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Aldi was founded in 1913 in Germany as a limited assortment store. This meant the store carried a very small, lean selection of products and kept its expenses extremely low so that they could charge the lowest possible prices. Known as a “hard discounter”, the company has grown with its customers while maintaining this same philosophy. This article will guide you on how to fill out and submit an Aldi Application.

Current CEO Theo Albrecht Jr. is at the global HQ in Essen, Germany and he reported sales in 2013 was 3.8 billion pounds – an almost 41% increase. The company has more than 7,000 stores in 17 countries and three continents. There are plenty of career opportunities in all the various stores.

In 1960 the company was divided into two distinct companies, which are Aldi North and Aldi South. In Aldi South the self-service idea was introduced to cut costs even more. Chilled and fresh foods were added in 1983 so that yogurt, meat and cheese could be sold in the stores as well.

Apply Online to Aldi

Go to the Career Opportunities page and decide if you want information regarding in-store opportunities or District Manager opportunities. If interested in the in-store jobs, click on the left hand side of the page where it says Store Management and Staff. If interested in District Manager positions click on picture on right hand side.

When you click on the Store Management and Staff link you’ll come to a page that allows you to complete an Aldi online employment form. Across the top of the page you will see these link choices:

About Aldi Manager Trainee Store Manager Store Staff Events How to Apply

Here you can learn about the history and philosophy of Aldi, and about what the store manager and staff does. You can complete the Aldi online employment forms as well. Click on “Manager Trainee” and you will learn what it means to enter into the training program and what your responsibilities would be in this job and what the company offers you. If this appeals to you click on “How to Apply”.

On the next page you will find an Aldi employment form online that you can download and take to the store you would want to work at.

Now click on “Store Staff” and read about what the staff does and what the different positions are under the Store Manager’s leadership. Learn what the responsibilities are in these different Aldi jobs. If you click on “How to Apply” you can once again download the form, complete it and take it to the store you want to work at.

If you go back a page you can also choose District Manager as the career opportunity you are interested in. Here you can see the roles and responsibilities of a District Manager.

What You Should know when Applyin to Aldi Online

As previously mentioned there are several types of career opportunities available. These positions are available in a store or in District Management. There are some things you should know before attempting to complete Aldi online employee forms.

You must be 18 years of age to apply.
Aldi store hours are Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.You need to be able to work flexible hours, love working with people, communicate well, have great customer service skills, and an aptitude for retail work.

If this sounds good to you then go online and print out an employment form to begin your Aldi career.

Aldi App Form

Aldi Career Opportunities and Types of Aldi Jobs

Entry Level and Experienced Store Staff: Store staff is responsible for just about everything in the store. You will be a cashier, a stocker, assist customers in any way you can, and assist your store manager in product merchandising, inventory and store appearance. This role could lead to more advanced Aldi career opportunities. Store staff earn from $22,000 to $25,000 per year. Aldi promotes from within.

Store Shift Manager: As an experienced staff member you can step into the important role of shift manager. This job is to keep the store going at its very best. Your role is to assist your staff, provide outstanding customer service, manage the sales floor, and supervise staff. Aldi promotes from within.

This is a high responsibility role that requires an on the floor manager and can lead to greater career opportunities. Aldi Shift Managers earn about $29,000 to $39,500 per year.

Store Manager: Store Managers are responsible for the entire operation of the store. They supervise and support staff, schedule staff, provide substitutions for sick staff, take inventory, do product merchandising, and provide assurance of outstanding customer service. This Aldi job can lead to even greater opportunity as a District Manager. The position starts at about $56,000 per year. The company promotes from within.

To start, go online and print out the Aldi online employment form.

District Manager: This is a high level management position that requires an entire year of training after which you will be responsible for the overall operations of about five stores including all of the managers and staff at those stores. This job has as many benefits for you as it has responsibilities.

During your year of training you will work in every position in the stores so that you are immersed in the Aldi philosophy and understand every job in-depth. You will be responsible for operations, performance and management of a multimillion dollar grocery store district.

If you have a college degree, ambition, and intensity then this just might be the career opportunity for you. District Managers earn $75,000 a year to start. To apply you must submit a resume and college transcripts.

Direct Competitors

Every grocery store brings its own unique selection and brands to the table, and Aldi is no different. With unique selections and great prices, you’ll have no problems working there. Apply to other grocers as well. Start with Food City, where you’ll find a massive selection in a fast and fun work environment. When you’re done there, apply to Tops, a supermarket that employs over fifteen thousand people. Finally, visit our Vons page to apply to a well known and highly regarded supermarket. With this many choices, you’ll be sure to hear back once you submitted your impressive resume.

Benefits with Aldi Career Opportunities

There is an outstanding package of benefits offered with every level of Aldi career opportunities.
For Store staff, Store Shift Managers, Store Managers all receive these benefits:

  • Leading wages for the retail grocery industry.
  • Health Insurance: Medical/Dental/Vision insurance for all employees who work over 20 hours per week.
  • Paid vacation and 7 paid holidays.
  • 401 k retirement plan.
  • Corporate contribution to the employee retirement plan.
  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance.

For District Managers the benefit package includes:

  • Starting salary during first year of training at $75,000.
  • Company Car.
  • Paid vacation and 7 paid holidays.
  • 401 k retirement plan
  • Corporate contribution to the employee retirement plan.
  • Health Plan: Medical/Dental/Vision/Prescription Coverage
  • Life Insurance
  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Salary year 2 – $85,000
  • Salary year 3 – $92,000
  • Salary year 4 – $100,000
  • International Expatriate Program

To acquire these generous benefits go online and print out an Aldi employment form.

Tips for When You Are Completing an Aldi Application

When compiling the requirements of the Aldi online employment form for District Manager be sure to take your time. Don’t rush through the form, and when compiling your resume and CV packet for District Manager, make sure every requested item is included.

It is vital that you be patient when filing out the forms especially if applying for entry-level positions and not submitting a resume as management candidates might. Don’t leave any blank spaces and if there is a question that you cannot answer explain why you are leaving the space blank.

You might want to consider completing the Aldi online employment form for more than one store location if you are willing to commute to another store rather than apply only to the store closest to you.

When Interviewing for an Aldi Career Opportunity

Here are some tips when interviewing for an Aldi Career Opportunity. These tips are especially helpful when you are applying for an entry-level job.

  • Dress professionally regardless of how the interviewer might be dressed and regardless of where your interview is held – at the store, at an office, or at a restaurant. Do not wear jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, tube tops, flip-flops, boots, shorts, sunglasses.
  • When you meet the interviewer shake hands, and make it a firm handshake. Make eye contact and maintain reasonable eye contact throughout the interview.
  • Be prepared to ask questions as well as answer them. Ask about the company goals or future direction.
  • Send a thank you card after the interview.

Aldi Brief Historical Information

In the United States, the North owns and operates as Trader Joes while the South owns and operates as Aldi. So this article will address only the South and the stores in the United States. Career opportunities in the United States can be reviewed at the Aldi web page here.

Aldi has 1200 stores in the United States. They have had stores here since 1976 in Iowa. In the US the company has a reputation for offering entry-level jobs at a rate much higher than the minimum wage because they do not have to hire as many staff as other grocery stores.

If all of this is of interest to you and you would like to work at an Aldi job, go online and print out the online employment form.

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