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7 Eleven LogoAs the world’s largest chain of convenience stores, 7 Eleven has operations round the clock; serving customers in countries like the US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Thailand, and many more. Its focus in providing high-quality products at reasonable prices is what draws in customers from all walks of life.

Founded in 1927, the company continues to grow and expand to other countries. To be part of such a global empire, click on the link to start your 7 Eleven application.

The company provides 7 Eleven job opportunities to dedicated and motivated individuals aged 16 and above. Both entry-level workers and full-time professionals are welcome to send in their job inquiry for a fulfilling and rewarding job at 7 Eleven.

To date, there are more than 50,900 7 Eleven stores situated in 16 countries. Be part of this globally recognized company today to hone your skills in your chosen field.

A job at 7 Eleven is waiting for you! With a global reach of its store chain, 7 Eleven career opportunities are available to suitable candidates. You can start your online form by visiting the 7 Eleven website. On this page, you can narrow your job search depending on your experience– whether as an entry-level worker or a full-time professional.

There is a high demand for entry-level candidates for Sales Associate positions, where you can later grow into an Associate Store Manager. On the other hand, if you already have retail experience, you can enhance your background by getting a job as a full-time professional. The positions under this category vary from corporate, field, and store manager positions.

Once you have identified your work experience, the next step is to filter out the available jobs according to location or job category. You may also browse through the drop-down menu for fitting jobs categorized either through Keywords, Position Title, Location, and Posting Date.

You may also deposit your resume by creating a profile so that you may be contacted for a 7 Eleven job opportunity that should arise in the future.

Create a profile today by clicking here.

Working with the Company

Employment at 7 Eleven does not merely mean a job. Following the idea that to be the best retailer, they should also be the best employer. Because of this, the management ensures that each employee is appreciated and genuinely respected.

As a reward for their loyalty and hard work, the company provides them opportunities to excel and advance in their chosen line of work. With over 20,700 full and part-time employees in the U.S. and Canada alone, it only proves that 7 Eleven values its hard-working talent. By recognizing their skills, they are able to hone a working environment embodied by effective teamwork, selfless service, and great friendships.

With so many positions available at 7 Eleven, you will find that it easy to apply. To be part of this globally recognized company, apply to 7 Eleven online today.

Minimum Age for Employment

As young as 16 years old, you can already apply for one of the available positions offered in any of their global branches. However, you will only be entitled to work a limited set of hours.

Applicants who are at least 18 years old may apply for an entry-level position in the company. With an array of positions available for entry-level and full-time career seekers, it is easy to find a job that best fits your skill-set.

Its regular need to employ motivated individuals is what makes the company the perfect venue to apply to, especially if you are still looking for an entry-level position.

On the other hand, you may also seek employment from the company if you have already gained exposure and experience working in the retail industry. With this, you can step up the career ladder and be on the best spot of your life.

Click here to find out more about the different 7 Eleven jobs that are available, depending on your skill-set.

7 Eleven app form

Hours of Operation

Considering 7 Eleven is open 24 hours a day, 7 times a week in different locations throughout the world, you will be sure to find an available job position that you can work in.

Additionally, you can choose to work in a 7 Eleven location nearest your area. With an entry-level job, you can easily fill in the position depending on the shift that lacks manpower.

On the other hand, full-time career professionals will be assigned to a specific location and a amount of hours to fulfill their duties. You may click on the Find A Job link on the website so you can kickstart your future with a very promising career.

Career Opportunities

Believing in the idea that the best retailer is also the best employer, 7 Eleven opportunities provide highly promising careers in the retail industry. With entry-level jobs dedicated to providing quality service to customers, the company ensures that each employee gets the training they need to fulfill their duties.

By way of mentoring and constructive guidance, 7 Eleven is able to hone the skills of each employee so they may later lead a team of their own. Those with the experience, however, may choose to go for one of the full-time career professional positions available. This requires a amount of work experience and a different age minimum.

Applying for a job at 7 Eleven can be done with just a few clicks on your computer. Here are some of the positions that you may apply to from the company:

Sales Associates 7 Eleven Jobs – Also referred to as store clerks, 7 Eleven offers employment to individuals with a minimum age of 16 years old.

