The Top 4 Industries Where Millennials Want to Work

Millennials are the generation born between 1980 and 1995. This group composes the future of the American workforce. They are the ones filling in the shoes left vacant by retiring Baby Boomers.

Companies are striving (or struggling) to understand the attitudes, interests, work ethic, needs and wants of this revolutionary and success-oriented group of individuals.

There are a few areas that millennials seem to be most interested in applying their innovative ideas and spirit of teamwork.


Check them out below. You may be thinking about getting into one of these industries yourself. Be prepared to work alongside plenty of young, eager, high-spirited overachievers!

We’ve listed the top four industries where Millennials want to work. They are:

1. Health

The need for healthcare workers will never die. There will always be sickness. There will always be injuries. There will always be a need for regular checkups.

That’s just a part of being human.

So the fact that Millennials are on board to populate this industry is good news for us all. Millennials are known to be more compassionate and caring about the livelihood of our diverse worldwide population.

We owe that fact to the Internet and its ability to keep the world connected. Millennials are the first generation raised with Internet as a mainstream luxury. This generation has a broader sense of humanity.

That’s perfect… because accidents and injuries don’t discriminate.

2. Business

This one is a no-brainer.

Millennials were raised in an era of American history where it was easy to acquire business loans. In fact, many of their parents were small business owners themselves. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

It’s a good thing so many young adults are planning out a career path in business and entrepreneurship. The business world is still in dire need of diversity and equality. Millennials are well known to be advocates for human rights and very vocal against the violation of those rights.

In addition to being more fair than generations past, Millennials tend to also be more creative and resourceful. Those are two traits that will take any business person a long way.

There’s no shortage of amazing business ideas among Millennials.

As future leaders in the business world, good things are bound to come from their new ways of thinking and transacting.

3. Media & Entertainment

You’ve probably heard older people talk about how the younger generation is so into the television and their loud music.

Well, that goes for careers too.

Television played a big part in the upbringing of Millennials. Shows like MTV’s TRL or BET’s 106 & Park bred a large amount of Millennials who want nothing more than to pursue a career in the fabulous world of entertainment and media.

These days entertainment and media involve much more than just radio and TV. A career in entertainment and media could easily involve

  • style blogging
  • recording YouTube episodes
  • live tweeting from concerts and award shows
  • and much more!

The Internet added a whole new extension to the media’s number of outlets.

Publicists work in media and entertainment. Gossip reporters do too. So do musicians. And music producers!

This career field spans a large number of positions that make the media and entertainment world go ‘round. If you’re interested, you start working on ways to impress your next boss now before Millennials saturate the job market.

4. Science & Technology

We are living in times where science and technology is arguably more important than at any other point in human history.

Machines, computers and software apps rule most aspects of our lives. That means we need a lot of brilliant individuals to keep our computers and apps functioning at our convenience.

Millennials are racing into positions within the science and technology industry.

Not only because the work is cool and clearly beneficial in “the real world.” So many young adults are speeding into a career in this science and technology because of the relaxed work atmosphere.

Excluding lab scientists, many people in the tech industry enjoy having no dress code and bringing in their pets to the office. Company culture is just as important as the job itself for many Millennials.

It’s a well-known fact that companies like Apple and Google make their employees feel more like a family of innovators than employees.

Millennials compete tooth and nail for positions with both of those companies.

The icing on the cake is that many positions in science and technology pay much larger starting salaries than entry level jobs in other industries.

That’s tempting for science and tech lovers of any age. So of course, the a large percentage of the generation raised with technological advances being the norm wants to pursue a career in it.

Which of these industries strike your interest most? Go ahead and start looking more into it. At the rate Millennials are graduating from college and entering the workforce, the competition is only going to become more stiff.

Get in where you fit in.

If you are a Millennial, what industry are you most interested in?

Help us build on this list for Millennials who are still unsure about where their talent will find a work home to grow and expand.

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