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Chili's LogoIf you like Tex-Mex, chances are you enjoy eating out at Chili’s. Open since 1975, Chili’s Grill and Bar is one of the largest and fastest growing casual dining restaurant chains in the United States today. Because the company continues to expand, job opportunities at Chili’s are always available. You can submit your Chili’s application through the company’s website, or you can also hand in a written form at the nearest location in person.

With over a thousand restaurant locations in and around the United States all offering a diverse menu that features all-time favorites such as their baby back ribs, buffalo wings, and a wide range of salads and dips, Chili’s has become a favorite eat out place for millions of food lovers worldwide.

If you prefer to apply for a position with the company over the internet instead of walking over to a nearby restaurant location, you can apply online. In order to submit your Chili’s employment form online, all you need to do is visit the company’s official website and click on the employment link at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

On the employment page, you will see links that let you choose whether you want to apply for an hourly part time position, a full time management position, or even a position in the company’s corporate office. Clicking on any of these links will take you the employment page of Brinker International Inc., which is the company that owns and operates Chili’s.

Whether you apply for a part-time job or a full-time position in the company, there is sure to be a job for you at Chili’s. If you want to apply to Chili’s through the company website, you can use the link here.

About The Company

The popular Tex-Mex restaurant chain started in 1975, when founder Larry Levine opened his first restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Levine’s original concept was to set up a casual, full service restaurant that served a variety of hamburgers at affordable prices.

The concept proved to be successful, with Levine being able to open more restaurant locations in the next few years. By the early 1980’s, 22 more Chili’s locations had already been opened, all featuring the same Southern theme.

In 1983, Chili’s was bought by former Pillsbury executive vice president for restaurant operations Norman E. Brinker. Under the Brinker group of companies, Chili’s locations continued to expand, eventually opening restaurants in places outside of the United States.

For the next two decades the company continued to grow, as restaurant locations in countries such as Canada, Peru, El Salvador, Bahrain, Venezuela, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Egypt, Guam, Mexico and the United Kingdom. In August of 2004, Chili’s reached a milestone in its long history when it opened its 1000th restaurant at Pinnacle Park in Dallas, Texas.

Today, Chili’s has over 1500 restaurant locations in the United States, Canada, and 31 other countries. Some of the most popular dishes served at Chili’s includes their world-famous Brown Sugar Chile Rub Ribs and their delicious Shrimp Fajitas.

Other popular items on the Chili’s menu include their Monterrey Chicken, Caribbean Salad, and their Cajun Chicken Sandwich. Their drink menu also offers a range of cocktails, margaritas and a selection of the finest wines.

Job Openings

As Chili’s continues to grow, more employment opportunities become available to job seekers who wish to become part of the company’s success. If you are over 18 years old and you have a passion for providing the best customer experience possible, then you might want to start your career by applying to Chili’s.

Chili’s is always on the lookout for young, energetic candidates who display dependability, flexibility, great customer service skills, and most importantly, an infectious positive attitude. And whether you have any experience in the restaurant industry or not, there is sure to be a Chili’s job waiting for you.

If you are a student looking for a source of income, or a job seeker who has had very little experience in the business, then your Chili’s candidacy could land you a part-time job with the company. Some of the part-time jobs that you can apply for include working as food server, cook, and host.

Food servers and hosts are entry-level positions whose duties include greeting and seating customers, taking food and drink orders, and generally taking care of the customers’ needs.

Cooks, on the other hand are in charge of food preparation. Their job is to make sure that the food served at the restaurant meets the standards set by the company, maintain restaurant equipment, and follow basic sanitation and food handling guidelines as set by Chili’s.

If you have considerable experience in the restaurant industry, then you might want to apply to Chili’s for a spot on the company’s management team. Some of the managerial positions that you can apply for includes positions as assistant managers and restaurant managers.

The restaurant manager is the person in charge of maintaining overall restaurant operations. Part of the responsibilities of the restaurant manager is to resolve customer concerns and make sure that the crew members abide by the company’s health and food handling guidelines.

The assistant manager reports directly to the restaurant manager. It is the job of the assistant manager to perform several administrative tasks such as hiring and training new employees and helping the restaurant manager maintain a smooth restaurant workflow.

Direct Competitors

Chili’s has thrived through a varied menu and a constantly shifting adaptation to the world around it. Working here is always fun because everyone enjoys their job, and the tips flow like water in the summer. Apply to Buffalo Wild Wings if you enjoy that same atmosphere, but on a larger and more sports bar focused scale. Come back down for a second, and treat your customers to breakfast whenever they want it by applying to IHOP. You could also switch to a more homestyle theme and apply to Bob Evans. The beauty of restaurants is that you always have choice in your atmosphere and menu that you work with, so only settle for the best. 

