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Applebees LogoBeing one of the largest restaurant chains in the United States that serve good food and commendable service in a casual atmosphere, Applebees has become a popular eating destination for people who enjoy mainstream American favorites such as chicken, pasta, salads, shrimps, and riblets, which many still consider to be the restaurant’s signature dish.

With more than two thousand restaurants operating in the United States and fifteen in other countries, it was only a matter of time before the famous casual dining restaurant chain also became a highly sought after employer with thousands of job seekers submitting their Applebees application online or in person each year.

Apply to Applebees Online

If you want to bring your skills over and work for a reputable company that is known for fostering a fun working environment, you can submit your Applebees employment form online via the company’s official website. A link to the company website’s careers page can be found here.

The process of applying for any Applebees job online is fairly straightforward, although there are quite a few online forms to fill out. Going through the entire online process allows the company’s recruitment and hiring team to assess your qualifications and see how you fit into their system.

It is advised that you set aside some time to read through the company website before submitting your employment forms. In order to begin, you must select the position that you are applying for, as well as the Applebees location where you prefer to work.

The next step in the online process consists of a series of simple questions. At this point, you will be asked to provide information such as your name, address and phone number, and then you will be asked to answer another set of questions in order to confirm that you are old enough and legally qualified to work in the United States.

After completing the forms and submitting your answers to all the questions, a confirmation message will be sent to your email. You will need to click on the link provided in the email and create a password for your account before you can begin the assessments, which is the next part of the online process.

The first part of the assessment will only ask for basic information that is most likely already on your resume, such as your age, gender, education, and previous work experience. Once all those questions have been answered, you can move on to the next part of the assessment.

The main part of the Applebees assessment consists of 80 questions that are meant to help the recruitment office understand you as a person. How you answer these questions determine whether you have the type of attitude or personality that the company is looking for.applebees app form

While it is best to answer the questions in the assessment honestly, be sure you either strongly agree or strongly disagree with the statements instead of just being impartial. Companies such as Applebees can appreciate people who are decisive and are straight to the point.

The last part of the online process will ask you for character references and schedule availability.

On this part, make sure that you provide accurate information because any conflict between the information you provided and data gathered from possible background checks could be detrimental to your candidacy.

About Applebees

Applebees started in November of 1980 as a cozy neighborhood restaurant that was owned and operated by proprietors Bill and TJ Palmer in Decatur, Georgia. Until 1986, the restaurant was called “TJ Applebee’s Rx for Edibles & Elixirs”, which was later changed to “Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar” in order to promote an image of being a place that people could call their own.

Two years after the name of the restaurant was changed, franchise owners Abe Gustin and John Hamra bought the rights to the Applebees concept which led to the formation of Applebees International Inc. For the next twelve years, the company opened more than a hundred new restaurants in different locations all across the United States.

In 2007, Applebees was acquired by IHOP Corp., who wanted to infuse its newest acquisition with proven franchising strategies and better business planning. Soon after their merger, IHOP Corp changed its name to DineEquity Inc., and together with Applebees they became the largest full service restaurant company in the world.

Applebees restaurants can be found in locations around North and South America, in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the Honduras, and Puerto Rico. It also has locations in Asia, which can be found in Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Jordan.

To date, the only European country to have an Applebees restaurant is Greece, although plans to expand in this region are already being discussed. With the prospect of working in an internationally recognized restaurant chain, many have already submitted their Applebees job inquiry with the hopes of starting a career with the company.

 Applebees Application Tips for these Job Openings

Your Applebees employment form could just be the start of a successful career in food preparation, customer service, or even restaurant management. Applebees takes pride in the company’s commitment to being an equal opportunity employer.

You must be at least 18 years of age before submitting your Applebees job inquiry. Some of the current job openings at Applebees include the following:

Hourly Jobs

  • Hosts and hostesses have the responsibility of greeting customers and finding seats for them. They also make sure that restaurant’s overall guest flow is smooth and without issue.
  • The cook’s job is not only to prepare good food and savory meals, they also make sure that the food is presented properly and meets the standards set by Applebees.
  • Servers have the job of taking food and drinks to the customers’ tables in a timely and courteous manner. They are also tasked with taking plates and glasses back to the kitchen when the customers are finished eating.
  • Bartenders take and prepare drink orders for the customers. They are also responsible for keeping the restaurant’s bar area clean.

