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Have you ever dreamt of working at a restaurant while suited up in a chef uniform? This seafood restaurant practices the so-called “chef-coat” service where you’ll be greeting and serving the customers in a white, button-up coat.

Well, of course, aside from the said pleasing uniform Bonefish also prides on bringing true happiness to their customers. And so, they’ll be needing individuals who truly love making people happy through customer service and food preparation. Begin your Bonefish Grill application now by reading through this article, to help you prepare for the hiring and interview process.

Let this article inform you about the company’s story, milestones through the years, FAQ’s, hiring process, available job positions, job requirements, and many more.

Apply to Bonefish Grill Online

It is imperative to visit Bonefish Grill’s official website in order to apply online. Check it out and you will see a couple links where you can find the complete job listings. On that page, you can apply directly to Bloomin Brands careers and/or to Bonefish’s corporate jobs.

All online applicants are required to create an account via the Bloomin Brands site, which the link to it is found at the bottom page of Bonefish’s career site. Enter the details onto the log-in form to create a profile successfully. Once accepted, all positions that you’ve applied to will be subjected to the selection process.

Be sure to be accurate and factual about your personal and contact information when filling out the pre-employment form. This includes entering your legal name and valid email address so you won’t get into trouble later on, as the company does run a background check.

Click here to visit the career site.

Tips for Applying to Corporate Opportunities

Firstly, click the link that reads corporate opportunities at the bottom part of the website. It is recommended to be signed in when viewing this web page so that you will be able to send over your form with ease.

On the website, make use of the job search tool to look for Bonefish Grill jobs of your liking and interest. Enter the keywords like “restaurant manager”, and then select the appropriate job field, location, and organization. It is by doing so you will be able to get the most accurate results possible based on your own preferences.

To give you an idea, the job field items are as follows:

  • Corporate (Home/Office)
  • Restaurant Operations – Exempt, Hourly, or Management

There should be a rundown of job listings as the result of your search. Review each job title and click all available opportunities that suit you. You should also read the job description thoroughly before applying online.

Advanced Search

Advanced search is almost the same as the basic search feature except that the former requires you to select jobs according to posting date and urgency. If you needed an urgent job, select the “urgent jobs only” tab and the posting date should be within your preferred time frame.

About the Company

St. Petersburg, Florida was the birth place of Bonefish Grill. It was founded in January 15, 2000 by business partners Chris Parker and Tim Curci. The establishment of the seafood restaurant was an excellent way to welcome and celebrate the advent of the new millennia for the people of Florida.

However, it seemed that Bonefish had had a difficult time starting out in a competitive market, operating with only three branches throughout the year. And so, Bloomin Brands acquired the restaurant on October 2001, with a goal to expand it later on.

After 5 years, Bonefish Grill has expanded into a chain of 100 restaurants in the country under the leadership of Bloomin Brands. This success has then continued until 2011, when the company has become bigger with its 151 store locations and 7 franchise locations all of which were spread across the Northeastern and Southeastern sections of the country.

Today, Bonefish hopes to bring its services and menu closer to all citizens of the United States by having a continued business expansion as the year goes by. The main office is currently located at Tampa, Florida.

The Menu

If you plan to work as an in-restaurant staff member, you should learn a lot about Bonefish Grill’s menu. You should which food items to recommend to your customers, friends and relatives as a demonstration of your expertise and how well you know your employer.

Bonefish Grill is known for its wood-grilled and hand-cut meat (i.e. fish, steak, chicken, beef, etc.). The restaurant offers a full range of meals from breakfast, lunch to dinner. For example, the paying patrons would love to order Lily’s Chicken or The Angler’s Steak of the restaurant’s grilled specialties.

The food items are categorized in this fashion;

  • Grilled Fish
  • Sauteed and Baked
  • Grilled Specialties
  • Starters and Sharing
  • Handhelds
  • Soups and Greens

Read more information here.

Employment at Bonefish Grill

Working for Bonefish Grill would mean happiness. The company is dedicated to making everybody happy through food, culture, music, team work and food service. It is also an equal opportunity employer so you get to work with open-minded professionals, idealists, and fun-loving individuals.

Everyone seems to share one common interest aside from love for all-things fish; which is passion for meeting and serving different people. It is this reason that Bonefish has a dedicated bar and music lounge for its customers. It is where they can dine in and mingle with other people as they share the love for grilled fish and steak food.

If this captures your interest, do not hesitate to make a move with your Bonefish Grill application and see for yourself why so many chefs would love to work for the restaurant.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • Must possess a High School diploma or equivalent
  • Previous experience preferred, but not required

Store Hours

Monday to Thursday: 4 PM to 10:30 PM

Friday and Saturday:  4 PM to 11:30 PM

Sunday: 4 PM to 10 PM

Available Job Openings

As of 2014, Bloomin Brands has about 44 job vacancies for their corporate offices. The mother company has five brands, and there are 24 positions related to Bonefish. Good thing the seafood restaurant is in constant hiring of dedicated would-be Bonefish Grill employees as the demand increases.

Entry-Level Positions

Entry-level positions like kitchen staff, waiter/waitress, host/hostess, cashier and bar tender. You will be working with the customers closely to assist them as they dine in at the restaurant. Entry-level employees typically make $3 to $5 per hour, and the job type is either part-time or full-time.


Apply at Bonefish Grill if you are looking for management jobs such as restaurant manager, group and event dining manager, kitchen manager, and managing partner. Managers earn above-average salaries, ranging anywhere between $36, 499 and $39,147 per annum according to

Job Application Tips

After applying online, allow the company to review your accomplished form, resume and cover letter for 3 working days. Sometimes though, this may take longer than usual depending on the number of applicants applying for the same position. The recruiter will be contacting you via phone call or email for your interview.

The interview process for entry-level applicants is comprised of a 2-part interview. It can be a one-on-one or a phone call interview. It is important to answer all of their questions as thorough and articulate as you can to leave a positive impression.

Basic Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to work for Bonefish Grill?
  • What are your favorite food items on our menu? Would you recommend them to your friends?
  • Do you know how to prepare any fish meal? What’s your favorite recipe?
  • How do you handle service a large group of people?

After the final interview, you will be given a job offer by the manager. Also included in the selection process is a background check to be conducted by the HR department. Once everything is all set and complete prepare to work at your desired location.

Direct Competitors

Although working at Bonefish can be very promising, larger restaurant chains like Red Lobster can add more value to your professional career. It’s the largest seafood dining place in the country, where managers can earn up to $65,000 annually. But if you want to serve a wider variety of fresh food to customers, consider working for TGI Fridays, which is a worthy competitor to Bonefish.

Employee Benefits

In return to your excellent customer service and strict adherence to company values and policies, Bonefish Grill will provide you with a complete employee benefit package. All employees are being taken care of by the company like how you should treat a family member. This is why they receive the following offers:

  • Discount on meals
  • Paid training
  • Paid leave and vacation
  • Medical and dental plan
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Flexible work schedule to guarantee work-life balance

If you want these exclusive privileges, send in your Bonefish Grill employment form online now or by walking-in at the nearest store location.

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