Randstad Employment Job Application

Randstad LogoRandstad is a global chain of human resource consulting firms with a worldwide presence with 4,587 branches in over 39 countries around the world. Through its business, the consulting firm deploys around 567,700 employees to other companies each day.

At the same, Randstad is also looking for employees to fill its in-house teams. Randstad is open for first time job seekers and working professionals looking to find employment in one of the world’s leading consulting firms.

Read on as we discuss how you can make the most out of your Randstad application.

About Randstad Holding

Randstad Holding is a Dutch chain of human resource consulting firms with a multinational presence. It is known globally as the second largest HR service provider, second only to Adecco.

It was founded in 1960 by Frits Goldschmeding and Ger Daleboudt, who were both economics students at the VU University Amsterdam. The firm, which was called Uitzendbureau Amstelveen, initially catered to banks, the health sector, and the insurance industry.

They later changed to Randstad, thinking that their total reach was the Randstad area between Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam. Its first international market was in Brussels in 1965.

The concept of temporary work was not accepted in the 70’s, with groups claiming that temporary workers didn’t enjoy rights and possibly earned more than permanent workers. Randstad argued that they were finding jobs for people who are not active in the labor market.

Despite that, the temporary workforce flourished, and so did Randstad. It began its international expansion when multinational companies preferred to transact with one company for their temp needs around the world.

Its dreams of opening in the US was realized in 1993 when they bought TempForce, a small temporary staffing agency with 12 offices in Atlanta. By 1994, it had 32 US branches that deployed over 5,500 workers every day.

Today, it operates 4,587 branches in 39 countries around the world. The company has around 28,030 in-house employees globally, and it deploys an average of 567,700 employees each day to other companies around the world.

Randstad Holding provides human resource services for both temporary and permanent jobs for professionals and senior managers to those who consult with them. Normally, the consulting firm works as a ‘unit structure,’ where two consultants manage and assist clients in selecting candidates.

The company uses the following factors in ensuring company growth: the importance of employee flexibility, flexibility in workplace regulation, the western world’s aging population, and the delivery of human resource assistance by a single supplier.

Its main headquarters are located in Diemen, Netherlands.

Apply to Randstad Online

Apply on the careers page of their official website. The Randstad careers page will give the user the opportunity to read about the top executives and view the consulting firm’s worldwide operations.

To search for a job at Randstad, you may begin by typing a job title or keyword and selecting from the affiliate companies. You may also select the country you wish to apply in.

Once you have selected the job title, company, and country, the related job searches will appear on the new page. You may choose from the search results or refine your search on the left-side column of the page.

After you have found the Randstad job that suits your preference and qualifications, you may click it to read the position type (temporary or permanent), market sector, and location. You may also read the job summary, responsibilities, and required education, experience, and skills.

You may click ‘Return to Previous Job” or “Apply for this Job” if you wish to start. If you match the qualifications needed, the recruiting team will contact you to start your interview immediately.

Working at Randstad Holding

Randstad Holding recognizes that its people are the company’s greatest strength, with “best people” as one of its core building blocks to its success. Because of this, the company is dedicated to making sure that its employees have the best working environment, opportunities, support, and training so they can reach their full potential.

To this day, the consultancy continues to live by and adhere to its core values established early on: to strive for perfection, to know, serve and trust, and to simultaneously promote everyone’s interest.

Every year, Randstad Holding holds its global employee engagement survey that measures satisfaction, pride, intention to stay, and likelihood to recommend. The survey aims to understand how to better engage and retain employees.

The company prides itself for being an equal opportunity employer, hiring qualified applicants without regard to  race, color, sex, national origin, religion, veteran status, or disability.

Minimum Age for Employment at Randstad Holding

The minimum age for a career at Randstad Holding is 18. If you are aged 18 or above, looking for a great career filled with growth and success, and have a high motivation to learn, start applying by going to the careers page of the official website.

Hours of Operation at Randstad Holding

Standard operating hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Mondays to Fridays and closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Direct Competitors

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Available Randstad Career Opportunities

The company is often in need of associates to fill the many job openings available at its branches worldwide. The consulting firm needs to fill its numerous global branches and meet the needs of its many clients.

Job positions are open to dedicated employees who are looking for part-time and full-time jobs for entry-level positions and managerial positions. Randstad is a popular choice for job seekers because of its good pay, flexible scheduling options, paid training opportunities, and chances for professional growth.

