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Disney LogoWhere else do you make your dreams come true? Only in Disney stores and businesses, apparently! It would be a great privilege to work at a company that believes and creates dreams, magic and fantasy. You will surely be young at heart even though you work as an adult team member of the company. Your journey begins by submitting your Disney application, though, so you better prepare for it!

At Disney, they call their store associates “cast members” to make them feel like a part of a motion picture. If you want to see Mickey Mouse, Princesses, Lightning McQueen, among other notable characters almost on a daily basis, working at one of the company’s stores would be the right place for you.

This article is intended to help you learn a lot about the company, from brands, applying tips, where to submit your resume, how to ace your interview, salary, and so on.

Apply to Disney Online

Disney has two company websites where you can search for available career opportunities. The Disney Store website is designed to accommodate online orders from customers all over the world. It displays a range of toys, clothing apparels, collectibles, and swim wear, among many others.

Meanwhile, the Walt Disney Company website is the main source of information about the company. It features all brands, affiliates, events, careers and store locations. Since you are looking, this website is the right place to begin with.

Visit the career website to find the job that you might be interested in. You may select from a vast range of career areas but make sure that your qualifications match their requirements. The company also welcomes fresh graduates on their team, so they made a dedicated page for entry-level professionals.

You can start your career in any of these areas:

  • Corporate
  • Travel
  • Sales and Marketing
  • IT and Digital
  • Retail/Store Operations
  • Entertainment
  • Creative
  • Broadcasting

Recent grads and currently enrolled university students can also expect a space in the Disney world by applying for internship jobs.

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How to Apply Online

Use the Search Jobs tab located at the top-most right corner of the website. This will make your job search more convenient, faster and easier. Enter the keywords of your choice. You can just enter the job title that you had in mind as your keyword.

You can also use the advanced search job tool, if you want to have a more specific result. You can search by location, job category, by industry, or job type. By doing so, you can preview careers from across multiple businesses.

After you have selected a position, click the “apply now” button. You must create an account first to establish your profile. Answer the questions on the position questionnaire to be able to proceed onto the next step, which is to upload your resume.

Allow the company to review your profile to check if you are qualified for the position. The hiring officer should get back to you within 2 weeks. You must understand that Disney receives hundreds of inquiries from applicants daily so in some cases, it will take time before you hear back from them.

Additional Tips

Read the job description carefully to avoid wasting your time on jobs that don’t suit you.

Be articulate when answering the questionnaire. Show your flair for writing while expressing yourself so you can leave a positive impression.

Be honest about your personal and contact information.

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About the Walt Disney Company

Due to the combined efforts and hard work of Walt and Roy Disney, the Disney Company was established in October 1923. The company started out as a small cartoon studio where numerous timeless cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Alice (in Wonderland), Oswald, Fantasia, Dumbo, and so on were born.

Throughout the 1920’s and the 1970’s, the viral popularity of Walt Disney studios had been unstoppable. It served as the springboard for the continued success of the company today. The 1980’s had been focused on the company expansion. In 1980, Tokyo Disneyland was created and it became open to public in 1983. 1982 was another milestone for the company as this was when the EPCOT Center, also known as the Disney World Resort, was founded.

The deaths of the Disney brothers in the 1970’s did bring lots of changes in the management. The Walt Disney Productions was taken over by Michael Eisner and Frank Wells in 1984. Fortunately, this didn’t stop the company from dominating the market and from being so popular to its audience.

In fact, the Eisner era brought more significant results to the company’s overall expansion. In 1987, the very first Disney Store had opened in Glendale, California. The expansion continued, from the opening of their own studios in Hollywood, Disneyland in other countries, business acquisitions, and up to the opening of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in 2005.

Today, the Walt Disney Company headquarters in Burbank, California.

The Walt Disney Store

1987 marked the opening of the first Disney Store in California. The store was a success that another location was opened in Montclair Plaza in the 1990’s. It was founded alongside the Mickey’s Kitchen restaurant that was well-received by the people, with 25,000 paying guests on its opening day.

Today, there are over 400 locations worldwide. It features products inspired by Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Lucas Film movies and characters. So, if you want to sell Disney products, you should work at the company’s store retail business.

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Direct Competitors

Disney has an aura about it, anything they touch brings magic to a world that never thought it existed. Being a part of a team like that takes dedication and drive. You have both, so apply there, and see where else could use your talents. Six Flags for example is another well known theme park that needs people like you to keep the energy up and the people happy. Working somewhere like LA Fitness is rewarding as your energy fuels the energy of the people around you and drives them to be better and healthier with each passing day. 

Employment at Disney

Employment at Disney is fun, exciting and is always filled with magic. The best thing about it is you are given the chance to also make other people happy by providing them pleasant retail service, or by creating inspirational and hearty films.

Your imagination and passion for creating wonders to entertain other people are keys to having a successful career with Disney. Aside from that, you will also be provided with opportunities for your career development as well as benefits, recognition and financial support.

