A Crispy Career: KFC Job Interview Tips

It’s hard to believe, but KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most widespread fast food chains in the world. Imagine 18,000 locations in 120 countries and you’ll have an idea of what I mean by the term “widespread.” This means you’ll have no problems finding and applying to one of their locations.

Once you’ve received the call and schedule the meet, it’s time to check out these KFC job interview tips for the final touch on your career’s potential. Knowing how the company conducts their interviews is beneficial, in addition to having an edge on the kinds of questions they’ll ask. We’ll give you both right here.

A Typical KFC Interview

Whether you’re looking for part-time work, or something more permanent, KFC is the place to apply to. While the company is well-known for its hiring practices, it’s interesting to note that they only provide one interview before making their decision. It’s smart and efficient but it also forces you to be on your best because there’s no second chances.

Each interview lasts about thirty to forty-five minutes so you’ll have plenty of time to make your impression. Depending on the position you’re applying for, the questions can vary. For example, if you’re applying for a cook, you may be asked about sanitation and health guidelines.

Team members will answer questions about handling money and providing top-notch customer service at all times. In some cases, cooks will receive two interviews, but the widely accepted practice is one interview before a decision is made. Before we move on to possible questions, let’s also consider management position interviews.

The thing to consider when it comes to management is your experience and your preparation. At this level of an interview, the existence of a resume and a cover letter is expected, so you’ll need to have those ready to hand in once your arrive. When it comes to a manager’s interview, you can also expect a different format. Entry-level positions will have a one-on-one format while managers will be present for a panel style interview.

Questions to Practice With

Below are some sample questions you can practice answering to give yourself an edge in the interview. If you sound calm and cool during the entire process, you will impress your interviewer for sure.

  • What do you expect from KFC as an employee?
  • How many hours are you expecting to work each week?
  • What is your favorite item on the menu?
  • What do you know about our company?

Keep these KFC job interview tips in mind and prepare yourself accordingly. You’ll have the job before you know it.

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