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Bob Evans is one of the country’s largest family-owned restaurants. It started as a small diner for truck drivers in the late 1940’s. It now has grown into a fully operational chain of restaurants across the United States along with its other brands. The first thing you should do to get qualified is to submit a Bob Evans application form, and this article aims to help you learn more about the said company.

Bob Evans is where you should apply if you are looking for food service-related jobs; with good pay, friendly work environment and a family that will take good care of you as an employee.

Apply to Bob Evans Online

From what was once a small diner is now a large network of restaurants and grocery stores. The company boasts more than 500 stores branches that are mainly located in Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Western and Southern states. There is constant hiring for new employees, particularly in the food and customer service department.

In fact, there are over 1,000 different job roles to fill in that you could select from! Definitely good news but you must prepare an impressive Bob Evans employment form to outrank your competitors in the local job market. You can do this by having a deeper understanding of the company’s hiring process, company culture and business.

Visit the company’s career website here to select a certain job position that suits your interest. Upon landing on the web page, you must enter the keyword and your location to filter the results.

For example, you must type in “cook” as the keyword and the state you are currently living in. You can also search Bob Evans career opportunities by just choosing a state of your choice. Both full-time and part-time positions are available.

Bob Evans Job Site

Bob Evans Farms also made the job search easier on their website by allowing you to browse through the job list by category. You have two options: restaurant hourly and restaurant management and corporate.

Depending on the position you are applying for, click on the appropriate category. The results will show you that restaurant hourly jobs are mainly related to providing customer service like waiters/waitresses, cooks, assistant managers and assistant general managers.

Meanwhile, the corporate category is intended for individuals who have advanced education, impressive industry experience and complete skills set. A few examples of job titles in the second category include restaurant manager and restaurant assistant manager.

Feel free to click on the Bob Evans job title to view the job description and requirements. Find the “apply now” button at the upper right corner to submit your accomplished Bob Evans form.

About Bob Evans

Bob Evans Farms, Inc. was named after its founder, Bob Evans in Columbus, Ohio. It all started with Bob producing superior-quality sausage, but no restaurant would contract him as a supplier because of greater quality comes with higher price. Most customers during the 1950’s wouldn’t pay for superior quality meat, so Bob’s early customers were his neighbors.

The feedback that Evans got from his paying customers was all good; that he established a truck stop diner to cater to the increasing demands from his clients. From then on, the family-owned restaurant grew into a large restaurant chain with 570 branches in 23 different American states.

It is continuously growing until today as they continue to develop more brands and intend to acquire subsidiaries in the near future as part of their business expansion.

Today, Bob Evans restaurant has three brands such as the restaurants and general stores, grocery products and the diner. The company has also acquired the famous Owens Foods in 1987, which they renamed as Owens Country Sausage Grocery Products.

This means that you have quite a lot of options as to where you want to work.

All Bob Evans restaurants are owned by the family as none is available for franchise. Family-owned businesses are great in passing down tradition, principles and core values to their employees. So, there is a great likelihood that you will learn the secrets to producing superior quality meat products that originated from Bob Evans himself.

Learn the ins and outs of the food retail business from the best by submitting your Bob Evans employment form here.

Employment at Bob Evans

Bob Evans Farms is employer-friendly, values animal well-being and cornerstone of society. Every employee, particularly the server, is trained to be client-centric, which means they put the needs of their customers first before anything else.

Each customer must be treated with great consideration besides ensuring that only the best quality of food will be served before them. If you have passion for serving customers through food service, Bob Evans might be the right employer for you.

Bob Evans Minimum Employment Requirements

  • 16 years old and above
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Accomplished online employment form
  • Join the company’s talent network

Bob Evans talent network is a good job resource material. It will help you enhance your search for employment opportunities as you will receive job alerts and updates directly coming from the company. You must fill-out the registration form to initially apply to your selected job position. There may be other steps to do afterwards. Click here to read more information.

Working Hours

All Bob Evans stores are open daily from 6AM to 10PM. You may apply for a full-time or part-time position to fill-in the store’s need for 16 hours of operation. You must be willing to work on a flexible schedule, should your replacement is unable to go to work on time or had to take a sick leave.

