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Books a Million LogoWith over 5000 employees working in more than 250 stores all spread across 31 states in the southern, mid-western, and northeastern regions of the United States, Books a Million is one of the country’s biggest bookstore chains today. Also known as “BAM!”, Books a Million mainly operates inside shopping malls and lifestyle centers. The company’s headquarters is located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Because of the growing success of the company, Books a Million has developed a reputation of also being one of the country’s top employers. For this reason, thousands of qualified job seekers send in their Books a Million application each year in order to find a job within the company.

Every year, thousands of aspiring job seekers apply to Books a Million so that they could become a part of one of the biggest book retailers in the country. Applying for the job that you want is fairly simple.

If you are looking to find employment at one of America’s largest bookstore chains, you need to know how to apply for the job you want. You also need to be considerably articulate, extremely motivated, and highly capable of providing excellent customer care skills in the competitive book retailing environment.

Primarily, there are two ways to apply for a job at Books a Million. One way is to walk right into the store nearest you and personally hand in the form, although not all of the company’s subsidiaries accept paper forms. The other method is to apply online through the company’s official website.

In order to apply to Books a Million online, the first step is go the company’s official homepage. Once there, you will see a link near the bottom of the screen that will show you the career opportunities available within the company.

When you get to the career’s page of the Books a Million official website, you can either search for a specific job and apply online, or set up a personal profile for future candidates in case the position you were looking for had already been filled.

You can visit Books a Million’s official career opportunities page here.

About The Company

As with many great inventions, the company’s conception was created out of necessity. Books a Million was founded in Florence, Alabama as a simple street corner newsstand in 1917 by a 14-year old boy named Clyde W. Anderson, who merely wanted to support his family after his father passed away.

At the time, several construction workers who were working on the Wilson Dam over the Tennessee River were complaining about how they could not get a hold of their hometown newspaper. Having heard of the workers’ complaints and realizing that there was a potential business opportunity, Anderson spoke with a number of newspaper publishers and had the newspapers that the construction workers wanted shipped to Florence by train and sold them from a makeshift newsstand built from old piano crates. .

Anderson then continued selling newspapers on the street corner, and within a few years he had already saved enough money to invest in his first bookstore which was located in downtown Florence. This was the beginning of what was to be a rich history for Books a Million.

In 1950, Anderson’s son Charles inherited the store and decided to open shop in several other locations. The business was then incorporated under the name Bookland in 1964.

The expansion of Bookland continued during the succeeding years with the purchasing of Gateway Books, which was a chain of bookstores operating in Knoxville, in 1988. The acquisition soon led to the opening of the company’s first superstore, which was located in Huntsville.

The acquisition of Gateway Books also resulted in the company putting up more superstores in various locations. In the next few years several areas in the American Southeast had Bookland superstores.

The company then changed its name from Bookland to Books a Million in 1992. This coincided with the company’s decision to go public on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol BAMM.

After having established its own website in 1998, Books a Million began venturing into other related lines of business. The company acquired web design firm Net Central, while many of the company’s stores were set up with a Joe Muggs Café outlet, which was another subsidiary of Books a Million.

The company owns a number of subsidiary brands, which is partly why the company’s recruitment arm continues to receive thousands of Books a Million job employment forms each year. To date, the list of brands that are listed as divisions of Books a Million are as follows:


Despite the name change in 1992, the company retained the Bookland name and assigned it to several of their smaller subsidiary outlets. Most of the Bookland stores today are located in the American Southeast.

Company Superstores

Ever since the company opened its first superstore in 1988, more Books a Million Superstores were built in an effort to further the growth of the company. Today, it is the main retail entity of Books a Million which sells a goods such as periodicals, gifts, food and beverages from Joe Muggs Café, and of course, books.

The Official Website

The company’s official website is listed as a separate entity, and focuses mostly on online dealings. The site allows viewers to order merchandise that are also available at the superstores, such as magazines, books, toys, and gifts.


The web development company NetCentral was acquired by Books a Million in 1998. It is also responsible for designing the current Books a Million logos.

Books & Company

For a time, Books & Company stood as competitor bookstore chain based in Dayton Ohio until Books a Million bought the rights to it. In 2006, the company opened a second Books & Company store in Dayton.

