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Babies R Us LogoAs one of the world’s most iconic and trusted brands, Babies R Us employs thousands of qualified people across the globe. The company considers their employees as their greatest asset, thereby providing a fun yet professional work environment. As a company that values teamwork and collaboration, Babies R Us offers a workplace where you can grow, contribute, and excel.

Submitting your Babies R Us application is a great way to start a future with the company. This article offers a walk-through on how you can improve, as well as provides some relative information about the Babies R Us background, history, and available careers.

For interested Babies R Us applicants, the company’s official website offers a job portal where you can browse through a range of job vacancies by location and category.  To start your job hunting, click on Careers at the bottom right corner of the Babies R Us website.

How to Search for Jobs Online

Visit the company’s official website to get you started. Then, click on Careers, which is located at the bottom right corner of the site. It will take you to a page where several departments that have job vacancies are listed. Click on the preferred department for more accurate results.

By entering a job position and a location, you’ll get a more thorough job search. Applying to Babies R Us online is easy. But only a select few who share the company’ core values, and meet the requirements will make the cut.

Babies R Us’ work ethics are based on the diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and skills of each employee. The company takes pride in allowing the continual growth of their employees, both personally and professionally.

More details can be found here.

How to Apply Online

After you have selected a job position, the Babies R Us website will require you to register an account and create a candidate profile. Enter the required information and check the information for errors before submitting your Babies R Us form online. The form is also available in printable format.

To increase your chances of getting the job you want, make sure that you have an extensive knowledge about the company’s background, history, and core values. Understanding Babies R Us company profile will save you on future mishaps as your hiring process progresses.

Babies R Us Application Form

After submitting your employment form, make sure to follow-up during slower times. This will also create an impression that you are very interested in having a professional relationship with the company in the near future. After following up, wait patiently for updates from a hiring manager or HR specialist regarding the next steps.

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About the Company

Babies R Us traces its roots back in 1948, when it was just a baby furniture store. In the early 1996, it opened its first store at Westbury, New York. Since then, the company has opened stores in approximately 250 locations across the country. And as the state’s leading dedicated juvenile products retailer, Babies R Us offers a vast selection of newborn and infant products, which include cribs, clothing, toys, gift ideas, beddings, accessories, and more.

Customer satisfaction and convenience are top priorities of the company. And it gave way to the opening of the online and in-store Babies R Us Registry, which makes gift-buying from customers from all over the nation easy and convenient. The in-store works by having a relative or friend go to any Babies R Us store, select an item to purchase, and send it straight to the parents, thereby eliminating the hassles of guesswork and geographic barriers from gift-buying. is also launched in June 2000. The website caters to all new and expectant parents who want only quality products for their babies. The site also offers a wide variety of baby products and supplies for parents to choose from. Also included are some informational resources and tools, as well as the premier online baby registry.

Babies R Us is dedicated to enriching the lives of families through their products and innovative services. And with a team of highly knowledgeable members, the company is able to stay true to their goals and values. Being part of a dynamic team offers career opportunities, as well as personal growth. And as the company continues to grow, Babies R Us opens doors for qualified job-seekers across the nation.


Babies R Us offers a fast-paced yet fun place to start a great career. It a place where a member has an opportunity to learn, contribute and excel. It is a company that encourages teamwork and collaboration, where employees get to share their diverse background and experiences to improve trust and respect within the company.

Babies R Us recognizes that each employee is a contributor the company’s success. Their strength also lies within the well-experienced team who always strives for excellence. And to make sure that each team member continually grows within the company, Babies R Us provides valuable cross-functional experience to its employees.

As they continue to provide quality service, the employees, in return, get to receive competitive salaries, compensations, and benefits. Start polishing your Babies R Us job inquiry to jump start a brighter future.

Minimum Requirements

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent
  • No experience required
  • Must be willing to learn and provide excellent service
  • A completed Babies R Us employment form

Working Hours

Babies R Us store hours varies from to store to store. To get the accurate store hours of the store near your location, check out the company website and go to the Store Locator. Enter your address and mileage for a list of stores near you. After selecting one that you’re interested in, the store hours and information will be shown.

Direct Competitors

Ensuring the safety of children, especially infants, is one of the most noble professions. Babies R Us sells only the safest and most trusted brands in their stores. If you’re looking to work with children’s products be sure to apply to Kids Foot Locker to ensure that when they do start walking, they have the best shoes on their feet. Consider applying to Build a Bear as well, and help unlock the creativity within each child you work with. Children are the next generation and with your help, you’ll be able to ensure that we keep them safe and sound. 