Management 7 Eleven Jobs – Depending on your work experience, you may get a job as either of the following:

  • Shift Lead
  • Store Manager
  • District Manager

Corporate 7 Eleven Jobs – As a globally recognized organization, there are plenty of other career opportunities available at 7 Eleven. If you are seeking employment in one of their corporate offices, you may apply as a:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Maintenance Technician
  • HR Specialist
  • Merchandise Support Administrator
  • Field Training Specialist
  • Field Consultant
  • Customer Service Liaison
  • Corporate Manager

Click here to browse through the different job positions and requirements to get started with your online employment form. Depending on your work experience and skill-set, you can easily find a job that best suits you. Click on the ‘Find A Job’ button today to get started with your 7 Eleven online job inquiry.

Employment Information

With its continuous strive to be the best retailer in the world, 7 Eleven ensures that each employee has been trained with the right knowledge and dedication to providing quality customer service to their valued customer base. Its continuous need for both entry-level employees and full-time professionals give every individual an opportunity to be part of this globally recognized company.

To get started, you simply need to complete and submit your accomplished 7 Eleven employment form online. Since this only takes a few minutes to accomplish, you don’t need to spend countless of hours filling out the form on their website. Apply online today so you can be a step closer to finding employment at 7 Eleven.

As soon as forms are received, the dedicated recruitment official will get in touch with potential candidates to schedule an interview, usually within the same week the form was received.

A further detailed guideline for applying for a job at 7 Eleven is mentioned below, as well as the compensation information:

Entry Level Positions

Entry-level positions at 7 Eleven are referred to as sales associates or store clerks. Successful candidates are trained to be effective representatives of the company, in terms of how they deal with customers.

At the same time, they are expected to provide exceptional, efficient, and courteous service to ensure that each customer is satisfied with the level of competency given to them. Apart from being a reliable customer service official, sales associates are required to maintain the daily operations of the branch to ensure that it runs smoothly. Job responsibilities for the position include the following:

  • Ringing customer purchases on electronic cash registers
  • Providing the correct change
  • Merchandise management
  • Lift items of different weights

The minimum requirements for the position include a high school diploma (or equivalent), mathematical ability, effective communication skills, and can work well with a team.

Pay Scale for Entry-Level

Entry-level sales associates at 7 Eleven get paid an hourly rate, usually starting at the minimum wage of $12/hour. However, applicants with another retail experience are entitled to earn a higher hourly rate. Benefits are available for both part-time and full-time employees.

Management Positions

Individuals with years of experience working in retail may join 7 Eleven as a manager. Backed by the global resolve of the company, managers are employed to run a small business. In order to qualify as one, you must possess leadership skills to oversee store operations, inventory management, and employee supervision. Other duties involved in the position include:

  • Create sales plans
  • Create and implement strategies
  • Introduce new products
  • Set a high regard for customer service
  • Recruit, train, and oversee employment process

To qualify for a managerial position at 7 Eleven, the minimum requirements include having a 2-year minimum experience in retail and food service management, high school diploma or equivalent, Bachelor’s degree in a related field, analytical skills, time management and problem solving skills, customer skills, effective communication abilities. You need to be amenable to working on-call and meet physical requirements to perform the job.

Pay Scale for Managerial Jobs

Managers at 7 Eleven can earn a lucrative salary, depending on their experience, knowledge, and time spent working for the company. The annual compensation for such individuals starts at $25,000 and may exceed $100,000; providing they exceed expectations. Managers have a potential to manage multiple stores assigned to them or even be part of the corporate office operations.

Direct Competitors

7 Eleven seems to be everywhere these days, and with over fifty thousand stores across sixteen countries, they might as well be. Finding one of these isn’t an issue and working here is a great experience, especially because your commute will be little to nothing. Consider applying to CVS as well for a larger convenience store set up and a wider variety of products and services. Apply to Circle K as well and work in a well known and established chain of stores. Working for one of these stores is going to provide your customers with fast service and plenty of options. 

Interview Tips

Interested applicants seeking for work at 7 Eleven need to submit their resume and information to the branch they desire to work in. Another option is to send in a job inquiry on their website.

After reviewing, qualified candidates will be contacted by recruitment specialists to schedule a one-on-one interview with the store manager or the franchise owner, usually within the same week. Once there is an urgent need for the position to be filled, the hiring process can be accomplished in a week’s time.

