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Do you want to serve the country in the noblest way possible? Why not join the largest division of the US Armed Forces, the Army? If you do, this article will help you prepare for your Army application, from company background, ways to serve the organization, career opportunities, benefits, work environment to salaries.

Going through the selection process at the Army is never simple but the general qualifications are quite manageable for every citizen. You must be a US citizen, your age must be anywhere between 17 and 35, must be physically fit, must have a good moral character and must possess at least a high school diploma or equivalent.

If you meet all of the general qualifications, then continue reading on this article.

Applying to US Army Online

Similar to traditional multinational companies, Army also encourages all of their job applicants and current employees to create an account via their job search engine site. This way, you can easily get yourself updated on the new job opportunities, events and announcements of the company.

You should apply online to experience greater convenience on your end so you won’t have to travel a few miles to get to the nearest satellite office just to hand over your Army employment form and resume. In fact, you can enlist yourself online and let the company review your profile to find a job that suits you best according to your abilities.

Once you have filled-out the form successfully, you will then be contacted by the company recruiter to schedule an interview with the Army. You must begin however with registering your online account via the company website here. It is important to read its End User Agreement before you proceed onto the next step.

Accept the agreement and then you should be able to begin with your online application. Your Army account will serve as a platform where you can access available jobs, discussion boards and status of your candidacy for the position. However, make sure to verify your account in order to use it fully and begin with your job search process.

Through the search process, you will have to answer basic questions like introduction of yourself, take some pre-employment tests to assess your abilities and then continue exploring your job options. Once you get through these steps, you should be able to place your resume and employment form onto the job database of Army.

To read more about Army’s online enlistment process, click here.

Company Background

The United States Army is one of the divisions of US Armed Forces. Its operations are land-based and it was established in June 14, 1775 by the then Continental Congress with a goal to preserve security and peace of the country.

In the beginning, the organization was mostly composed of British soldiers so its heritage is derived from the British military. Army’s progress during and beyond the Revolutionary War was supported by the French and other European military men like Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, who was an expert in Prussian military tactics and organization.

Over three centuries had gone by the US Army has grown into a formidable division of the Armed Forces. It has a proud military tradition that has been proven and tested throughout centuries, making it a well-established military branch of the United States. Therefore, many countrymen would desire to join the Army and dedicate their expertise to a field where they will be most likely an asset.

In the Army, you can serve as a soldier active in duty, as a reserve or as an officer. To become an officer, you have to undergo four paths before you can get a promotion and serve a special purpose in the ranks. Another area of specialization is to pursue the technical careers available like engineering, science and technology.

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Military Training

The training is either collective or individual. But regardless of which category you may choose, the basic training will last 10 weeks which will then be followed by an Advanced Individualized Training (AIT). This training is essential for learning the different Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) which may take up 14-20 weeks of your time.

However, depending on the expertise of the soldier, his training for MOS may take longer than the given timeframe because he will have to learn several other technical aspects like foreign languages. Plus, a combat training will also be provided by the Army in different locations such as in the Infantry School and Armor School at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Meanwhile, the collective training is being held at a designated location but the advanced skills training are taking place at the National Training Center (Fort Irwin, CA), Joint Multinational Training Center (Hohenfels, Germany) and at the Joint Readiness Training Center (Fort Polk, LA).

Here are some examples of weapons that you could learn how to wield while at the army:

  • Individual weapons (e.g. sniper rifle, sniper weapon system, hand grenades, M16 rifle, shotgun, etc.)
  • Crew served weapons like the M2 heavy machine gun, grenade machine gun, mortar, stinger and anti-tank guided missiles
  • Vehicles such as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, MRAP, Bradley, armored van, etc.
  • Other equipment such as the tents, uniforms and berets

Employment at the US Army

Army personnel receive top quality training while preserving the quality of life that they deserve even on camps. They are trained to be prepared for when they will be set on the battlefield, but more importantly, to win battles for the country.

And as each soldier and veteran dedicates their life to maintain America’s peace and security, they are provided with above average compensation programs and benefits. The US Army makes sure that their servicemen will be given equal opportunity to advance their career within the organization.

This is why it offers career management programs to help servicemen decide on which among the 150 career paths to take in the future. With that, the Army has Career Counselors on the team to assist soldiers with their career advancement qualification process.

If this encouraged you to build a career with this branch of the US Armed Forces, then submit your complete Army application today via the job web site.

Available Job Openings

Using Army’s job search engine site, you can browse through different categories and search for that particular position that fits your abilities. You can either work as an active duty or army reserve personnel under the category related to any of the following:

  • Intelligence and Combat Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Combat
  • Medical and Emergency
  • Mechanics
  • Legal and Law Enforcement
  • Arts and Media
  • Transportation and Aviation
  • Computers and Technology
  • Construction and Engineering

Under each category presents a number of jobs that the organization is currently looking to fill in. Army is looking to hire hundreds of individuals for all of their job categories. Therefore, browse through here to look for more Army jobs.

Job Application Tips

Pick a particular job that really speaks to your personality, ability and interest. This way, you can enjoy staying in the military and its arduous training at multiple locations. Decide which type of personnel you’d want to become today and beyond like if you plan on becoming an officer someday.

If you have technical skills and education like a medical degree, you may then want to specialize in the Army’s science careers. You could work in the medical, clinical or environmental fields and then receive the same level of training that combatants also receive.

To help you decide on this matter, you may speak with a recruiter or an on-campus advisor before applying. And once you’ve made your decision submit your Army employment form online and wait until the recruiter contacts you.

Once contacted by a recruiter, attend the interview wearing casual business attire and do not shy away from showing your enthusiasm in joining the army. Answer each interview question to the best of your ability and highlight all of the things that you think will be an asset to the organization later on.

Overall, the hiring process may take a week or two, depending on the volume of the applicants as each of you will undergo thorough review in order to retain the most desirable candidates only.

Direct Competitors

If the Army life and training sounded too tough for you, you may want to put the Navy into your list of potential employers. They also provide the same level of training and benefits but the operations are obviously naval-based. Or, you can try your luck with non-profit organization called the American Automobile Association (AAA) and explore their customer service-related jobs.

Army Employee Benefits

Any American military division is known for its well-compensated jobs and generous benefits for both active servicemen and veterans. The US Army does even offer a $40,000 worth of enlistment bonus for the most qualified applicants.

Aside from the job training for technical and administrative positions, the offer also comes with health insurance coverage, life insurance, housing, retirement and pension savings plan, exclusive access to the services of the Army, food allowance and some special incentives for specific positions.

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