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In the age of email and the internet, you might find it amazing that delivering letters and packages through regular mail still carries a significant importance. If you are looking to begin a career working for the leading global mail delivery system in the country, then a job at the United States Postal Service might just pique your interest.

For more than 40 years, the company has been delivering on its promise to preserve the organization’s integrity by making sure that all packages reach their destination safely and securely. Fill out your USPS application today and take the first step towards a career with one of the few government agencies to have explicit authorization by the United States Constitution.

Applying for a Job Online

A long and rewarding career with the country’s leading global mail delivery company starts with a filled out USPS employment form. Log on the company’s official website and complete the form there.

From the homepage, go to the bottom and click the “Careers” link. Doing so will take you to a new page where you can find information about the company culture, employee benefits, and more. You can also use this page to search for current job openings.

You will need to create your own user profile with a valid email address in order to continue. Creating your own user profile makes it easier for you in case you need to come back and apply for a different position.

Once you find a job listing that interests you, click the “Apply” button. Complete the online employment form provided on the website and submit it upon completion. Within a few days, you will be contacted by one of the company’s recruitment officers regarding your interview schedule.

To search for current job openings in the company, click this link.

Status of Submission

It could take a few days for the recruitment office to review your application. If you have not been contacted by a recruitment officer, you can check the status of your employment submission online by logging back in to the user profile that you created.

About the Company

The USPS actually traces its origins to the Second Continental Congress in 1775, when Benjamin Franklin became the first postmaster general. He led the Post Office Department, which was created as part of the executive branch of the federal government in 1792.

The postal system played a major role in the nation’s expansion. Letters from the early settlers not only provided information and encouragement that led to increased migration to the Western United States, but also helped scattered families stay connected.

Early businesses also benefitted from the development of the postal system. Merchants and shop owners were able to establish and maintain regular commercial relationships with the wholesalers and retailers from the eastern region of the country.

The postal service also helped the US Army in its goal of expanding control over the western territories. In 1918, the Post Office Department took over airmail service from the US Army Air Service, thus bolstering its ability to deliver mail to different parts of the country in a shorter span of time.

The Post Office Department was revamped in 1971 under the Postal Reorganization Act. The transformation resulted in the form that the organization is known today.

With more than 600,000 employees working on ensuring the safe delivery of mail and packages, the USPS has become one of the largest civilian employers. Very few organizations such as Wal-Mart or the federal government have that many employees.

The USPS today also operates the largest fleet of civilian vehicles in the world. It is estimated that the company uses around 215,000 delivery trucks and carrier route vehicles all year round.

Employment opportunities are plentiful at the USPS. With over 31,000 post offices and locations in the United States delivering more than 200 billion pieces of mail each year, qualified job seekers can be assured that they will have plenty of career options to consider.

Employment at the USPS

Considering the importance of the organization in furthering the nation’s economy, working at the USPS can be a truly rewarding and gratifying experience. The management is always on the lookout for individuals who exude integrity and leadership potential i order to continue their tradition of providing excellent operational performance.

The organization also maintains open communications between its employees and the management team. This leadership accessibility ensures that employees are able to fully understand their roles, as well as the level of performance that is expected of them.

Working for the company can also be rewarding in the sense that USPS employees are given a number of benefits on top of a fairly competitive salary. There are also plenty of career advancement opportunities that are available to exceptional employees who display leadership potential. Should you get hired for a job in the organization, you can expect to be in the company of only the best people in the industry.

Submit your USPS application as soon as you can in order to have a chance at starting a career with one of the most diverse civilian employers in the United States today.

Current Job Openings at USPS

Because of the sheer size and scope of the organization, there will always be a job that best suits your skills and qualifications. Whether you are looking to land your first job, or start a new career with one of the most reputable organizations in the country, a job at USPS could be your ticket to success.

Applicants who are looking for part time and full time careers can qualify for a number of positions. Some of the positions in the company that you can apply for are jobs as office clerks, city carrier assistants and mail handlers.

If you get hired as an office clerk, you will carry a supervisory role, managing fleets of carriers and organizing mail distribution and dispatches. Other responsibilities include providing window services, maintain files and records, and train new employees.

In order to be considered for the position of office clerk, you must first pass a qualifying exam. Office clerks typically make an average of $12 an hour, with pay rate increase opportunities available with experience.

Should you be considered for the position of city carrier assistant, your most important duty will be to deliver mail by foot or by vehicle under any type of weather condition. You will also need to be able to organize mail for efficient delivery, handle undeliverable mail accordingly, and use portable electronic scanners.

As with the office clerk position, you also need to pass a qualifying exam before you can be considered for the position of city carrier assistant. If you get the job, you can make around $15 an hour.

Another career opportunity that you might want to consider is the position of mail handler. As mail handler, you will be in charge of loading, unloading, and organizing mail and packages at the post office. Other tasks include cancelling stamps on parcel posts, repackaging damaged parcels, and operating copy machines.

Mail handlers are typically hired on a temporary basis, although they do have opportunities to qualify for full time employment. If you get hired for the mail handler position, you can earn an average of $14 per hour.

To see a list of other positions in the company that you can apply for, click here.

Direct Competitors

In order to make an educated decision on whether you want to start a career with any company or not, you can take a look at its competitors and see what they can offer you. UPS, for instance, has grown to become one of the leaders in logistics and parcel delivery services.

Another direct competitor to the USPS is FedEx, which is one of the fastest growing express mail delivery service providers in the world today. Both companies are just as capable of providing you with rewarding career opportunities.

Job Application Tips

There are always plenty of qualified hopefuls who wish to start their careers with USPS, which is why it is important that you value any opportunity that is given to you by the organization. If you have already been scheduled for an interview, make sure you arrive early and display professionalism.

When answer the questions posed by the the interviewer, always deliver your response as honestly and as confidently as you can. It helps if you maintain eye contact while answering the interviewer’s questions. The confidence you display can give the interviewer a positive impression of you, which increases the chances of you getting the job.

Most of the questions asked during the interview are focused on job responsibilities and codes of conduct. Some of the commonly asked questions include:

  • “How do you work around office conflicts?”
  • “Can you adjust to and work under varying weather conditions?”
  • “How soon will you be able to start working?”
  • “Why is delivering mail important to you?”

After you pass the interview, you will be assigned to a post office location or a department depending on the position that you applied for. In a few weeks, you could be on your way to your first day of work at the USPS.

Employee Benefits

Working with one of the largest mail delivery systems in the country does have its perks. Aside from a lucrative salary, employees of the organization can qualify for benefits such as:

  • health insurance
  • life insurance
  • flexible spending accounts
  • holidays
  • paid time off
  • thrift savings plan
  • retirement benefits

Whatever position you apply for, you can be assured that the USPS knows how to take care of its people. As far as that commitment is concerned, you can count on the organization to deliver.

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