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Are you looking for a job that you will be preparing and serving food most times of your day? Working for buffet chains must be a dream job for foodies as they get to explore a wide assortment of food and beverage while experiencing the pleasure of making customers happy.

If you have this kind of passion within you, you should be working for HomeTown Buffet! How? You may begin with writing up your HomeTown Buffet application form and apply walk-in or submit it online.

This article will walk you through the basic selection process of the said buffet chain company. You will also gain a better understanding of its employment, company history, menu and services, salary packages, benefits and some interview tips.

Applying to HomeTown Buffet Online

On its company website, it has a “People & Careers” section where you can view its core values, work environment and job search. You should go to “job search” to begin your job hunt online. And as you click it, you will be re-directed to a webpage where you can get started.

The HomeTown Buffet jobs are divided by categories; restaurant crew, management and corporate support. As an applicant you should be able to know which positions suit you well as per your self-assessment and experience.

Most entry-level jobs belong to restaurant crew and by entry-level it can mean individuals who have attained high school level only. For a more advanced position, you should look for jobs in the corporate and management categories.

However, before you can even begin submitting your resume to the company online, you must open an account with them first. The process begins with determining your preferred work location and then click “next step”. As you can see, most HomeTown Buffet restaurant locations are in Midwest and East coast, but you can also find a great deal of job opportunities in the extreme west like California.

Once you locate your preferred location, enter the ZIP code and then click “go” to proceed to the next step. Simply follow the instructions and you will be good to go. Go here to get started.

About the Company

HomeTown Buffet: America’s Best Buffet is actually one of the many brands of Ovation Brands, Inc. Its global headquarters office is located in Greer, South Carolina while its support center is in Eagan, Minnesota. Take note that you may be asked to work in either of these locations, if ever you apply to positions related to corporate support.

HomeTown Buffet was established by C. Dennis Scott and Roe Hatlen in 1983 under a partnership business structure. The partners decided to part ways, with Scott leaving the restaurant in 1989 to start his own company. But in 1996, the companies merged as one with Anthony Wedo as its appointed CEO.

In 2008, the company went bankrupt but all of its store units were still operating as usual. The bankruptcy was meant to re-organize the management plan; hence, it resulted to the shutdown of 52 stores within the same year.

During the first quarter of 2009, Buffets, Inc. had a new Board of Directors that was expected to continue reduce the liabilities of the company. However on July 2012, the company suffered from bankruptcy yet again and this was followed by the closing of 81 restaurants in the US.

In December 2012, the company began to pick up the pieces and had re-established Anthony Wedo as its CEO. And it was an excellent move by the Board of Directors as Buffets Inc., began to gain momentum in sales and profit increase by 1.7% in April 2013. It still had its other buffet chains like Country Buffet, Old Country Buffet, Fire Mountain, HomeTown and Ryan’s restaurants.

Today, Ovation Brands operate more than 300 restaurants in 35 US states. The office in South Carolina began to grow to 80 employees and the Eagan office grew up to 125 employees, excluding hundreds of restaurant crew members across the country.

As for HomeTown Buffet, it operates in 168 store locations in the country. It is well-known for its mascot gimmicks where a crew member, particularly the manager, wears a costume to entertain the guests as they come into the restaurant.

HomeTown Buffet is set to offer the following food items:

  • Side Dishes
  • Desserts
  • Healthy Options
  • Breakfast variants
  • All-time favorites

Employment at HomeTown Buffet

At Ovation Brands, you will be working for an equal-opportunity employer. You will be with a team with diverse cultural background that values team work, unity and mutual respect. The company simply targets to help their employees to bring out the best in them by providing them career advancement opportunities.

For instance, working at HomeTown Buffet restaurants may give you an opportunity to become a manager at a senior level. You can work your way up to top, beginning from a restaurant crew member position to a managerial role.

As a crew member, you are going to commit yourself to providing fresh, delectable and healthy food. It should be something that families and friends would enjoy having as they dine out to celebrate an occasion or to just simply hang out. This is also why the work environment at HomeTown Buffet is light, hospitable and fun.

If you want to exercise your inner foodie passion and enthusiasm, do not hesitate to send your HomeTown Buffet application now.

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be at least 16 years old
  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be willing to in a flexible schedule

Store Hours

Monday to Thursday: 11 AM to 8:30 PM

Friday: 11AM to 9PM

Saturday: 8AM to 9PM

Sunday: 8AM to 8:30PM

Available Job Openings

HomeTown Buffet is set to serve 120 million customers every year. This large volume of customers requires them to be in a constant process of hiring qualified individuals. The restaurant is always looking to fill crew-related vacancies across the country.

Restaurant Crew

As a crew member, you must be passionate about serving the restaurant guests and this passion should go hand-in-hand with your desire to exceed the customer’s expectations. You can do this by treating your customers as if they are a part of your extended family, to make them feel at home.

  • Cashier
  • Kitchen Crew Member
  • Food Bar Attendant
  • Server
  • Food Preparation
  • Dishwasher


  • Restaurant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Kitchen Manager

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Corporate Support

  • File Clerk
  • Area Director
  • Kitchen Specialist

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Job Application Tips

When applying to a large restaurant chain company such as Ovation Brands, you must be willing to wait at least a week before you could hear from the hiring officer again. Or, if you really wish to experience a faster recruitment process, you should attend the company’s job fair. This way, you can get an interview schedule with them faster than the traditional online or walk-in process.

Expect to attend two interviews with HomeTown Buffet. It can be a couple of one-on-one interviews with a manager for entry-level applicants, while managerial candidates may undergo a panel interview. The interview may last up to 20 minutes depending on the questions and how you answer each of them.

As with any other restaurant, it is important for the hiring managers to see how responsive, attentive and outgoing their prospective employees can be. You should be able to demonstrate how much passion you have for serving food to customers by enjoying your correspondence, with topics related to food and customer service, with the interviewer.

Here are a few basic interview questions that you may prepare yourself for:

  • Have you dined in at HomeTown Buffet before? How was your experience?
  • What are your favorite restaurants?
  • Can you work in flexible work schedules?
  • How do you handle difficult customers?
  • Can you serve a large group of people?

Direct Competitors

If you are curious to know what your other options are, Outback Steakhouse is highly recommended to be on your list. It’s one of the largest restaurant chain companies in the country which was founded in 1988.

Or, you should go with IHOP if you really feel close affinity to family-themed restaurants. It specializes in serving American breakfast favorites like pancakes. There is also a great chance that you can find an IHOP restaurant near you for it has more than 1550 branches nationwide.

Employee Benefits at HomeTown Buffet

As Ovation Brands places great emphasis on providing all of their HomeTown Buffet employees with quality life, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits like no other. Here are some of them:

  • Healthcare and prescription drug coverage
  • Retirement plans
  • Paid training and career advancement opportunities
  • Paid leave; vacation, holiday and sick pay
  • Job perks
  • Work-life balance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Rewards and incentives

Salary Package

Salary at HomeTown Buffet may vary depending on your location, job title, position and experience. On an average basis, employees earn $40,000 per year. A restaurant manager can earn $58,000 annually which is the highest salary range among in-restaurant positions.

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