The company is also open to individuals who want to be part of their growing team. The consulting firm is in need of individuals who are willing to learn and develop new skills.

Randstad favors friendly, helpful and courteous individuals who can help contribute to the firm’s goals and strengthen its core values.

If you believe that you are perfect for the openings below, go to the careers page of the official website and start applying today!

  • Account Clerk
  • Account Service Representative
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Assessment Center Specialist
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Branch Manager
  • HR Analyst

Randstad Job Descriptions

The company is open for a variety of positions that need to be filled worldwide. Below are the descriptions of positions open for hiring:

Account Clerk – clerks are in charge of keeping financial records up to date and assisting in preparing accounts. Ideal account clerks are those who have excellent organizational skills, know how to operate a computer, and who enjoy working with numbers.

Account Service Representative – account service representatives perform administrative duties, solve account issues, and ensure that accounts are carried out efficiently and accurately.

Administrative Assistant – administrative assistants provide administrative and clerical services to superiors to ensure effective and efficient operations.

Branch Manager – branch managers oversee store tasks and store operations. Some management tasks are: hire and train new employees, divide work, and liaise with Randstad corporate offices.

Randstad Application and Interview Tips

Randstad Holding is a global consultancy firm that operates in, operating 4,587 branches in 39 countries around the world. The company has around 28,030 in-house employees globally, and it deploys an average of 567,700 employees each day to other companies around the world.

Because of this, the consulting firm must hire highly skilled and dedicated staff members to fill its many branches. Those looking to explore Randstad career opportunities may begin by submitting their resumes on the Randstad careers page and waiting for an interview schedule.

When filling out a Randstad online employment form or submitting a resume in person, it is advisable to submit an updated and accurate resume to let the firm know your qualifications and see if you can be hired.

If you are qualified for the position you are applying for, the recruiting team will contact you and schedule an interview. The normal interview process will entail several face to face interviews with branch managers and other hiring managers.

Your interview will be your chance to show how serious you are with your Randstad candidacy. Let your interviewer know that you are eager to work for the consulting firm and would like to contribute to its success.

Before you show up for your interview, it is ideal to prepare by doing research and familiarizing yourself with its history, its services, and how it’s different from other consulting firms. Being familiar with Randstad Holding as a company will help you answer questions and impress your interviewer.

The interview will begin by asking you about your personal details, employment history, educational background, related skills and qualifications, and flexibility of schedule. You will also be asked common interview questions, such as:

  • What are you most excited about for coming to work for Randstad Holding?
  • What can you bring to Randstad Holding?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to help others find work?
  • Can you answer phones and continue to successfully multitask in a fast-paced environment?

If you are applying for a Randstad Holding entry-level job like account clerk and account service representative, you will also be asked office-centered behavioral questions. These will be used to study your reaction to some of the most common situations that happen:

  • What would you do if a machine breaks while you are using it?
  • Can you describe a time when you went above and beyond to please a superior?
  • What do you do if you come into work with a bad mood?
  • What would you do if you are involved in a fight with a officemate?
  • How would you handle conflict with a manager?

The consulting firm also provides employment to other companies and markets. If you are looking to be placed by Randstad Holding into another company, you may also send your employment form on the careers page of the official website and searching for available job openings.

Randstad candidates who are seeking to be placed elsewhere will have to take employment and skills test to measure suitability in the position applying for before going into consultations with staff.

During your interview, be friendly, energetic, and cheerful. If you have prior experience in working in offices, talk about past experiences where you handled office challenges, met and exceeded goals, and dealt with office mates and managers.

Mention that you are passionate and a team player, and that you can work under pressure and with minimal supervision. Interviewers like those who are dedicated to learn and be a part of a team.

To impress your Randstad Holding interviewer, you should be calm and confident, yet still polite and respectful. Being calm and cheerful would make your interviewer think you are easygoing and can work even during busy days.

After your interview, make sure to thank your interviewer for taking the time to see you. Here, you can mention again how excited you are to work with the team.

Benefits of Working at Randstad Holding

On top of a competitive base pay, flexible scheduling, and career advancement opportunities, those who pass their Randstad interview also gets access to an attractive range of benefits. While these benefits depend on the position, location and/or region, the company is dedicated to making sure their associates are well-compensated:

  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • 401(k) retirement plans

Start applying to Randstad  today to enjoy these wide range of benefits.

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