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Marathon OilDo you want to work for an employer who can take you further in your career path? Does working in the oil and gas manufacturing industry interest you? If yes, put Marathon Oil down on your job hunt list then! It’s an independent oil company that is committed to helping their employees, investors, customers and the community promote a better quality of life.

Before you submit your Marathon application form online or via walk-in, you may want to know the rudiments of the company’s hiring process. The oil manufacturer offers its career website where applicants can search for a job and apply online. This will make things extra convenient for both parties because everything is done in one click. To know more about the process and Marathon Oil, read on.

Applying to Marathon Oil Online

Isn’t it hassle-free to search for all Marathon jobs in one web-based platform only? You can do so by visiting the website here. However, before you could apply for a job, you must create one profile account with the company.

Presumably you will have to fill-out the personal information fields, answer a few career related questions, and some assessment exams, after which you are free to scour the job database and apply to as many available positions as you want. You can create a new account or login here. You may also opt to sign up for the company’s Talent Community where you can stay connected with Marathon Oil events, updates, and job alerts.

How to Look for Jobs

After creating your new account with Marathon, go back to the career website and click “Get started”. Upon clicking it should re-direct you to a page where you can search for opportunities by entering either a keyword or your location. A keyword could be something like “mechanic”, “machine operator”, or “oil and gas engineer”, among other terms that pertain to a job title, and then click “search jobs”.

If you want to check out all of the opportunities available, scroll down a bit and look at Featured Careers. Few examples of such include corporate roles, Geosciences, Engineering, IT, Finance and Accounting, and so on. But if you are not looking to fill in a professional position, you may be looking to get hired as a technical team member such as machine operator, intern, security specialist, technician, and the like.

As with any other retail chain company, you will start with an entry-level position and expect to be given the chance to advance your position eventually. This is especially true among team members who are really dedicated to their job. This is one of the reasons why Marathon Oil seeks to hire motivated individuals who are willing to be trained to become a future leader.

So there, after looking for a job that suits all your capabilities (i.e. skills and experience), do not hesitate to click that apply button. Your Marathon employment form will be automatically sent to a database where the hiring officers can retrieve your application. If you are qualified, you should be notified within seven working days.

About the Company

Marathon Oil is proud of its esteemed history. The company was founded by Henry M. Ernst in 1887, and at the time, the founder was the leading crude oil producer in Ohio and thus naming the firm The Ohio Oil in the beginning. During Ernst leadership, his company was dubbed as America’s largest oil producer.

Two years later its foundation, John D. Rockefeller bought Ohio Oil via the Standard Oil trust. The global office was moved from Lima to Findlay, OH in 1905 and there began a vast expansion. In 1908 50 percent of the country’s oil field production was under Ohio Oil’s control. But Rockefeller’s ownership of the company wouldn’t last long as in 1911 the Standard Oil trust had been broken.

At that same year, James Donnell assumed the Presidency of Ohio Oil and spearheaded the company’s physical expansion in Wyoming. Around 1,800 miles of oil pipeline had been created plus some storage facilities to cater to the new Illinois Pipeline Company, as a result of Ohio Oil’s business acquisition in 1915.

From 1924 onward, the company had been acquiring smaller oil players and producers in the industry as well as holding a number of geological explorations. Few examples included the discovery of the Yates Field in Texas, which resulted to the birth of Ohio-Mexico Oil Company. When the company acquired Transcontinental Oil Company, Ohio had then created “Marathon” as a brand name and in 1962 the conglomerate became “Marathon Oil Company” completely.

Today, Marathon Oil conducts oil and natural gas explorations in Europe, Africa, and Middle East besides in North America. It also expanded into three business segments namely North America Exploration and Production, International E & P, and Oil Sands Mining. The company remains environmentally conscious and ethical with their activities in the said areas in its efforts to secure a healthy and safe work environment.

Employment at Marathon Oil

Marathon Oil ensures that all employees will have a great working experience with them by providing them a winning culture, encouraged collaboration among colleagues, and the tools and resources they need to succeed. If you are the type of person who gets bored easily with customary jobs, Marathon Oil may serve as a breath of fresh air as it constantly puts its employees through challenges.

Marathon prides itself in having skilled, tech-savvy and responsible oil and gas leaders and team members on their roster. Each member is encouraged to express their ideas and the intended recipient is sure to listen because for them it’s key to a long-lasting professional relationship. Once the employee is ripe for career advancement, he or she is going to be provided with the necessary tools and equipment to fulfill it.

To back up this claim, a former Gas Plant Operator/Mechanic wrote a review about Marathon Oil on a career review site;

“I started out working in the maintenance with the mechanics. I learned how to work on all types of pumps and compressors. Anything from minor to major repairs. Good fair management at the plant I work with. There was all kinds of job opportunities there. I have been gone for quite a few years and still miss the people I work with. Hardest part of the job was the heat in the summer time.” |via

Minimum Job Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • An accomplished Marathon application
  • Must possess a high school diploma
  • Must be willing to work in a shifting schedule

Operation Hours

  • 24/7

Available Job Openings

On the website, the available careers at Marathon are as follows:

  • Legal Officer
  • Litigation Paralegal Officer
  • SAP MM & PM Functional Analyst Job
  • SAP FI Business Analyst
  • Offshore Operator
  • Maintenance Support Superintendent
  • Measurement Technician
  • Engineering Technician College Learner
  • University Recruiting and Relations
  • Petrotechnical IT Specialist
  • Records and Info Supervisor

Click here to read the job descriptions.

If these jobs don’t spark an interest in you, you might as well drop by at the nearest Marathon Oil and ask for an available position at the store. You could work as a gas station attendant, technician, mechanic, store manager, cashier, etc. For example, applicants for gas station attendant position can just hand over their form to the store manager and expect to be interviewed right away, if there’s an urgent vacant position.

Job Application Tips

At Marathon Oil, applicants are to undergo a series of one-on-one interviews. The initial screening may be done via phone call and then short-listed applications may be invited to sit for a panel or one-on-one screening, particularly for advanced roles. Entry-level applicants may get a job offer on the spot, so it is important to know what kind of response you shall give when that happens.

The interview questions typically focus on your educational attainment, personal information and work experience (if any). If you are going to work at the store, it is extremely important to highlight your social skills during the interview by displaying your pleasing personality (i.e. making eye contact, being courteous when giving responses, articulate in expressing yourself, etc.).

Below are some examples of potential interview questions:

  • How do you see yourself after ten years with Marathon?
  • Can you do multitasking? Can you work with grace under pressure?
  • What are your thoughts about nature conservation?
  • Why do you want to join us?

Direct Competitors

If you want to work for an oil and gas distributor that supports car racing events, Sunoco could be the best way to go. But if you are the type of person who always dream big, why not try your luck with Shell, one of the world’s largest petrochemical product manufacturers. Either of these companies, you will surely have a good start with your career.

Employee Benefits

In order to guarantee longevity in Marathon Oil, the company provides comprehensive employee benefits and compensation packages for regular employees while basic packages may be offered to part-time members.

  • Competitive salary package
  • Health coverage
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Paid time-off
  • Thrift plan
  • Retirement plan

Other insurance and assistance programs

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