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Red Robin LogoRed Robin is a company to work for if you love making people smile by serving them warm, meaty burgers. You don’t need to be as passionate as Sponge Bob when it comes to his burger patties, but you must know how to have fun while working for Red Robin.

One of the company’s keys to success is its four core values: Integrity, Fun, Honor and seeking knowledge. If you think you fit the initial criteria, there is no reason why you should pursue your Red Robin Application.

This article will serve as a guide to your future employment at Red Robin. Information featured includes company history, salary, and online employment forms and employee benefits.

Red Robin Guide to Applying

Red Robin has an up and running career website where you can keep yourself updated with the latest job updates. The company got no talent network yet that you can use to stay in touch with them career-wise.

Upon visiting the career website, you must fill out the Red Robin employment form with your personal information, contact info, resume and comments.

The hiring process at Red Robin is fairly simple as compared to other companies where you will have to click on many links. Complete the online employment form and wait for the company’s response within 3 business days.

For managerial positions, applicants are requested to submit their resume here. The available jobs are either part-time or full-time.

To find the nearest Red Robin from your area of residence, you can make use of the company’s store locator. You may opt to drop by at a Red Robin restaurant to apply walk-in, wait for the manager and get interviewed on the spot. Click here to find a RR branch nearby.

About Red Robin

Officially named as Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, the company was established in 1969 in Seattle. The original location of the restaurant was an old building, where Sam’s Tavern was nestled.

Sam was the first owner of the tavern-converted restaurant where university students would usually gather in. Sam got the restaurant’s name from his favorite song Red Robin, which later on he called it as Sam’s Red Robin.

Another Seattle native entrepreneur, Gerry Kingen, bought Sam’s Red Robin to expand and re-develop it. Apparently he omitted the first word in the restaurant name and has been called Red Robin since 1969. It operated as a tavern for a couple of years because university students from UW would come in every now and then.

Kingen just introduced new food on the menu to include a variety of hamburgers. This improvement paved the way to the unstoppable growth and popularity of Red Robin in Seattle. A few years ater, he decided to make it a franchise company to be available for entrepreneurs.

Today, Red Robin has over 450 restaurants in different American states. The company has gone a long way to get to the top of its game, and yet it continues to achieve more milestones in their company history.

With such great business development, expect to see a wide array of Red Robin job opportunities. You can select from in-store, retail to corporate positions that are available right now.

Click here to read more about Red Robin.

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Employment at Red Robin

Red Robin has over five decades of burger and merry making tradition. It started as a tavern for University of Washington students and young professionals; thus, the vibrant spirit has always been there in the atmosphere of every restaurant.

The company trains their employees to embody the core values that have been stated above. They are expected to become better people for the customers, management and the community.

Red Robin prides on having a rock solid foundation that is the key to their success. Foundation could mean many things, but it surely involves the long-term relationship the company builds with its employees.

At Red Robin, you will learn the value of team effort, efficiency and going for the extra mile in business without the need to sacrifice fun in the work environment. If you think you can manage to do that, now is the time to apply to your local Red Robin.

Community Involvement

Red Robin supports several fundraising events in its neighborhood in Colorado. The corporate employees are an active member of the community where they can participate to building houses, public establishments and other things that will be done for a meaningful cause.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • At least 16 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Red Robin employment form
  • Flexible work schedule

Working Hours

The hours of operation of Red Robin restaurants may vary depending on location and occasion. Generally speaking, the restaurants are open on the following days:

  • Monday to Wednesday – 10AM to 9PM
  • Thursday to Friday – 10AM to 10PM
  • Saturday – 9AM to 10PM
  • Sunday – 11AM to 7PM

It is this irregular work schedule why servers and in-store employees must be willing to work in a shifting schedule. You must also be willing to extend a few minutes to wait for your replacement.

Direct Competitors

Having fun is half of the experience when working for a place like Red Robin. Sure, you’re serving great food, but if you’re surrounded by boring and lifeless people, then what’s the point. You can that at home anytime you want. Sorry, low blow. Why don’t you try apply to a few more places that value atmosphere just as much as great food? Ruby Tuesday for example, also serves their own brand of burgers in a nice quaint setting. TGI Fridays brings the head with a bumping mood every day of the week. Try Chili’s to serve a variety of foods, and take advantage of their easy checkout service, making your job easier and getting you tips quicker! 

Employment Opportunities at Red Robin

With a range of employment opportunities from entry-level, mid-level to upper-level positions, you can find a job that matches your interest and experience. You can work either at the company’s restaurants, regional or corporate offices, depending on the job category that you are applying for.