At Disney, your world will become diverse as you have to work with different people. By diverse, it means working with people coming from different backgrounds that may have different or the same perspectives, goals and ideas as you do. And it is the goal to cultivate the importance of unity in their workforce through team work and team building.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • All applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Must hold High School diploma or equivalent
  • An accomplished job inqiury online

Store Hours

Monday – Saturday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM

Company Slogan

Heroes Work Here: Employ Excellence. Hire Veterans.

This simply means that each of their team members is considered as heroes of the country. It is attributed to their excellent work attitude, commitment to excellent customer service, loyalty to the company and to the country and hard work to support their families.

Available Job Openings at Disney

Your job inquiry can go a very long way with hundreds of available jobs at the company today. This is especially true as they continue to seek professionals who will help them with their global expansion. You can work in any of the above-mentioned businesses and areas.

Disney Store

  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Associate General Manager
  • Store manager
  • Key Holder Cast Member
  • Merchandise Systems Analyst
  • Location Planning Analyst
  • Recruiter
  • Loss Prevention Associate
  • Store Maintenance Representative

Walt Disney Studios

  • Affiliate Marketing Director
  • Animators
  • Content Developers
  • Creative Directors
  • Technical Directors
  • Designers


  • Public Relations Officer
  • Engineers
  • Finance Analysts
  • Legal Officers
  • Researchers
  • Publishing Specialists
  • IT Specialists
  • HR Officers
  • Product Managers

Sales and Marketing

  • Marketing Officers
  • Sales Associates


  • Researchers and Business Development Managers
  • Digital Media Specialists
  • Gaming
  • Quality Assurance Officers
  • IT Specialists

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Disney Application Tips and Hiring Process

The hiring process is as simple and straightforward as any other Fortune 500 company in the US. Apply online together with your resume and cover letter. You should be able to receive verification from the company afterwards that your inquiry has been received.

You will then receive a call from the recruiter within a week or two, depending on the inflow of the applicants they’ve been receiving daily. So, finally the recruiter called you to invite you for an interview, you must then confirm your attendance.

The interview process is comprised of at least three interviews. The first one is the phone interview while the succeeding ones are in-person interviews with the manager. However, keep in mind that the series of interviews may differ depending on the job and compamy business that you have applied to.

Allow the recruiter to process your form within one week before you are able to receive the results of your interview. You may receive it via email or phone call. You may follow up with your status by contacting the recruiter, should he or she hasn’t updated you yet on your candidacy for the position.

Interview Basic Questions

  • What makes you perfect for the position?
  • How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  • What is your favorite Disney store merchandise? Why?
  • Have you got any previous work experience in the consumer product industry?
  • What other Disney business areas do you like to work at?

Interview Tips

Confirm your schedule and dress code with the hiring officer.

Disney recommends to their applicants to wear business attire when attending an interview with the company.

Show them how much you appreciate Disney creations and how much it would mean to you if you were given the chance to work for them.

Make an eye contact. This makes an impression to the interviewer that you are really listening to whatever he or she is saying or asking.

Highlight your skills and experience during the interview. Market yourself well, as they say.

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Salary Information

Similar to other companies, Disney salaries may vary per job title, location, level of expertise and education. But to get you started with what your salary expectation should be, here’s a rundown of salaries according to glassdoor.com:


  • Sales associate – $10
  • Cast member – $9
  • Cashier – $9.50
  • Intern – $15.01
  • Undergraduate Associate Intern – $15.95
  • Professional Intern – $17.71

Full Salaried/Year

  • Director – $144,941
  • Senior Manager – $124,417
  • Software Engineer – 86,898
  • Senior Software Engineer – $107,358
  • Sr. Financial Analyst – $73,913
  • Manager – $92,186
  • IT Manager – $112,040
  • Asst. Technical Director – $61,008
  • Sr. Marketing Manager – $110,333
  • Marketing Director – $120,571
  • Technical Director – $102,328

More information is available here.

Employee Benefits and Rewards

To give back to the dedicated and loyal team members, the company offers amazing benefits, incentives, initiative programs and rewards. Your contribution won’t be put to waste with these offerings:

  • Above-average base salary
  • Medical, dental and vision health coverage
  • Disney health pursuits wellness resources
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Prescription Drug coverage
  • Life and accident insurance
  • Short term and long-term disability insurance
  • Retirement savings plan

The company also offers paid training for deserving employees and the company has several professional development opportunities. Educational reimbursement program is also provided.

Work-Life Balance

  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Leave credits per year
  • Adoption Assistance Program
  • Legal assistance
  • Onsite child care centers

Job Perks

  • Discounts on admissions at Disneyland and other theme park attractions
  • Discounts on Disney merchandise at selected Disney stores
  • Employee discounts
  • Disney VoluntEARS and Employee matching gifts

Financial Support

  • Savings plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Program
  • Generous retirement plan for full time and salaried team members

Overall, with these promising career opportunities and benefits, there is no need for further convincing that this would be a great employer. Disney is one of the best, if not the best, places to jump start your professional career in whichever industry you belong to.

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