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With so many different ingredients that you can put together in order to create amazing tastes and flavors, you could ask yourself the question; what could be better than Italian pizza? Well, how about great Italian pizza, and a rewarding career in the restaurant industry?

One restaurant in the Northeast has been serving up handcrafted pizza cooked in a traditional brick oven for more than 30 years. Ever since Bertucci’s opened its doors in 1981, the Italian restaurant chain has become known for providing good food and promising employment opportunities.

Submit your Bertucci’s application today and have a taste of what could be a long and successful career in the restaurant industry.

Applying to Bertucci’s Online

Thanks to modern technology, starting your career with the Italian restaurant chain is a fairly straightforward process. As long as you have a computer that can connect to the internet, applying for a job at Bertucci’s is as easy as pie.

Go to the restaurant’s official website and click the “Careers” link near the top of the page. You will be taken to Bertucci’s careers page where you can search for current job openings, learn about the company culture, and join the company’s talent community by uploading a copy of your resume.

Choose the career path that you would like to take in the company and click its corresponding link. You will then be shown a list of current job openings. Select the job listing that you are interested in, and then read through the job description page.

When you are done reading the job description page, click the apply button at the bottom of the page. At this point, you will be asked to sign in to your applicant profile. If you do not have your own profile yet, you can register by using a valid email address.

Once signed in, click the job listing that you want to apply for and fill out the online Bertucci’s employment form. Be sure to provide accurate contact information so that you can be given your interview schedule.

If you want to see Bertucci’s careers page and look at current job openings, click this link.

Career Paths

Online job seekers who are looking to start their careers with Bertucci’s will see that opportunities with the Italian restaurant chain fall under a number of categories. Your future career in the restaurant industry could go in any of the following directions:

  • Restaurant Management
  • Restaurant Staff
  • Corporate Management

Minimum Age Requirement

Bertucci’s enforces a minimum age requirement for all applicants. If you are interested in a job, know that you must be at least 18 years old in order to seek legal employment with the Italian restaurant chain.

Business Hours

Most of Bertucci’s locations are open between 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Sundays through Thursdays, and between 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. If you want to see the hours of operation of a specific restaurant location, use the store locator provided on the official website.

About the Company

Bertucci’s began in 1981, when, after a visit to his grandmother’s home in Italy, businessman and ice cream shop owner Joey Crugnale was inspired to open a brick oven pizzeria in Somerville, Massachusetts. He wanted to open a restaurant that recreated the family experience that he felt in his grandmother’s kitchen.

Taking the name of his new business from a magazine that he read on the flight back to New York, Crugnale invested in having a custom-made brick oven, which would later become the cornerstone of every Bertucci’s kitchen and the foundation of the Italian restaurant chain’s authentic flavor.

The restaurant soon became a local favorite, drawing in customers from all across the state. Using only the freshest ingredients, the chefs at Bertucci’s prepared and served the restaurant’s signature pizzas, a few of which can still be found on today’s menu.

Five years after opening his first pizzeria, Crugnale was able to open a second location in Cambridge, and a third in Holliston. In the following years, the business continued to grow. By the time Bertucci’s opened its 14th restaurant, it was already hailed as one of the country’s top ten pizza places in 1989.

Throughout the 1990’s Bertucci’s underwent a significant expansion phase. The Italian restaurant chain not only opened more locations; it also added new items such as soups, salads, and pasta dishes on its menu. It was also during this period that the chain first expanded outside of Massachusetts.

The restaurant chain was taken public in 1991. Crugnale tried to take the business private again in 1998, but he was outbid by N.E. Restaurant Co. Inc. By 2000, Bertucci’s had already established more than 100 restaurant locations spread across Florida, New Hampshire, and Illinois.

In celebration of its 30th anniversary in 2011, Bertucci’s brought back several classic dishes from its earlier menus. Some of these all-time favorites included the Pollomatch Pizza, the Lobster & Shrimp Basiico, and the Tuscan Chicken Rollino.

Today, there are 90 Bertucci’s restaurants firing up their brick ovens up and down the east coast, from New Hampshire all the way to Virginia. Continuing the chain’s tradition of preparing and serving great food made only from the freshest ingredients, each restaurant also reflects its community’s distinct character.

Employment at the Company

For many of the restaurant chain’s past and present employees, working at Bertucci’s is like working with family. You wake up each day, get dressed, and go to work – and feel right at home in the kitchen, as you work towards helping the restaurant keep its promise of authenticity to its customers.

Bertucci’s is still in the process of building its brand, which is why it is on the lookout for people who can help it grow through innovation and excellence. Should you get hired for a position in the company, you can be assured that you will be working with the company, and not just for the company.

So if you want a job opportunity where you can be immersed in a supportive work environment that fosters open communication, teamwork, and recognition for a job well done, visit the company’s website and submit your Bertucci’s application today.

Current Job Openings

Bertucci’s offers plenty of exciting career opportunities for applicants who may or may not have restaurant industry experience. As the chain continues to look towards the future, it will continue to seek out talented and qualified individuals who can fill a variety of both hourly and management positions.

Some of the more commonly viewed hourly jobs on Bertucci’s careers page are positions as hosts and line cooks. Hosts are usually the first people to greet the customers as they come into the restaurant. Hosts are responsible for making sure that customers are seated, and that their visit becomes a great eating experience. Hosts typically make around $9 to $10 an hour.

If you get hired as a line cook, your responsibilities will include cooking and food preparation, station clean up, and stocking. It will also be your job to ensure that food is prepared and cooked according to the exact specifications of the company. Line cooks make around $9 to $12 an hour.

For more experienced job seekers, Bertucci’s also has a number of openings in restaurant management. If you have been in the industry for a few years and you are looking to finally move up in the world, you might want to look into applying for a position in management.

Managers and Assistant Managers work together in maintaining the restaurant’s profitability. Some of their shared responsibilities include managing work schedules, hiring and training new personnel, and resolving customer concerns when necessary.

Because of their experience and the position that they hold in the company, employees on the management team are afforded a slightly higher pay. Assistant Managers make around $49,000 a year, while Managers earn between $45,000 and $53,000 in annual salaries.

If you want to see other current job openings, visit the company’s careers page here.

Direct Competitors

If you want to make an informed decision on whether to become part of Bertucci’s family or not, research other companies and see if they can give you the career opportunity that you are looking for.

If you love working around pizza, but you live nowhere near the Northeast, then you might want to look into applying for a job at Papa John’s. The popular pizza restaurant chain is one of the largest in the country, operating more than 3200 restaurants in the United States alone.

Another career option that you can look into is a career with Pizza Hut. With over 6000 restaurants in the United States, the American pizza could have the job opportunity that best matches your skills and interests.

Job Application Tips

Make sure you give a positive first impression on the day of your interview. You can do this by coming to the interview early, wearing proper attire and a confident smile on your face.

Many of the questions that you could get asked during the interview will be about the information that you provided on the employment form. Other questions could require more explanation, such as:

  • “What made you apply for a job at Bertucci’s?”
  • “How well do you work with others?”
  • “What are your strengths and weaknesses as an employee?”
  • “What are you looking to gain from this experience?”

Employee Benefits

Aside from flexible hours and a competitive pay, Bertucci’s employees may also qualify for a number of great benefits. These include paid holidays, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, and health care coverage.

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