15 Things Recruiters Won’t Share With You

Whether you will admit it or not, it’s the recruiters who can really help you land that dream job. If they didn’t take time to fully evaluate your resume, make all the necessary phone calls, or schedule you for that initial interview, would you even be enjoying that job position you’re in right now?

These recruiters and head hunters play an integral part in the entire job application process of placing potential candidates into the right fit for companies, local and abroad. However, while they still provide helpful tips, advice, and guidelines that may come in handy for prospective job seekers, there are some things that they just won’t share with you.


They are trained, unofficially, to say only the positive things — painting an optimistic picture of things that sound good, and they tend to leave out the truth when it’s bad news. Recruiters won’t share with you what you’re doing wrong during the entire application process because they don’t want to burn bridges.

What Recruiters Won’t Tell You

We wanted to take the time out to shed some light on the misguided truth with recruiters. We spoke with a handful of former recruiters that have shared with us the notions and aspects of the employment process that recruiters won’t normally tell you.

1. Your interview outfit is way too inappropriate – The moment you walk in the door for that interview schedule, and, hopefully you are arriving at least 10 minutes early, your recruiter will lead you towards the interview room.

As a man, you should never wear any color too bright. Stick with classic colors such as light blue, white and grey. As a woman, you never want to come off as too revealing. What you should be wearing for an interview should NOT be something you would also wear at a club.

There’s a good chance your interviewer will say nothing in regards to your wardrobe choice. Just know that if you are dressing inappropriately for the interview, he will build a negative impression about you.

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2. You’re late and it’s not justifiable – If you arrive any later than 5 minutes prior to your interview — YOU’RE LATE. This would be a serious disadvantage and detrimental to your chances of landing the job.

If you can’t arrive on time for the interview, how can you guarantee that you will arrive on time everyday for work?

3. You lack proper eye contact – Recruiters want their candidates to be confident and concentrated during the interview. If your eyes are looking elsewhere and not properly at the recruiter’s eyes, he or she might lose focus on choosing you as the best candidate. Although this point is pretty self-explanatory and widely known, recruiters fail to remind candidates about how critical eye contact is.

Recruiters Won't Share With You

4. You use highfalutin words (that are not really impressive) – Recruiters appreciate answers that are concise and direct to the point. If you try to use flowery words that don’t get to any meaningful point, they will be lost and think that you’re wasting their time. Short and sweet will always take the cake.

5. You don’t seem to know what you’re talking about – They might not know everything, but they will definitely know it if you’re trying to make up things without any realistic basis. If you’re not familiar with a particular topic or question, just tell your recruiter that you have no idea. He or she will greatly appreciate the honesty rather than beating around the bush. Again, this is another critical aspect that is often not covered by the recruiter prior to the interview.

6. You appear over confident, self-centered or arrogant – Yes, we sell ourselves and our abilities during job interviews. However, there’s a fine line between being confident and being arrogant. Remember that recruiters look for desirable employees who will not only fit the qualifications for the job position they are trying to fill in, but someone who can fit in the culture and working environment of the company they’re recruiting for.

7. You lack self-confidence – Yes, they also notice if you are not confident about yourself and your competencies. Take note that recruiters are the first in line whom you need to sell yourself to. Before you get that dream job, you have to convince them why you deserve to.

8. Lack of preparation for this interview. Why? – Recruiters always prepare for their interviews and meetings with potential candidates, and they want the other party to do the same. If you are not well-prepared to answer even just the basic questions in an interview, no matter how early you arrive or how properly dressed you are, your recruiter will probably change their mind about giving you a call back.

9. You have poor grammar – Recruiters and interviewers will definitely notice every time you make a grammar slip-up. Don’t ruin an entire application process by making a simple grammar mistake. Such a minor mistake can sometimes go unnoticed.

10. You are too distracted and unfocused – Your interviewer will notice this through non-verbal actions that you voluntarily or involuntarily communicate with him, such as rolling your eyes, looking at your watch every 5 minutes, or staring blankly at a certain point. Avoid this by focusing your heart and mind to the interviewer and reciprocate with an educated response.

11. You are not THAT interested with the job – Trust me, if you aren’t really interested in the position, your demeanor will show it. If you question the discussion about the job role and description, chances are you recruiter will see it as a red alarm. Show interest by politely engaging with the interviewer asking interesting questions about the job that you are applying for.

12. You are lying or making up stories – Regardless of how slick or sly you think you are when it comes to stretching the truth, recruiters have a way of identifying it. Lack of consistency and lack of confidence in your tone of voice will give you away. Just tell the truth, even if you don’t know the answer.

13. You are afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone – If there is one specific characteristic that recruiters usually look for in a candidate, its their ability to adapt to change as quickly as they can. If they notice that you are comfortable only with what you previously knew and experienced, this is a major flaw in your impression.

14. You lack commitment and loyalty – One way to spot this negative trait is when an employee jumps from one job to another in a span of only a few months. Companies love employees who are loyal to them, who will stick with them no matter what happens. If you’re the type of person who is afraid of commitment, this might affect your success rate.

15. You are not a team player – There’s nothing wrong in working alone. It actually shows independence. But being able to work synergistically with your coworkers and collaborate with them are important factors in team building. Strive to be a team player, even if you’re used to working by yourself.

Avoiding the Silent Feedback from Recruiters

What other people’s opinion of you is something you shouldn’t focus too much on. That’s true. But when it comes to achieving goals and realizing your dreams, you want to be flawless and learn from negative criticism from other people, especially recruiters and your future employers.

To avoid the negative feedback from that most recruiters won’t share with you, here are some tips that may come in handy on your next interview.

  • Make a good first impression. This includes the way you dress, introduce yourself, and talk to the interviewer. Make that first impression really impressive.
  • Always, always, always be time-conscious. Keep in mind that your recruiter and other executives who will interview you have a really tight schedule and waiting for you to arrive could be a waste of their precious time. Also, keep your answers short and concise to save time.
  • Prepare for the interview. As they say, never go to a battle without the right weapons. Read the job description of the job you are applying for thoroughly and research about the company. This should give you the right level of confidence that your recruiter is looking for.
  • Be friendly, but don’t overdue it. Recruiters always look for that positive vibe in every candidate. You can bring this to the interview by smiling, giving a firm handshake, and using affirmations.

It All Starts With Yourself

Acing that job interview and getting your dream position are not easy tasks. They require a lot of time, diligent effort, and preparation from your end. Remember, however, that it all starts by establishing an image that you are the best candidate for the job.

The moment you are able prove that you deserve the job, you won’t have to worry about things recruiters won’t share with you. Instead, be ready to discuss better things with them such as your monthly salary and the company benefits that you ought to receive.

What do you find to be the most important aspect Recruiters don’t help you prepare for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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