Working with the Company

As many former and current employees would put it, there is no typical day at Chili’s. Each day presents a different challenge and an opportunity to learn something new. The work environment is fast paced at times, especially during the peak hours, but during the slow hours employees are able to focus on other tasks such as cleaning and maintaining restaurant equipment.

Should your Chili’s job candidacy land you a position in the company, you will find yourself surrounded by friendly coworkers who are all willing to show you the ropes and help you grow as an individual. Managers and crew members are treated like family, and working at Chili’s can be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have in the industry.

As a member of the Chili’s family, you are not only entitled to take home a competitive salary, you also get to receive an attractive benefits package. Be it for a part-time job or for a managerial post, your Chili’s employment could very well be the start of a great career in the restaurant industry.

Hiring Process

Finding a job at one of the country’s most popular restaurant chains today begins with a Chili’s employment form. Whether you apply for a job at Chili’s online, or you simply walk into your local Chili’s to personally hand in your form, you could be looking at a pretty straightforward  hiring process.

Most entry-level applicants get notified on the result of their status on the same day, as they often only need to undergo one interview with the restaurant manager or the assistant manager. For applicants who are looking to land a job in management or the company’s corporate offices, they may need to go through two or three different interviews.

It is important that you arrive for your interviews on time, as being tardy or not showing up for the interview without notice could be disastrous for your Chili’s employment. If you come to your interviews late, you give the interviewers the impression that you are not committed to working for the company.

Also, be sure to dress appropriately for the interviews. Remember that dress suits, suit and ties, and leather shoes display professionalism, while jeans and sandals show a casual approach to employment.

Salary Information

Working for Chili’s, one of the biggest restaurant chains in the United States, entitles you to a competitive salary that often exceeds industry standards. For most entry-level part-time jobs, employees are given an hourly pay.

Employee salaries vary depending on their positions, experience and length of stay with Chili’s. More experienced employees usually receive a bigger salary than those who have little to no experience in the industry.

Food servers receive an average salary of 3 USD to 4 USD per hour, but they supplement their income by accepting tips from customers. Hosts and hostesses typically make around 8 USD per hour, as their jobs involve a great deal of customer interaction.

Cooks, along with other members of the kitchen staff, do a lot of work in their designated areas such as cooking, dish washing, and busing. Because they have more responsibility, kitchen staff generally receive a salary between 8 USD and 9 USD per hour.

Members of the Chili’s management staff receive a substantially bigger pay, mainly because their jobs carry more accountability and responsibility. Assistant managers typically make 40,000 USD to 50,000 USD a year, while restaurant managers stand to earn 100,000 USD or more depending on their experience and length of tenure with the company.

Employee Benefits

Chili’s knows the importance of fostering a fun and highly motivating work environment. Part of the company’s efforts to continue motivating their employees is to provide a comprehensive benefits package.

Employee benefits differ depending on their position in the company, but generally, Chili’s employees receive benefits such as the following:

  • flexible work schedules
  • paid training opportunities
  • restaurant discounts
  • tuition assistance
  • healthcare
  • dental and vision plans
  • short-term disability
  • life insurance
  • supplemental accidental death and disability benefit
  • legal plan

Employees are also given access to an assistance program hotline without the need for enrollment.

Interesting Facts About the Company

During your interviews, knowledge about some of the more interesting facts about Chili’s could certainly be useful in impressing your interviewer. Some of these facts are as follows:

  • The very first Chili’s restaurant which opened in 1975 was located in a building that was previously used as postal station.
  • During the late 1970’s and all throughout the 1980’s, Chili’s became famous for their Big Mouth Burgers. These were grilled, mouth-watering gourmet burgers that saw a resurgence in 1996.
  • Despite being some of the restaurant chains biggest sellers, baby back ribs did not appear on a Chili’s menu until 1986, when the company launched a series of television commercials that had viewers singing along to the now famous company jingle.
  • Chili’s serves around 281 million customers each year.
  • The new logo that features a piece of chili pepper whose stem doubles as an apostrophe followed by an “S”, wasn’t used until 2011 when the company decided to change it.

Working at Chili’s promises to be a fun and rewarding experience. If you want to become part of a highly dynamic and energetic team of people, submit your Chili’s application and start a great career with the company.

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