Bob Evans Job Openings

America’s largest family-owned restaurant is currently in need of hardworking and committed in-store professionals. Visit the nearest Bob Evans restaurant if you wish to apply walk-in and to expedite your Bob Evans hiring process. Included in the list below are general job descriptions of the available job vacancies:

  • Restaurant Staff – This is an hourly job available for either part-time or full-time work. You can choose from an array of positions such as dish tank operator, kitchen prep, grill cook, server, bus person, and host/hostess. It is not required to have a minimum of 1 to 2 years of restaurant experience, but you must be willing to undergo training. You just need to be customer-oriented with a pleasing personality.
  • Restaurant Asst. Manager – For this job, you will be responsible for helping out the restaurant manager in the daily operations. You will drive sales and profit growth by executing business plans, meeting the retail target and company goals.
  • Assistant General Manager – You will be accountable for execution and implementation of the company’s Brand Builders. You will assist the general manager driving sales growth, developing the team member’s personality and skills and ensure that the day to day operations run efficiently.

Direct Competitors

Bob Evans went from humble beginnings, and grew into a massive chain of restaurants that serve food that feels homey and reminds you of the meals you get at home. Since you’re applying here, apply to Cracker Barrel as well to work in a very cultured environment and a store that has all kinds of interesting trinkets and items. To round out your home cooked meal selection of jobs, apply to Boston Market and feel the atmosphere wash over you. These places will always allow you to welcome people into a warm and comforting dining experience. 

Bob Evans Application Tips

Allow the recruitment team to process your form within 3 business days. You will have to join the Talent Network of the firm before you can apply for the selected job position actually.

The interviews can be done over phone calls by an HR officer as an initial screening. They will probably ask you for your personal information, if you are still interested in the position and about your preferred interview schedule.

For a much faster Bob Evans hiring process, visit the physical store and look for the store manager. You might be interviewed on the spot so better wear business attire when applying there. The entire process involves 2 interviews each from the Assistant Manager and the Restaurant General Manager.

Interview Questions

  • Do you have any previous restaurant experience?
  • How long do you plan on working for Bob Evans?
  • Can you give us a background of the company?
  • Are you willing to work on a flexible schedule?

Interview Tips

It is always important to research about the company first before going to your scheduled interview. This is especially true in food service and retail industry because employers want to know if their associates have deep interest or prior experience relevant to the position.

So, before applying to Bob Evans, it is advisable to take a look at their menu and think about the kind of food they offer to their paying customers. Why do you think the customers love their food products and services?

Do not overdress. Be in your most comfortable business attire so that you won’t get distracted by your appearance. It is important to smile confidently as your job role is related to customer service. You will be facing a lot of different customers daily as a restaurant staff or manager.

Salary Information

Bob Evans salary may vary due to different factors like the job position, experience and level of expertise. Examples include the following salaries:

  • Cook – $8 to $12 per hour
  • Host/Hostess – $8/hour
  • Server – $8/hour plus tips
  • Kitchen Prep – $8/hour
  • Kitchen Manager – $36,400 per year
  • Assistant Manager – $34,051 per year
  • Assistant General Manager – $36,965

Employee Benefits Offered at Bob Evans

Bob Evans has a dedicated compensation benefits for their corporate, restaurant management and restaurant hourly employees. The company generally offers to you a flexible work schedule, career advancement through training opportunities and a nice work environment.

Corporate Benefits

  • Retirement Plan
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Tuition fee assistance
  • Paid leave and holidays
  • Job perks in the form of discounts at Mimi’s Café and Bob Evans
  • Employee stock purchase program
  • Disability insurance
  • Bonuses

Restaurant Hourly Employee Benefits

  • Competitive salary packages
  • Work excellence recognition
  • Weekly pay release
  • 401(k) and 401(a) retirement packages
  • Voluntary life insurance
  • Location transfers and leaves
  • Employee stock purchase program
  • Discounted price at meals while on duty

Restaurant Management Benefits

Bob Evans prides on having 6 decades of nationwide recognition in serving superior quality food and services. It is this reason that they value their restaurant managers so much as one of the key components to their overall success through the years.

  • Location transfers
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Paid training (12 weeks)
  • Medical and dental benefits, with a privilege to choose your preferred physician
  • Flexible work schedule – life-work balance
  • Life insurance
  • Employee stock purchase program
  • Orthodontic coverage
  • Eye care

General Managers have a special set of employee benefits aside from the ones listed above.

They are also given long-term incentive program, bonuses and a $3,000 worth of tuition fee assistance per year. Meanwhile, Area Directors also receive the same benefits but they have a yearly pay and bonus package of $100,000 and a company car.

The Bob Evans salary packages and employee benefits totally sound inviting that you would work hard to establish a long-term professional relationship with your employer. However, with hundreds of job vacancies available today, immense competition is expected. So, you better apply early to have your Bob Evans employment form processed right away.

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