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Looking for a unique opportunity in the car manufacturing industry? Do you fancy luxury cars? If you do, you should then have all the reasons to feel excited about a potential employment with Bavarian Motor Works (BMW).

This world-renowned German auto manufacturing company seeks to employ individuals who are interested in sales and customer service positions such as sales associate, clerk, customer relations manager, retail service manager, production manager, among many others.

For certain, you won’t let this opportunity just pass by so pick up your BMW application right now and bring home the bacon. This article will give you very comprehensive information about the company’s hiring process, its salary and benefits packages, current job openings, and interview tips.

Applying to BMW Online

BMW USA offers its responsive career website to let you browse through its latest job openings and career advancement programs. There, you will see the potential opportunities that might capture your interest, whether you are a university student, young professional or an experienced professional.

You can find the fields listed by category on the left side of the website. Pick a field that you might want to check out to see if there is an available job that you want to pursue. The fields are divided into Engineering, Production and Information Technology categories, including additional files and job fields where you can perhaps find generalist jobs.

How to Create an Online Profile

To make things easier and faster for you, use BMW’s job search engine site which the link to it you can find under the Job Listings tab at the bottom part of the drop down menu on the left side.

Click the job listings button to get to a web page where you are required to create an online profile with the company. You must sign in first before you could begin exploring the job opportunities available. So, fill-out the registration form completely and then verify your email address.

The instructions for creating an account are fairly simple and easy-to-follow so you don’t have to feel bothered by it. This is especially true for university students who want to pursue an internship program with BMW. Additionally, do not forget to attach your resume to your profile so that the hiring officers can easily review your BMW employment form.

Once your account is complete and ready, you may choose to update its content from time to time as you apply to different jobs online. Save your username and password in a file that you can easily access in case you have forgotten about these significant details.

How to Apply for BMW Jobs?

On the website, click “choose to apply” to view the latest job openings. Use the job search function by entering the keywords such as the job title, fill-in the job field, location and organization tabs with your answers. Click “search for jobs” once you have given your answers to the required fields, and then wait for the results.

Once you’ve seen the results, make sure to check out the job description of your choice. Make a self-assessment if you fit the bill and if you do, move forward with your application by applying to the post.

You can read more details here.

About the Company

Bavarian Motor Works is based in Munich, Bavaria of Germany.  It was established in 1917 by Rapp Motorenwerke aircraft, a manufacturing company. BMW was originally born out of business re-structuring executed by the said founder, with aircraft engines being the primary products.

When the company was forced to stop its production of aircraft engines due to the restrictions of the Versailles Armistice Treaty, it subsequently began producing motorcycles by 1923. BMW only shifted to automobile manufacturing around 1929 when the restrictions had been lifted. This began a legacy that would last for God knows how long, but the company is unarguably one of the industry-leading car makers in the world today.

But as with any regular companies, BMW also suffered from financial difficulties during the late 1950’s. On the edge of bankruptcy the shareholders decided to push through despite of the unfavorable circumstances. They tried to liquidate other economy-class cars by the help of Heinkel and Messerchmitt, which went successful.

The company was able to recover from the financial distress. They have done this by buying the rights to manufacture Iso Isetta and the mini-cars were run by BMW’s modified motorcycle engine. It was a successful move by BMW as they slowly got back up from the setback.

The early 1960’s continued to be a successful stint for the German manufacturer as they were able to acquire some more brands, including Hans Glas. This newly added arsenal of the company enabled them to develop new technologies for the industry’s automotive applications. In 1992 and 1994, DesignWorks USA and British Rover Group were acquired by the company respectively to improve its industrial design methods and technology.

More importantly, BMW was crowned as 2012’s most reputable company in the world by Forbes. The factors by which the company had been considered for the recognition are based on the “people’s willingness to buy, work for, invest, and recommend the company…”

Additionally, Rolls-Royce and Mini contributed to the major success of BMW since 2006. These subsidiaries have produced over 1.3 million cars, which here manufactured in different countries. The number continued to increase in 2010, as BMW was able to produce over 1.4 million four-wheeled vehicles together with 112,271 motorcycle units.

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Employment at BMW

BMW is dedicated to manufacturing high-end cars that thrill drivers. With that, the company relies heavily on their engineers and designers to develop vehicles supplemented with cutting-edge technology and concepts.

On the front end, the sales people and managers are expected to bring out the best in these cars by executing their thorough sales strategies and efforts. Therefore, everyone in the company has an important role to play. Each one is viewed by BMW as the best workforce that they could ever have because the selection process is thorough and guided by high standards.

Most of the company employees have high regard towards their employer. On, a Sales Manager from Georgia has nice things to say about BMW:

“A typical day starts with going over the sales people’s workplans. The management team goes over the prospects from the day before and priort prospects and leads. We go over any deals were the customers did not purchase and try to find a way to put the deal together.

Simultaneously, ensuring that all internet leads have been answered on time to stop the rolling clock and keep our response time to leads very low. Making sure our client advisors are contacting the internet leads, placing phone calls with the objective of setting up appointments and making sure that they are getting all contact information.

I manage a group of around 8 sales people, whom most have been with the company between 10-20 years. One of the best parts of the job is the closeness we all share together which makes it a family atmosphere.”  Sales Manager|

If you these statements have fueled you even more to start a career with the company, move forward with your BMW application today.

Office Hours

Monday and Thursday:  9AM to 8 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9AM to 6PM

Saturday: 10AM to 5PM

Note: You must be at least 18 years old to be able to work at BMW.

Available Job Openings

In the US, there are about 42 BMW jobs available this 2014 most of which are related to customer service, sales and marketing, and engineering. The jobs are available in different BMW offices across the country, with some in California, Florida, New Jersey, and Ohio. You can check them out here.

Here are some positions that you might be interested in applying to:

  • IT Build Coordinator
  • Operations Manager
  • Paralegal
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Advanced Tech Engineer
  • Internship positions

Direct Competitors

If you plan on building your career with an auto parts manufacturer and retailer, then consider working for O’Reilly Auto Parts. It’s the largest auto parts retailer in the country today so expect a load of opportunities as well. Another option is AutoZone, which is a third party aftermarket auto parts retailer. It has approximately 5,000 stores across the US to which you can apply a job.

Job Application Tips

BMW conducts quite strict and formal interview process for almost all of their positions. An applicant will go through at least two one-on-one interviews to become considered for the final job offer. Therefore, you should make sure to be available on the interview dates that they might assign to you.

Wear formal business attire when attending the interview. Hiring officers will make an assessment of your skills and personality so you have to make a good impression right the first time.

Having been an automaker and dealer, BMW wants to have employees that are knowledgeable of the industry, including the customer service approach and technologies. This is why the interviews will likely focus on evaluating the product knowledge and interpersonal skills of applicants.

Here are some examples of basic interview questions:

  • What are your favorite four-wheeled vehicles?
  • How will you recommend a car to a customer?
  • How do you handle rude or difficult customers?
  • Why do you want to work for BMW?

Employee Benefits

As a world-renowned company, it can’t be helped that BMW has the luxury of resources to be able to provide comprehensive benefits to its employees. An established BMW employee receives life insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off, medical and dental coverage, and car program.

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