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Have you ever dreamt about having a job, where the work that you do helps bring light and energy to other people’s lives, not figuratively, but in the literal sense? If you have, then you might be interested in taking up a job at an electric power holding company.

Established in the early 1900’s, Duke Energy has been supplying power for over a century. It has grown to become the largest electric power holding company in the United States, on top of being one of the biggest employers in the industry.

Submit your Duke Energy application and light the way towards a bright career in the energy business.

Applying to Duke Energy Online

Job hunting has come a long way from the time before people had computers and the internet. Nowadays, if you wanted to apply for a job, the first thing that you would want to do is get online and visit the company’s website. The same applies to Duke Energy.

From the electric power holding company’s homepage, scroll towards the bottom right hand corner and click “Careers”. This will take you to the official careers page, where you can see information about the company culture, recruitment events schedules, employee benefits, and more.

Click “Job Search” near the top left hand corner. On this page, you will see all of the different types of career opportunities that are currently available at Duke Energy. Click the “Start your search” button when you are ready to begin.

When you find a job opening that matches your skills, interests, and qualifications, click its corresponding title link. Read through the job description page carefully, then click “Apply Online” when you want to start applying for the position. Click the “I Accept” button on the Privacy Agreement page in order to continue.

At this point, you will need to log in or create an account. You can register as a new user, or simply sign in with your Google or Yahoo! account. Once signed in, complete the online Duke Energy employment form. Include accurate contact information so that you can be reached regarding your interview schedule.

If you want to visit the company’s careers page and search for current job openings, click here.

Career Paths

When you get to Duke Energy’s official careers page, you will see that there are a number of career paths that encompass the entire spectrum of opportunities in the company. Your career in the energy business starts with knowing which of the following skill types suit you best:

  • Customer Service
  • Professional
  • Skilled Craft
  • Interns and Co-Ops
  • Military/Veterans

Employment Tests

Depending on the position that you are applying for, you will most likely receive an email from Duke Energy inviting you to take a test. To help you prepare, the company provides practice tests along with the answers to the questions and explanations for you to review.

If you pass the tests, a recruiter or hiring manager will get in touch with you to explain how to move forward in the hiring process. In the event that you fail the tests, you will be allowed to retest every 90 days. To read more about the employment tests, click this link.

About the Company

The electric power holding company was built in the early 1900’s in India Hook, South Carolina. James Buchanan Duke, Dr. Walker Gill Wylie, and William States Lee all had their part in establishing the history of the company, which began with a plan to spur economic revival in the Carolina countryside.

In 1904, the Catawba Hydro Station started supplying electricity to Victoria Cotton Mills in Rock Hill, South Carolina. During the next several years, the company’s hydroelectric power supply continued to grow and provide electricity not only to textile mills, but to as many households in the region as possible.

Duke formed the Wateree Power Company in 1917 to act as a holding entity for the various utilities that he, his family, and his associates had founded. Ten years later, it was decided that a majority of the company’s subsidiaries would be merged together to form the Duke Power Company.

Throughout the following years, the company grew and expanded by making various major acquisitions. In 1988, Duke purchased the Nantahala Power & Light Co. in southwestern North Carolina. It also merged with PanEnergy in 1997 to form Duke Energy.

Perhaps the company’s biggest acquisition came in 2006, when it completed a buyout deal that formalized its purchase of Cinergy Corporation, in a move that helped the company extend its reach to the Midwestern United States.

That same year, Duke Energy also purchased Union Gas, which is a natural gas transmission, distribution, and warehouse center based in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Today, Union Gas is a subsidiary of Spectra Energy, which spun off Duke Energy in 2007.

In 2012, Duke Energy merged with Progress Energy Inc. The resultant company retained the Duke Energy name, as well as the corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today, the company generates its electricity supply by means of the following types of facilities:

  • Biomass
  • Nuclear
  • Coal
  • Hydroelectric
  • Oil and Gas
  • Solar

Areas Served

Being the largest electric power holding company in the United States, Duke Energy supplies electricity to several regions in the country. The company identities and the areas that they serve include the following:

  • Duke Energy Carolinas – North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Duke Energy Progress – North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Duke Energy Florida – Florida
  • Duke Energy Indiana – Indiana
  • Duke Energy Ohio – Ohio and Kentucky

The company also has assets in Canada and Latin America.

Employment at the Company

Many of the individuals who have started their careers with Duke Energy agree that their experience with the company has been enlightening. If you get hired for a position in the company, you can be certain that you will be exposed to the plenty of learning opportunities through training.

Working at Duke Energy can also lead to rewarding opportunities. On top of competitive salaries and great employee benefits, you will also be given opportunities for career growth and development.

Submit your Duke Energy application today and have yourself a promising career in the energy business.

Current Job Openings

As Duke Energy continues to grow and evolve, more opportunities with the electric power holding company become available to individuals who are looking to start their careers in the energy industry. At the moment, the company is in need of System Engineers and Customer Service Specialists.

Customer Service Specialists work in the call center environment. They are responsible for handling billing inquiries, processing service orders, and dispatching trouble calls through various contact channels such as email, chat, telephone, and postal mail.

If you are interested in the Customer Service Specialist position, you need to have a high school diploma or a GED, and at least one year customer service. You also need good listening and communication skills, as well as the ability to interact with customers in a professional and courteous manner. Customer Service Specialists make around $12 to $13 an hour.

System Engineers are responsible for the reliable performance of mechanical systems at their designated commercial nuclear power plant. They ensure system compliance to Code and Regulatory requirements and provide direct on-call support to maintenance and operations personnel.

In order to be considered for the position, you must have a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from an ABET-accredited program, or a current PE license. You must also have one to three years of engineering experience and the ability to work under minimal supervision. Systems Engineers make around $62,000 to $67,000 in annual salaries on top of various cash bonuses.

To see a list of other career opportunities at Duke Energy, click this link.

Direct Competitors

Taking up a new job with any company will always be a life-changing career decision. If you are uncertain about whether a job at Duke Energy is the right move or not, look into other opportunities and see if you can find one that better suits your skills and interests.

If you are more inclined towards a career in the telecommunications industry, then a career with AT&T might be your best option. With global services spanning various locations around the globe, the multinational company could just have the perfect career opportunity for you.

Another option that you could look into is getting a job at T-Mobile. The telecommunications service provider has been a major presence in the United States, and there are bound to be plenty of opportunities in the company that could be a good fit for you.

Job Application Tips

Aside from the employment tests, perhaps the most important part of the Duke Energy hiring process is the interview. Make sure you come to your interviews on time, dressed in your best business attire, in order to make a positive first impression.

Most of the questions that you could get asked during the interview will be about the information that you provided on your resume and on the online employment form. Answer each question as honestly and as confidently as you can; your confidence can significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Employee Benefits

Other than the competitive salaries and the abundance of career advancement opportunities, qualified Duke Energy employees are also given a number of great benefits. These benefits include the following:

  • Medical, dental, vision, life and disability coverage
  • Retirement benefits
  • Wellness programs
  • Time-off benefits
  • Work-life balance programs

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