How to Pursue a Rewarding Career in 2014

With all the insecurity and questions that surround the economy in 2014, how do you pursue a rewarding career for this year and beyond? What are the best career avenues to follow this year in order to be able to build a long term career?

So what would be the differences in process in 2014 from a more robust economic year? What are the best career fields to pursue in 2014? Excelling in 2014 will take more networking than it might have in 2006.


How to Pursue a Rewarding Career in 2014 and Beyond

There are certain things you can do to make your current career more rewarding, or to switch careers this year in order to have a rewarding career. Maybe it’s time for you to think about working from home, telecommuting or moving up in your career to get more of what you need to feel fulfilled. Here are some tips for you to help you along the way.


Do What You Love and Love What You Do

No matter how much others tell you how well you are doing your current job; it won’t mean much if you don’t love what you are doing.

So don’t be afraid to take the risks to pursue what you love to do. Take a chance on being happier in your career. Just imagine how exciting your career could be if you succeed and the risk pays off.


Find a Career Mentor

Having a mentor or someone who can help you to see what your dreams are and how to accomplish them can be the difference between a career you love and a job you tolerate.

Mentors are extremely important people in your work lives if we have the right one. Mentors are often people who help you transition from job A to job B along your career trail. In fact, as you move through your career, a mentor becomes the grease on the skids to move you a long.

You also might have more than one mentor as you grow and perhaps change jobs along the way. Your mentor is not there to make decisions for you but rather to share their stories, their paths and offer you advice along the way.

Everyone needs a mentor, and the best way to find one is to look beyond your boss, maybe his boss’s boss or some outside of your department. You want someone who does understand what you are dealing with but is not too close to you as to be able to be objective in her advice.

A business or personal coach can often be a good fit.


Don’t Burn Bridges

The worst thing you can do when pursing your career is to burn any bridges behind you as you move forward. Even if you hated the job you just left, don’t say bad things about the job, your previous boss or your previous peers. Move on gracefully and professionally.

You never know who knows who or who’s help you might need in the future. If you approach everything in life, including the old and new job, with gratitude, you will do better in the long run.


Make an Excellent Impression

Don’t just show up every day, do your job and never rock the boat. In order to make a good impression on your current employer show off a bit. You will increase your chances of getting a promotion, a raise, and a referral in the future. Excel in your career instead of just getting by.

Whatever you need to do to get noticed in a positive way, you should do it. Take every opportunity to make a presentation or to take over the lead on a project. Get your face and your name out there in front of the people who can influence the path of your future.


Best Jobs to Pursue in 2014

Here are some of the best careers to pursuit in2014. Many of these positions pay well and come with great opportunities and benefits.  You just need to find out if any of these opportunities that we know are hot in 2014 will also appeal to you enough to be classified as your passion.

1. Software Engineer – applications and system. This field has grown by 11% since 2010.

The average software engineer is earning as much as $45 per hour. The average rate of unemployment among software engineers and developers is 2.8%

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting that this profession will increase by 30% in 2020.

2. Computer Analyst – is also a field on the rise in 2014. If you have a business degree or business experience, this field is wide open for you. This occupation was paying $79,680 annually in 2012.

The job itself is like a consulting job, as you assist other organizations or internal departments consulting with them on their IT systems. You would help them to see what they might need and then coordinate the implementation of those systems for them.

3. Registered Nurse – RN’s are by far the largest group in the field at 2.6 million. It is also considered that their opportunities are only going to grow in 2014 and beyond. RN’s typically earn about $62,450.

4. Marketing Specialists – Market Research Analyst are rapidly growing fields. Knowing what people think is critical to the success of so many firms that the marketing analyst is in great demand.

The salary is about $61,000 in 2013 and there has been a 14% increase in the number of jobs since 2010. If you have a strong aptitude for math and you are analytical you just might find this is the job you love.

Top researchers in this field often are required to have a master’s degree. The growth rate between now and 2020 is predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be around 41%.

5. Training & Development Specialist – is also a high flying career opportunity for 2014 and beyond. Unlike their predecessors, today’s Training & Development professionals are being used as talent developers by companies that cannot find the specialists that they need.

Instead of trying to find that round peg they might hire a square peg and trained them to be round. This makes the Training & Development professionals all the more valuable to their employers.

There are opportunities to be had in 2014 to grow your career either in the field you are currently involved in or in one of the fastest growing fields for the future.

Choose a career field you can be passionate about, find a mentor to help you reach your dreams, be professional wherever you are, and always leave a lasting, excellent impression on your employer and colleagues. The top careers in 2014 can help you find something you will enjoy and make good money doing.


What career are you pursuing in 2014? Are you currently in a field of work that makes you feel rewarded? Let us know in the comments below.

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