Currently, Red Robin welcomes candidates who are looking for restaurant hourly and management positions. Refer to the list of Red Robin jobs with description below:

Restaurant Hourly Positions

  • Server – Servers guide the customers to have a satisfactory dining experience. They are expected to greet every customer with a sweet smile and warm hospitality. Servers must also make sure that the tables are clean and arranged properly before making suggestions to the customers.
  • Bartender – This role will require some bartender knowledge and skills from the applicant. Bartenders need to have mastery of Red Robin cocktail recipe book and use it when preparing for various drinks. Included also in the responsibility is to make sure that there is enough stock of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the shelves.
  • Line Cook – Line cooks are required to master the unique Red Robin styles of preparing the food. A few examples that you must familiarize yourself with include broiling, sautéing, frying, cooking and cutting. Line cooks must be fast enough to prepare the food order on time.
  • Host/hostess – The front face of the restaurant, as host/hostess will be the first ones to greet every approaching guest. The host will interact with the guest while waiting for the table to be prepared, and make sure that the guest will have a good time at the restaurant.

Managerial Positions

  • General Manager – Responsible for the overall operations of the restaurant. The GM is the initiator of success by directing, inspiring and motivating his team members. You are the backbone of the company’s franchise Red Robin’s in your designated area. You will also work closely with the district and regional managers.
  • Assistant General Manager – The job responsibility is focused on building long-term and solid relationships with the customers and restaurant staff. This way, it can help the company’s goal to increase sales and profit while securing customer loyalty. You will be in-charge of the restaurant whenever the general manager is out of work.
  • Kitchen Manager – Must make sure that the company standards for food preparation and quality are met by the kitchen crew members. You will also be in charge in taking care of the kitchen tools, utensils and equipment, to ensure that they are all in premium condition.
  • Restaurant Manager- Responsible for overseeing the performance of the hourly restaurant staff. Strong management skills are expected and can handle pressure with such grace. It is important for the restaurant manager to be enthusiastic about the products and services that Red Robin offers.

Red Robin Application Tips and Hiring Process

By applying online, your information can be processed immediately. The recruiter will contact you after a couple of days to invite you for an interview with the restaurant’s general manager or with any high-ranking team member.

You may get a job contract on the spot, especially if you are just applying for a restaurant hourly position.

Also, it would be a great advantage if there is less competition in your local job market, as there is a high chance that your information can be processed within a week. In some cases, you can be done via phone

Basic Interview Questions

  • Why do you intend to work with us?
  • Do you have relevant work experience? How did it go?
  • How do you handle guests that are hard to deal with?
  • Are you willing to work on weekends?
  • What can you say about food menu?

Interview Tips

Wear formal business attire and flash your sweetest smile in front of the interviewer. To work in the food service industry, it is a given requirement to have an approachable, pleasing personality. So, work out those facial muscles of yours by smiling and making eye contact with the interviewer.

It is also important to display an attitude that is team oriented. This way, the interviewer will have an impression of the fact that you are easy to get along with, which is very important in Red Robin.

You must know how to have fun with different people alongside your team members. This could also mean that you should have high tolerance level against stress and pressure from work. So, during the interview, make sure to keep your composure level and your mind focused.

Salary Information

Red Robin salary may vary depending on the position, expertise, geographical location and educational background.

Hourly Positions

  • Waitress – $5 to $6
  • Line cook – $9
  • Host/hostess – $8
  • Busboy – $6
  • Bartender – $4 to $5
  • Server – $5
  • Mid-Manager – $13

Full Salaried Positions

  • General Manager – $59,200
  • Assistant General Manager – $51,773
  • Kitchen Manager – $46,500
  • Assistant Manager – $43,791

Employee Benefits

Every committed team member is provided with benefits and salary packages designed to help them establish financial stability, career advancement and good health.

The company’s comprehensive employee benefits may be a deciding factor to your employment as to whether the employer has the resources to meet your demands or not.

Red Robin benefit program is a token of gratitude to all employees’ hard work and life-long commitment. Included in the list below is a summary of the benefit plans available for team members and their dependents.

  • Dental – Delta dental of Colorado Base and Enhanced plan
  • Medical prescription drugs – United Health Care base and enhanced plan, Express scripts prescription drug coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Discounts on Red Robin meal
  • Business travel accident coverage
  • Disability coverage – short and long-term
  • Employee assistance program
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Flexible spending account
  • Paid vacation
  • Tuition fee assistance – scholarship grant programs

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