Manager Posts

  • Assistant Managers report to the Restaurant Manager and are tasked with helping out in making sure that the restaurant’s operations run without a hitch. They should also lead by example, have the ability to successfully manage the restaurant’s budget and be able to build a strong team while maintaining customer satisfaction.

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 Working at Applebees

Many current and former employees agree that Applebees is an excellent first job. Because the company provides everyone who has submitted their Applebees employment form with the same opportunity to get hired, a person who has little to no experience in the industry may have just about the same chance to land a job in the company as someone who has been working in restaurants for a couple of years.

Working at an Applebees restaurant can also be a challenging yet rewarding experience. With customers coming in everyday, things can be frantic at times. But working in a fun environment with people who help you and teach you everything you need to know about the job is something that anybody will surely enjoy.

If your Applebees job inquiry goes through and you find yourself working at the restaurant of your choice, aside from a highly competitive salary, you will also be entitled to various company benefits.

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Direct Competitors

Known for great service, a fun atmosphere, and great appetizer and drink specials, Applebees is a fun place to work while also making good money from tips. Once you’ve applied there, check out some other restaurants within the same vein. Apply to Chili’s for the same level of fun, only a more varied menu brings out the experience for you and the customer. TGI Fridays is intent on making every night a party and with their food being sold in grocery stores, you can confident in what you are serving. Finally, check out Friendly’s for a sports bar that keeps the intensity high, and the service just as much so. 

Salary Information

Applebees employees are paid depending on their position and the number of years that they have been working for the company. New employees may receive a nominal pay at first, but they are entitled to a raise and a promotion depending on their performance and their length of stay with the company.

For most entry level positions, employees get paid by the hour. Cooks get paid around 8 USD to 14 USD an hour depending on experience, while hosts and hostesses receive 2 USD to 9 USD. For bartenders, the pay is usually between 2 USD to 8 USD, but for servers the pay can go as high as 10 USD per hour.

If you are aiming for a managerial and supervisory position, if your Applebees inquiry is successful you can earn a considerably higher salary. Managers usually get paid more, but this is mostly because they have bigger responsibilities and they work longer hours than entry-level personnel.

For example, Assistant Managers can expect an annual salary that ranges from 32,000 USD to 50,000 USD. General Managers, on the other hand, get paid around 40,000 USD to 65,000 USD.

Employee Benefits

As with any other company, Applebees provides its employees with a wide range of benefits. Some of these benefits are mandated by US labor laws while others are given by the company as bonuses and rewards for excellent performance.

A successful Applebees job inquiry can also give you an opportunity to receive the many benefits that the company provides. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • health and wellness benefits
  • 401(K) plans
  • life insurance
  • disability insurance
  • paid time off
  • vacation days
  • sick leaves
  • personal days

It is important to note, however, that Applebees operates as a franchised business, which means the benefits offered by one franchise may differ from another. It doesn’t hurt to do some research before submitting your Applebees employment form online or in person.

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Interesting Facts about Applebees

Some of the following bits of information may come in handy during your interviews. Some knowledge about the company can go a long way in the Applebees hiring process.

  • The restaurant’s founders were once husband and wife. They were Mr. and Mrs. Bill and TJ Palmer.
  • Every year, Applebees provides free meals for more than a million soldiers on Veterans’ Day.
  • In honor of TV’s Mister Rogers, Applebees once declared March 20 to be “Sweater Day”.
  • Applebee’s riblets have no bones, because they are not true riblets. Riblets is the name of the dish, but the part of the pork ribs used in the recipe is called a button rib or feather bone. Despite the confusion, riblets are still a popular attraction at any Applebee’s restaurant.
  • In the past, strawberries were only used in drinks and desserts. With newer and more interesting dishes being added to the menu, strawberries can now also be found in the food.

With a competitive salary, great employee benefits and a commitment to providing equal opportunity, the iconic restaurant chain has time and again proven to be a highly sought after employer. It is for this reason that job seekers continue to prepare and submit their Applebees employment form to land the job that could be the start of something great for them.

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