines in London (1990), Reno Air (1999) and the whole Trans World Airlines (2001).

American Airlines is currently headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas after making New York City its home until 1979. It is located right next to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, in a complex with over 4,000 employees. It was also where the company started its humble beginnings, when it first acquired Southern Air Transport, Southern Air Fast Express, Colonial Air Transport and the Universal Aviation as the first carriers in the late 1920’s.

This was a strategic expansion on their routes throughout the United States. That’s why in 1933 AA has already been rendering its services to 72 cities. In 1934, American Airlines embarked E. L. Cord aboard to manage the company and then hired C. R. Smith to run its operations. These people were responsible for the early successes of the airliner, from building new planes, air transport service and courier.

Today, American Airlines is a proud organization that is dedicated to improving the air transport service in the country. It has travel insurance, cargo, travel plans, AA credit card, last minute packages, first class service, business programs, gift cards and deal finders as its primary products and services.  With that, AA continues to hire customer-oriented individuals to help them with their customer support needs.

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Employment at American Airlines

As a major US airliner, American Airlines is more than happy to be the industry’s leader in pioneering air transport services and technologies. This can be achieved only by the knowledge, experience and skills of its employees. It is this reason that American Airlines employees receive the best benefits, work environment and support possible.

So if you really want to be a part of a large family, simply fill-out the American Airlines application form now and apply.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must possess a High School diploma or equivalent
  • Must pass background check

Operation Hours

The airliner company operates 24/7, so you must be willing to work in shifting schedule to help your team cover all of the three shifts.

Available Job Vacancies

Most jobs available at American Airlines today are customer service related. A few examples include but not limited to the following positions:

  • Customer service representative
  • Baggage Handler
  • Tower Manager
  • Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor
  • Supply Chain Services Supervisor
  • Pilot
  • Attendant – on ground and on deck
  • Dispatcher
  • Fleet service clerk
  • Office staff
  • Technical assistant
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Aircraft Routing
  • Financial Analyst

You can use these job titles as the keyword to enter on the search box of the career website.

Job Application Tips

After handing over your resume, if short-listed, expect to receive a phone call from the interview as part of the initial screening. You have three minutes to answer the six questions and passing this stage would mean a video-chat interview with the recruiter. You will be asked regarding your interest in taking a job in a different city and about your work experience.

Another series of interview will take place and this time through a panel interview where you’re going to sit with the company representatives. Thus, it is advisable to attend the interview in casual business attire, neat and proper-looking and with your pleasant personality. Do not get intimidated with the representatives as they will interview you in a friendly, conversational manner.

It is also worth mentioning that American Airlines do require some applicants to possess a passport. You should ask about this to your interviewer as well as other pre-employment requirements like if they conduct drug test or criminal background check. Ultimately, you must have an outgoing personality to approach and help passengers as they get on deck of the plane or as they inquire about their flight schedules.

Direct Competitors

If you think that American Airlines is too big a company for an entry-level like you, you may consider applying to FedEx. Although it is not an airliner but a logistics company, it is well-regarded by its competitors for having been one of the world’s largest express delivery service providers.

Another one is the American Automobile Association, where you can find multiple job openings related to telemarketing and customer service representative. Most accounts are related to travel and vacation plans of AAA members.

Salary and Employee Benefits

Salary at AA depends on a number of factors such as your years of experience, geographical location and type of job. To give you an idea on how much AA employees make hourly/annually, here’s a rundown of the salaries:


  • Flight Attendant – $27.73
  • Customer service agent – $13
  • Station Agent – $10.03

Fully Salaried

  • Senior Infrastructure Engineer – $94,268
  • Customer Service Manager – $52,044
  • Pilot – $75,913
  • Financial analyst – $83,029
  • Sr. Financial analyst – $81,038
  • Strategy analyst – $88,695
  • Commodity Manager – $68,081
  • Manager – $87,388
  • Sr. Operations Research Analyst – $89,403
  • Programmer analyst – $71,268

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As far as the American Airlines benefits are concerned, all team members receive an above-average worth of package even though a package may differ from an hourly employee compared to a fully employed one.

American Airlines value giving quality life to their employees more than work because with quality life comes with greater efficiency and performance. These benefits are usually extended to the dependents and the right domestic partners.

  • Retirement savings plan 401(k)
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Health and life insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability coverage
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Work-life balance
  • Travel perks
  • Awards and incentives
  • 24/7 Human Resources support
  • Community involvement through UNICEF, American Airlines Charity and Environmental Footprint

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