Joe Muggs Café

Books a Million began adding Joe Muggs Cafés in many of their superstores, although there are a few Joe Muggs Cafes that operate as a standalone shop.

2nd & Charles

This division of Books a Million focuses on buying and selling used books, CD’s, DVD’s, video games, gaming, consoles, and even vinyl records.

Yogurt Mountain

Acquired in August of 2010, Yogurt Mountain is the latest brand to be included in the list Books a Million subsidiaries. To date, Yogurt Mountain operates at least 30 locations in 14 states.

Working with the Company

A typical working day at a Books a Million store consists of interacting with customers and helping them find the books or other merchandise that they need. Many of the company’s past and current employees agree that working at a Books a Million store is an enjoyable learning experience.

Should your Books a Million employment form  get accepted, you could become part of a continually growing team of retail experts who are more than willing to show you the ropes when it comes to working in the book retail industry.

Direct Competitors

Books a Million, or BAM as they’re sometimes known is one of the largest chains of bookstores in the country. With locations inside of shopping malls, or strip centers, you’ll have no problems finding one close to you to work at. Consider also Barnes and Noble, with a book selection that includes movies and CD’s as well, not to mention a coffee shop inside. Speaking of coffee, if you’re the kind of person who likes to curl up with a cup of joe and a good book, apply to Starbucks, and show them how it’s done, once they show you of course. Training is important, but chasing your passion is even more so, apply today! 

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Updated resume

Job Openings

Currently, Books a Million allows candidates to vie for either entry-level or management positions. You can go to a nearby store and apply for the position that you want in person, or you can apply online.

Entry Level Positions

If you are just coming out of college, or have little no retail experience, you can apply for an entry-level position in the company. Should your Books a Million form goes through successfully, you might just find yourself working as any of the following:

  •  Bookseller
  • Cashier
  • Magazine Specialist
  • Kids Specialist

Management Positions

For more experienced applicants who have a passion for management and working with people, they can apply for a Books a Million job as a manager. Some of the various managerial positions available include the following:

  •  Assistant Manager
  • General Manager
  • District Manager
  • Accounts Receivable Manager

 The Hiring Process

You need to be at least 18 years old before you can apply for any position in the company. After submitting your Books a Million employment form, you will undergo a lengthy assessment.

The assessment consists of 72 multiple choice questions which are designed to help the Books a Million recruitment office determine if you are a good fit for the company. Read each of the five possible answers and take some time to think about what the company is trying to learn from you based on these questions.

After the assessment, you will be informed that Books a Millions will conduct a background check on you. If you decline the background check, you will not be able to complete your hiring process.

The last step in the Books a Million hiring process is the interviews. Depending on the position you are applying for, you may be scheduled to go through up to three interviews.

If you make it past the interviews, you will then be informed about your schedule. In no time, you will begin working at a nearby Books a Million subsidiary.

Salary Information

Books a Million employees receive a salary based on their position, experience, and length of tenure with the company. For example, entry-level positions such as booksellers and cashiers earn an average of about 23,000 USD a year.

For successful applicants whose Books a Million form was for a managerial position, they have the opportunity to earn more. Assistant Managers get paid an average of 29,000 USD a year, while District Managers earn a sizable annual salary of 56,000 USD.

Company Benefits

If you get hired as an employee of the company, your successful Books a Million employment entitles you to the following benefits:

  • associate discounts
  • employee appreciation day
  • healthcare
  • dental benefits
  • 401(k)
  • commissions on discount cards sold
  • book checkout policy where employees can take books home and read them

Interesting Facts

During the interviews, knowing some information about the company can impress your interviewer and help take your Books a Million employment further. Here are several interesting facts that you may not know about the company.

  •  Most of the Books a Million stores have a bargain books section where many popular titles are sold at a pretty big discount.
  • Frequent customers can purchase a Millionaire’s Club card in order to receive an additional 10% discount on all book purchases.
  • One of the company’s subsidiaries, 2nd & Charles, is named after founder Clyde W. Anderson’s sons Charles Anderson and Clyde Anderson Jr.

Working at any of the company’s subsidiaries is a rewarding experience for interested candidates. No matter which brand you decide to work for, you can be assured that you will be working for a company that knows how to take care of its people.

Earn good money while being immersed in a fun working environment. Submit your Books a Million application and see if you can find a job that could just be the start of a very lucrative career in book retail for you.

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