Company Slogan

The “R” in Babies R Us, gives an impression that a child has written it. And the “R” represents the company’s mission statement: “To be the world’s greatest kids’ brand.”

“R” represents commitments. The company is dedicated in providing a dynamic place to work in, where every customer’s needs are met; where shareholders value consistent, reliable performance; and where community plays a major role in enhancing the company’s position as a good corporate citizen.

“R” also stands for values. Babies R Us believes that speed is a reflection of our future, which is why they seek team members who are efficient, reliable, and responsible.

Job Openings

Babies R Us is currently in need of applicants for entry-level positions, managerial positions, and corporate staff. You can browse through the website’s job portal to learn more about the available positions, job descriptions, and requirements. The company’s job vacancies range from Assembler, Sales Associate, Pricing and Signage Team Member, Store Receiving Specialist, Store Manager and Back of House Specialist to Human Resources Supervisor and Sales Team Member.

Entry-level positions at Babies R Us mainly consist of sales associates and customer service representatives. Qualified applicants must be willing to provide excellent customer service at all times. Managerial positions, on the other hand, are composed of department supervisor, store manager, and assistant store manager. Applicants must possess certain levels of experience and skills to qualify for any of these jobs.

In addition, Babies R Us also has job vacancies for positions such as store receiving specialist, pricing and signage team member, back of house specialist, and maintenance team member.

If you think you have what it takes to qualify for any of these jobs, start submitting your Babies R Us application right away.

Below is a list of the current Babies R Us online jobs:

Entry-level Positions

  • Sales Associate
  • Store Receiving Specialist
  • Housekeeping Team Member
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Assembler
  • Back of House Specialist
  • Off Hours Stock Clerk
  • Asset Protection Specialist
  • Pricing and Signage Team Member
  • Maintenance Team Member

Managerial Positions

  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Risk Management Support Representative
  • Department Supervisor

Corporate Office Jobs

  • Human Resources Supervisor
  • Sales Team Member

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Online Hiring Process

Babies R Us accepts applicants over 18 years of age, and with exceptional communication skills and levels of experience.

The process starts by entering all of the required information on the form. Then, submitting it online or by walk-in. An HR officer or hiring manager will get in touch with you, followed by scheduled one to two interviews. Interviews may consist of initial interview and group interview. Keep in mind that it is important to keep your communication lines open after sending your eligibility.

If you’re applying for entry-level positions, there’s a good chance that you’ll be hired on the spot. Managerial and corporates jobs’ hiring process may take a little longer.

Basic Interview Questions

  • What is one adjective that describes you?
  • Why do you want to work at Babies R Us?
  • Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult person. How did you handle it?
  • What is your greatest achievement?
  • Tell me about a time when you went out of your way to help a customer.

Interview Tips

Working at a famous retailer like Babies R Us requires you to be in constant interaction with customers. You must possess the willingness to provide excellent customer service, as well as the enthusiasm with the idea of working with parents and their babies.

Expressing your interest in having a great career with Babies R Us is also important. This way, they will know that you will give your 100% dedication to the company. Another important thing is showcasing your interpersonal skills. Show that you genuinely care about other people’s needs.

Salary Information

Babies R Us offers compensation that varies depending on your job title, years of experience, educational background, and location. Below is an overview of the salaries offered at Babies R Us:

Hourly Jobs

  • Sales Associate – $10
  • Cashier – $9
  • Customer Service Representative – $10
  • Department Supervisor – $10-$12

Salaried Jobs

  • Store Manager – $85,000 annually
  • Assistant Store Manager – $50,000 annually

More salary information can be found here.

Employment Benefits

As an assistant store manager with Babies R Us, you can earn up to $50,000 every year. Store managers, however, will receive around $85,000 every year.

The company not only allows employees to earn big, but also provides employment benefits such as insurance, vacation, sick, and personal days off, non-profit programs, employee assistance programs, and even college savings plan for working students. Below is a detailed list of the benefits received by Babies R Us employees:

  • Insurance coverage
  • 401(k) plan for savings
  • 529 college savings

The company shows their appreciation for the employees’ contribution to the company by providing a place where one can grow personally and professionally. If you want to jump start a great career with the company, start polishing your employment form and submit it right away.

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