During the interview, applicants for the sales associate position will be asked the following questions:

  1. How would you handle a shoplifter?
  2. How much change will you give a customer who paid a $20 bill for his purchase of $4.59?
  3. What would you do if a colleague would ask you to compromise company regulations?

Make sure to attend your interview on time and dress in a business-casual attire. The interview process normally lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. Once the interview has finished, the manager will spend the remaining time to get to know the applicant and also detail the demands of the job.

Applicants who qualify the criteria set by the manager will be given a job offer and sent to process for drug testing and criminal background checks.

For managerial positions, the interview process is a bit different. Instead of the former, applicants will have to undergo an intensive hiring procedure. The first step is to get in touch with the qualified applicant for a phone interview schedule.

Among the questions that will be asked during this stage include the applicant’s management background, potential workplace scenarios, and customer service abilities. When the call is over, a one-on-one or panel interview will be scheduled.

An applicant that reaches this stage is advised to read up the company’s history and values, retail management standards, and common problems faced by managers in the gas station industry. Some of the questions during this secondary interview stage include:

  1. What do you know about the company?
  2. How would you deal with a highly aggressive customer?
  3. Share an incident you instigated a policy your subordinates did not like. How were you able to manage the situation?

Just like the tips for an entry-level position, you need to answer these questions confidently. Use your previous experience to give you the answers you need in showcasing your competency in the job you applied to. If the interview goes well, you may be given a job offer. However, there are some wherein a six to eight weeks wait is part of the hiring process.


In its effort to become the largest convenience store chain in the world, 7 Eleven believes that it needs to start with its employees. As such, each employee is given an array of benefits to reward them for their hard work and dedication. Apart from enjoying competitive pay rates, employees get paid training programs and potential for career advancement. Apply online today so you cantake advantage of the 7 Eleven employment opportunities.


Full time employees of 7 Eleven and their eligible dependents can enjoy a health program with a co pay system through Aetna. Prescription drug coverage is included in medical coverage as well as a vision plan. Part-time employees are given an affordable basic plan inclusive of a limited prescription drug benefit plan.


Full time employees have a couple of dental options available including a prepaid dental program or a preferred provider organization (PPO). Part-time employees are eligible for an affordable basic dental coverage plan.

401(k)/ Profit Sharing Plan

After one year of employment, 7 Eleven employees are entitled to be part of the profit-sharing/401 (k) plan.


Another benefit given to eligible employees is the Occupational Accident Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. Together with the Basic Term Life Insurance, this comes at no additional cost. An additional coverage comes as an optional Term Life and AD&D for full-time employees and their eligible dependents.

Time Off

Employees at 7 Eleven are entitled to receive paid time off for holidays, vacation, sick time, bereavement, and jury duty.


Full-time employees are offered to use either a short-term disability (STD) or long-term disability (LTD).

Employee Assistance Program

Administered by Aetna, 7 Eleven offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with counseling and referral program to employees. Through this, employees have access to a 24-hour and toll free number to talk to a qualified counselor regarding their legal or financial problems, drug and alcohol dependency, work-related issues, or any other struggles they may go through.

Other Benefits

  • Domestic Partner Benefits – The same-sex domestic partners of full-time employees are eligible for the same health care benefits inclusive of the medical, dental, and vision coverage.
  • Adoption Assistance – As reimbursement for their adoption expenses, full-time employees are entitled to receive up to $2,000.

Facts about the Company

To help, here are a few facts you should know about the company:

  • 7 Eleven is the largest convenience store chain in the world with approximately 53,000 stores situated in 16 countries.
  • The official birthday of the 7 Eleven store chain is on July 11 (7/11). It has been in business for more than 80 years.
  • 7 Eleven has been enlisted as one of Hispanic Magazine’s Corporate 100 for over 15 years, as among the companies providing job employment opportunities to Hispanics.
  • A new 7 Eleven store is added to its roster of worldwide operations every 2.5 hours.
  • The company was the first to operate 24 hours a day, have a self-serve soda fountain, sell freshly brewed coffee in to-go cups, and offer super-size drinks.
  • 7 Eleven is open during Christmas, which is one of the days the convenience chain obtains the biggest sales.

If you’re hoping to be part of a recognized name in the retail industry, browse through the website for some highly rewarding 7 Eleven career opportunities. Send in your 7 Eleven application to get started with your path to a promising future.

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