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Are you looking to start a career in the telecommunications industry? Would you be interested in having a job where your skills, knowledge, and experience matter? If you are a smart and driven individual looking to make a difference, read on and learn more about exciting career opportunities with Cricket Wireless.

Since its establishment in 1999, Cricket Wireless has continued to be a leading prepaid provider of wireless voice, text, and data services. It has also grown to become one of the more sought after employers in the industry today.

Live up to your potential. Submit your Cricket Wireless Application and have the opportunity to become part of one of the fastest growing names in the telecommunications industry.

Applying to Cricket Wireless Online

Thanks to advancements in communications and technology, starting a career with most companies today begins with a visit to the official website. Cricket Wireless makes it easy for aspiring job seekers to find the employment opportunity that they are looking for online.

From the official homepage, scroll down and click the “Careers” link located near the lower right hand corner of the screen, underneath the “About Us” section. This will take you to the company’s careers page, where you can get started on your search for employment opportunities that match your skills, interests, and level of experience.

When you find a job opening that you would like to apply for, click the corresponding title link. Read through the job description page, which will show you a brief summary of the responsibilities associated with the position, as well as the qualifications needed in order to be considered.

Click the “Apply Online” button, then carefully read and accept the privacy agreement that will be shown on the screen. You will then be asked to log in to your applicant profile. If it is your first time to apply for a job on the company website, click the “New User” button and create your own profile.

Once logged in, fill out the online Cricket Wireless employment form. Be sure to provide accurate contact details so that the company’s hiring managers can reach you when they schedule you for interview. To see a complete list of current job openings within the company, click here.

The hiring process for stores that are owned and operated by Cricket Wireless is managed directly by the company. However, there are a number of stores that are run by independent dealers. For these stores, the hiring process is managed by the dealer.

You can inquire about current job openings at dealer-owned stores directly through the dealer.

Job Categories

At any given time, there are a number of available careers with Cricket Wireless for qualified job seekers who are looking to take their talents to the next level. When you visit the official careers page, you will see that your future position in the company could be in any of the following categories:

  • Business Sales Solutions
  • Call Center
  • Consumer Sales
  • Corporate Support
  • IT/Engineering/Technology
  • Marketing/PR
  • Retail
  • Technician

About the Company

Cricket Wireless was established in 1999 as a subsidiary of Leap Wireless, Inc. First launched in Chicago, Illinois, the wireless prepaid company has since grown to provide coverage in approximately 97% of the United States through home network and roaming agreements with other telecommunications providers.

In December of 2007, Cricket Wireless entered into an agreement that allowed it to acquire Hargray Communications Group’s wireless telecommunications business division. Headquartered on Hilton Head Island, Hargray operates throughout the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and in the Savannah region of Georgia.

The company also entered into a roaming partnership with 14 different telecommunications companies in 2009. The new service provided by Cricket Wireless as a result of the roaming partnership was called the “Premium Extended Coverage”.

In April of 2010, Cricket and Sprint signed a five-year wholesale agreement under a mobile virtual network scheme. The terms of the agreement allows the former to utilize the latter’s existing nationwide 3G wireless network infrastructure, further broadening the company’s coverage in the United States.

By the end of that year, Cricket had already established its presence in several markets, including Chicago, Philadelphia, eastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey, Delaware, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Oklahoma City. It also partnered with MetroPCS in providing coverage in both companies’ existing and future markets.

Ownership of the company changed hands in 2013, when multinational telecommunications company AT&T acquired Cricket Wireless’s parent company Leap Wireless International for $1.2 billion. The merger was completed on the 13th of March, 2014, following the FCC’s approval that same day.

Today, Cricket Wireless offers services through AT&T’s GSM, 3G, HSPA+, and 4G LTE wireless networks. It also offers a range of mobile devices and accessories from various manufacturers, which includes Apple, Samsung, HTC, and ZTE.

Employment at Cricket Wireless

An equal opportunity employer, Cricket Wireless provides job seekers with a range of career opportunities that cater to their interests, skills, and level of experience. Whether you are a seasoned industry veteran or a relative newcomer to the telecommunications business, there is bound to be a career waiting for you at the company.

For a vast majority of the company’s past and present employees, working at Cricket Wireless is a fun and rewarding experience. Should you get hired for the position that you are applying for, you can be sure that you will be working with a company that knows how to take good care of its people.

The company also understands the value of rewarding hard work and dedication. Aside from providing its employees with competitive salaries and plenty of great benefits, Cricket Wireless also rewards its best people with career advancement opportunities that will allow them to move up and grow as professionals.

Take advantage of the rewards of being part of a leading name in the wireless telecommunications industry and submit your Cricket Wireless application today.

Current Job Openings

As the company continues to expand its reach, more and more career opportunities with Cricket Wireless become available to qualified job seekers. At the moment, the company is in need of individuals who can fill a number of entry level and managerial positions.

If you are an entry level applicant, you may get hired for the position of Retail Sales Advocate. As such, you will be responsible for performing sales activities, with a focus on wireless phone service plans and accessories within a fast-paced environment.

Retail Sales Advocates are also expected to have effective sales and communication skills, as well as a working knowledge of the available products and services offered by the company. If you get hired for this position, you can earn around $9 to $14 an hour.

Applicants with supervisory experience, on the other hand, may be considered for the position of Assistant Store Manager. Individuals who assume this position work alongside the Store Manager in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the store.

Assistant Store Managers are also tasked with helping to achieve sales goals, participating in promotional and merchandising activities, and managing customer service and retention, among other responsibilities. An Assistant Store Manager at Cricket Wireless typically makes around $23,000 to $31,000 a year.

More experienced applicants who have supervisory experience may also be considered for the position of Store Manager. Should you get hired for this position, you will be in charge of day-to-day operations. You will be responsible for analyzing business trends, manage store budget, perform personnel evaluation, and more.

The Store Manager will also be on top of all aspects of the business, including but not limited to, customer service and retention, financial management, inventory, business operations, promotions, employee training and development. A Store Manager at Cricket Wireless makes around $35,000 to $58,000 in annual wages.

If you want to see all of the current job openings at Cricket Wireless, you can visit the company’s careers page by clicking this link.

Direct Competitors

For the purpose of making an informed decision on whether to become part of Cricket Wireless or not, it would be best that you do a little research. Look into other companies and see if they can provide you with the employment opportunity that best suits your skills and interests.

If you are looking to work at a company that has been in the industry for a longer period of time, perhaps a job at T-Mobile would be a better option for you. The Deutsche Telekom AG holding company has been in business since 1991.

On the other hand, if you want to be part of a company that offers more than wireless telecommunications, you might be interested in taking up a job at Comcast. The American mass media and communications company is the largest cable company and home internet service provider in the United States.

Job Application Tips

The interviews are arguably the most crucial part of any company’s hiring process. It is therefore important that you come to your interview on time in order to make a positive first impression. Put your best foot forward and wear clothes that are appropriate for the interview.

Most of the questions that you may get asked during the interview will be about the information that you provided on the online form and on your resume. Common interview questions include:

  • “Why do you want a job at Cricket Wireless?”
  • “How familiar are you with mobile phones and service plans?”
  • “Is this your first job?”

Employee Benefits

On top of the competitive pay and the exciting career growth opportunities, qualified Cricket Wireless employees may also receive a number of benefits. These include medical, vision, and dental coverage, life and disability insurance, and a 401(k) retirement plan.

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