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Boston Market is a leading food service company in the US. It is popular for its savory original roasted chicken recipe, mixed vegetables and other typical American snack. This article will guide you on how to fill out and submit a Boston Market Application.

It became popular to American families who want a unique and tasty roasted chicken dining experience. With a plan to continue business expansion, Boston Market is opening a lot of employment opportunities to students, young professionals and highly experienced individuals.

If you want to make a big name in the food service industry, you should pursue employment, to try your luck out there. Let this article help you with gaining a detailed understanding of the company, the industry and the services it offers.

Boston Market Guide to Applying

With 530 branches across the North American continent, Boston Market is giving you a wide number of job positions to choose from. You can work as a part-time or full-time server for example.

You must indicate your preferred work schedule in your Boston Market employment form. The available positions range from in-store to corporate team members. In-store positions like servers and kitchen crew members are recommended for entry-level applicants as these jobs have the least requirements among other job titles.

Why You Should Join Boston Market Talent Network

It is recommended for you to join the company’s talent network. In this way, you can easily receive latest job alerts from the company’s HR department, which is one way to get ahead of the other job seekers.

Registering to the talent network is not considered applying, but an easier way to connect with the hiring department.

You can leave all important information there that a recruiter might need when reviewing an applicant’s profile to see if he or she matches the current job opening.

The talent network page is available here. You must fill-out the information sheet and answer all questions honestly.

Remember that the network can also serve as a database for Boston Market should they are suddenly in the hunt for qualified professionals for a certain position. Additionally, do not forget to attach your updated Boston Market resume.

Online Employment Form

On Boston Market career website, you are provided with two separate links for each job category that you are interested in applying to. Click on either Restaurant Positions or Corporate Positions button, which is located at the mid-left side of the web page.

It will then bring you to a page where you have to fill-out the necessary information to start your job search.

  • Select state
  • Select city
  • Login to your profile, if you are a returning applicant

By clicking on the “go” button, it should bring you to the complete list of job vacancies available on that state and city you have selected.

The position available will be presented and you must click on it to read the job description, requirements and qualifications. If you wish to pursue your employment, click ‘proceed to registration’ where you will have to leave your vital information and contact info.

More details can be found here.

About Boston Market

Boston Market was the fruit of labor of two business partners namely Arthur Cores and Steven Kolow. They hail from Massachusetts who once dreamed of taking the food service industry by storm by putting up a fast food chain, in which roasted chickens are the specialty of the house.

Boston Market was then founded in 1985 and it had a rapid expansion in the 1990’s.

However, the rapid business expansion became the root cause of the company’s bankruptcy in 1998. Boston Market incurred debt due to high interest rates from its development loans. Thus, the two founders had to sell the company to McDonald’s corporation in 2000. McDonald’s later sold it to Sun Capital Partners, which has been Boston Market’s owner since then.

Today, Boston Market has over 500 restaurant branches established across 28 different states and 2 branches in Toronto. The company has approximately 14,000 employees and it hopes to grow into a larger family in the near future.

Boston Market hopes to pass down to its chefs and employees their original recipe for cooking rotisserie chicken that comes with a variety of side dishes.

As the company grows, it also expands its menu. The menu of Boston Market is filled with mouth-watering dishes that any family would love to indulge in. It now offers sandwiches, turkey, ham and meatloaf aside from their famous roasted chicken dishes.

The restaurant gives off a vibrant casual fast food atmosphere, while the food is prepared homemade style. Boston Market is dedicated to making their food wholesome, healthier and good for everyone.

Click here for more information about Boston Market menu. It is important to familiarize yourself with their food menu as an interviewer will likely ask questions related to Boston Market’s services.

Direct Competitors

It’s hard to find the quality of a home cooked meal combined with the satisfaction of getting quick and easy. Working at Boston Market, you’ll be bringing people just that. Wholesome food and quick service. If you think more variety is in order, apply to Golden Corral and experience the buffet experience from the other side of the plate. Let’s turn up the fancy, and apply to Outback Steakhouse as well. Finish off your spree with applying at my favorite restaurant: Cheesecake Factory. I do expect a free gift card if you get hired by the way. Any of the above will do. Good luck! 

Employment at Boston Market

The word “fun” means enjoying what you do in an environment that fosters friendship, loyalty and teamwork at Boston Market. The crew members are proud in fulfilling their roles as cooks and kitchen experts, who are also responsible for preparing healthy treats to families and other paying customers.

They are always at aimed at revolutionizing the fast food chain industry by re-testing and developing new recipes that should meet the company’s best standards. As a result, Boston Market chefs are able to contribute some breakthrough to the industry.

