5 Emerging Careers in 2014

If you asked your parents how the job market looked when they graduated from high school or college, they would probably tell you MUCH different than it looks today.

There are positions available now that weren’t even thought of in previous generations. And unsurprisingly, they’re some of the most highly coveted positions around.

This list will explain the top five emerging careers in 2014.

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While some of these careers may not be new, they have a new demand because of the changing times in which we live. So should you find any of the following positions interesting, go ahead and look into it now while it’s still hot.

At the speed of today’s technological advances, these positions may only be emerging in 2014. In a couple years, workers in these positions may face unemployment as well.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed about that.

The top five emerging careers in 2014 are:


1. Fitness Trainer

This position didn’t make the list simply because of the masses who swear to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution.

There really is an awakening going on that focuses on our collective health as a country. It’s a well known fact that America is one of the “fattest” countries in the world. It was only a matter of time before we started fighting back against that title.

Healthy diet and exercise are two hot topics as a result of several initiatives – one of the most popular being Michelle Obama’s push for healthier children with the organization Let’s Move!.

When children start learning to be healthier, it inspires parents. Those parents are likely to get in the gym.

Social media adds to the growing demand for fitness trainers.

We want to look better in Instagram pictures and our friends tag us in Facebook photos we didn’t even know about.

Fitness trainers are in high demand somewhat because of our vanity. But hey, whatever pays the bills, right?


2. Content Strategist

Here we have another emerging career that deals a lot with how we portray ourselves online.

By now, every business owner knows how important it is to have a website. But there’s more to a great online presence than just having a website.

Content strategists plan out how companies can spread the word about their product/service online while also creating goodwill and authority in their industry. It’s about more than just updating a blog and tweeting a few times a week.

Content strategists often have a background in marketing and communications. Both are needed to map out an effective strategy for creating a conversation between companies and the public.

One of the reasons this position is such an emerging career in 2014 is because many companies are opening to hiring content strategists remotely.

A remote position means you can work from home. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?


3. Home Health Aide

People who choose to work in healthcare don’t have the same problems the rest of the country is having with finding jobs. Healthcare is a career field that never runs out of a need to hire people.

Humans will never stop getting sick, and doctors will never stop needing the employees who keep healthcare facilities up and running smoothly.

But home health aides are emerging to help those who may not need to be hospitalized or placed in a nursing home.

Even if not hospitalized, sometimes patients still need constant care. That’s where home health aides come in.

A home health aide goes to ill or elderly peoples houses and helps with tasks that may be too strenuous or dangerous for the patient.

As the Baby Boomer generation enters retirement and starts dealing with the ailments that accompany growing older, the demand for home health aides increases.

The rising costs of healthcare are sure to also help keep home health aides employed, rather than people opting to stay in hospitals or other healthcare facilities.


4. Computer Programmer

Technology continues to shape our lives and the job market.

Computer programmers are more in demand now than they were when computers were first introduced into mainstream society. It’s because almost everything is computerized these days.

Since so many of our everyday functions like banking, driving, paying for groceries, etc. now involve computers, the people who have the skills to keep our computers in working shape are in high demand.

As we continue on in the Age of Information, there will be no decrease in the demand for these people any time soon.


5. Mobile App Developer

Just as so much is computerized now, many things are also befitting for a mobile experience.

Our cell phones are almost like collars around our necks, keeping us chained to the latest happenings on Facebook or the funniest new Vine snippet.

Mobile app developers are the people who keep our app stores filled with the newest and latest cool things that your phone is able to do.

The next time you download a new app, remember that someone spent many hours (and a fair share of long nights) writing the code that makes your app work properly.

When your apps get updates, that’s more code that mobile app developers have to write to enhance your applications performance.

A common theme of these five emerging careers is an emphasis on convenience for the general population, whether by saving money or by saving time.

These are all careers that will continue to see growth over the next few years.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in one of these areas? What are you doing to get started?