As a matter of fact, Boston Market is one of the first restaurants to make lunch and dinner meals 550 calories less with 0 trans-fat. This eventually led to the company’s official membership to the National Strategic Partner Program for MyPlate.

This is such a prestigious recognition that not all restaurants can get. So, being a part of the Boston Market family is an opportunity that you should not miss.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • At least 16 years old
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • An accomplished Boston Market employment form

Working Hours

Since Boston Market is a casual dining place, all stores are open from 9:30AM to 10PM, 7 days a week. Apparently, you must be available in working with a flexible schedule. You can apply for a part-time position as a server, or go full-time with corporate positions.

Available Job Openings

The current job openings at Boston Market require entry-level to upper level work experience. Depending on your employment history, education background and skills, apply for a position that is appropriate for you. It is recommended to apply online as it is faster and more convenient for both parties. Below is a list of Boston Market job vacancies:

  • Drivers – You will be responsible for delivering Boston Market food to the customer. The challenge lies to the fact that you must keep the food fresh and warm. It is a challenging job that must be willing to take otherwise food delivery might get compromised which is a big No-no for the company.
  • Crew members – Positions include cashier and carver. As a cashier, you will be at the store front to respond to client orders and requests. You are expected to greet and interact with the customer in a very nice and friendly way so they can have a good dining experience at Boston Market.
  • As for carvers, the main responsibility is to carve the chicken meat as if a craftsman was doing it. The result is a well-carved rotisserie chicken, a masterpiece that people can only find at Boston Market.
  • Assistant Manager – A leader by example and is responsible for making that sure that the restaurant remains clean and organized all the time. You also assist the General Manager in creating and maintaining a lively and fun work environment so that everyone is engaged with their work.
  • Corporate – Corporate positions include accounting, marketing and customer service. You will work at the company’s headquarter in Rocky Mountains – Golden, Colorado.
  • Shift Manager – You will play a very important role in helping the management team oversee the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. You must ensure that the team members are performing well in their work, meeting the work standards and following things that are specified in the recipes.
  • General Manager – The core of the restaurant, as the GM is the one who creates and sets up the mood of the work place. So, it is important for a GM aspirant like you to be enthusiastic about your job, responsive to customer and team member’s needs, and you know how to motivate and inspire your team.

Boston Market Application Tips and Hiring Process

In most cases, Boston Market makes use of the digital technology to hasten their hiring process. You must apply online and wait for the recruiter’s feedback about your inquiry.

An HR staff will call you within one week to schedule an interview with them. You must go to the designated restaurant on-time and wait for the general manager to call your name for the one-on-one interview.

Interview Questions

  • How do you describe your work ethic?
  • What do you expect from Boston Market?
  • What is your favorite dish in the Boston Market menu and why?
  • Can you work on a shifting schedule?
  • How do you deal conflict with an impatient customer?

Interview Tips

Boston Market values the importance of maintaining a fun, warm and lively work environment. So, make sure to smile genuinely at most times during the interview.

Let the interviewer feel that you are excited to work Boston Market. The key is to a successful interview with the company is your passion for interacting with people.

Female applicants have an upper hand in the job competition than males. It is because statistically speaking, Boston Market generate more sales with female crew members.

So women should take advantage of this opportunity. As for men, the tip is to dress up formally and demonstrate your strong interpersonal skills to the interviewer.

Salary Information

Salary range may differ depending on your employment history, job title, type of work (full-time or part time), education and set skills. On your Boston Market employment form, you may indicate your expected hourly or monthly salary.

You may get ideas in the list below on how much salary you should demand from your employer.

Crew Members

  • Cashier – $19,400 per year
  • Cook – $19,000
  • Server – $23,000
  • Dishwasher – $21,000
  • Delivery personnel – $22,500

Mid and Upper Level Management

  • Assistant General Manager – $31,186
  • Assistant Manager – $34,371
  • General Manager – $43,333

Employee Benefits

At Boston Market, the overall well-being of their employees is integral to their success. To make sure that each employee performs their best, they are provided with comprehensive benefits and packages that can make them happy.

Learning about these employee benefits will help you know if you should pursue your Boston Market employment. The benefits are divided into 2 packages:

Standard Benefits Plan (Part time and full-time employees)

  • Medical, eye care and dental plans
  • Health savings plan
  • Pre-paid legal plan
  • EAP – Employee Assistance Program
  • Flexible spending account
  • 401(k) retirement plan

Additional Benefits (for full salaried employees)

Disability coverage

Life insurance

More details are available here.

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