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If you like a stimulating work environment where co-workers and customers keep things exciting, seek out Buffalo Wild Wings career opportunities today! Buffalo Wild Wings jobs give you ample exposure and experience in the food industry.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular sports bar and casual dining franchise. They are known for their specialty wings, served alongside beer as customers enjoy their favorite sporting events in their hundreds of bars across North America. Hence, Buffalo Wild Wings career opportunities are ideal for if you specialize in food preparation or serving customers.

The franchise is famous across the US and Canada for its unique atmosphere that helps sports fans enjoy good food as they watch and celebrate their favorite games and tournaments. As a Buffalo Wild Wings employee, you will be required to maintain a friendly and engaging environment for the customers to ensure that they have a good time and are satisfied throughout the evening.

You can realize these opportunities today with a Buffalo Wild Wings application.

Things you Should Know Before Submitting your Form

Buffalo Wild Wings jobs come with various perks and benefits, as the franchise places high value on long-term commitment. However, this career path can only be pursued when you successfully fill out a form, and to do that, you need to keep the following guidelines in mind:

Minimum Age for Applying

You can apply for Buffalo Wild Wings at the minimum age of 16 years. Do note that since the franchise also serves alcohol, minimum age for a server job will be 21 years in some states. In addition, if you are looking to work a midnight shift, minimum age of hiring is 18 years. It is best that you familiarize with the employment regulations regarding the sale of alcohol as well as graveyard shifts in your state before applying.

Working Hours

Buffalo Wild Wings outlets are usually open on weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) from 11-12 AM, and up to 2 AM on weekends (Friday and Saturday). But do remember that the working hours will depend on the location and whether you are working in an outlet in the US or Canada.

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Available Positions that you can Apply For

Buffalo Wild Wings is famous across North America with more than 650 outlets in 45 states of the US alone. Hence, job openings are not only plentiful but diverse as well.  Most of the job openings at Buffalo Wild Wings are at the entry level where the franchise prefers but doesn’t stipulate prior experience from the applicant. You can find entry levels job openings here.

Fun is a small word to describe the work environment at a typical Buffalo bar, making it is an ideal place for younger applicants. Applicants can also gain a significant leverage in the hiring process if they have know the unique taste of Buffalo Wild Wings in depth, especially their range of sauces and spices.

But this is not all. If you want to gain experience and pursue a career in management (especially in the food industry), Buffalo Wild Wings is one of best places that you can find. At management level jobs, you will obviously have greater responsibility, but the experience will be thoroughly unique.

Employment Information

Working with an established business like Buffalo Wild Wings will give your career a significant boost. Before filling out a Buffalo Wild Wings application, it is imperative that you get an idea of the kind of jobs you can find at Buffalo Wild Wings. The following is a brief overview of these opportunities to help you out:

Entry Level

There are several entry level jobs at Buffalo Wild Wings. Age ranges from 16-21 years (see above), making these jobs especially attractive for students and young people. Entry level jobs cover various duties to assist the preparation of food, such as server, busser, and cleaner jobs.  Minimum wages are offered at these posts but you can get additional earning opportunities from tips. Jobs at this level include:

  • Server
  • Cashier
  • Busser
  • Dish cleaner
  • Cooks and prepcooks
  • Bartenders

Management Job Opportunities

Among the great Buffalo Wild Wings career opportunities are several posts at the management level. Responsibilities at this level usually include assisting senior managers, supervising workforce at different shifts, and even managing an entire outlet. You will not only have to oversee the operations at your outlet, but also handle any issues with your staff. But most importantly, you need to focus on customer satisfaction, always ensuring that they not only get the authentic Buffalo Wild Wings taste, but also the thrilling experience these bars are known to provide. Jobs at this level include:

  • Supervisor
  • Assistant manager
  • General manager

Obviously, the pay scale for each of these positions will be based on the level of responsibility you are assigned. But more than that, your performance will be judged on the kind of environment you create at your respective location, both for the workers and for the customers. This is because Buffalo Wild Wings has established itself as a household name in the US and Canada, leading to an increased focus on brand loyalty.

As a manager at Buffalo Wild Wings, you have the unique privilege of upholding the name that has been going strong for 3 decades.  In monetary terms, you can get a starting (annual) salary at the above listed Buffalo Wild Wings jobs in the range of $20,000 to $65,000.

Direct Competitors

The art of a sports bar is a delicate one. For it to work, the presentation, the overall feel, and the food have to come together in a glorious union of man and sports. Buffalo Wild Wings certainly nails this aspect, and the level of energy is almost palpable. With a fast paced and intense atmosphere, we humbly recommend a few more place to apply to where you can mellow out a bit, while still having that same concepts. Firstly, IHOP is a great choice as you’ll have the serving aspect in a more homey setting. Olive Garden will show you how something can be fancy and quaint without being overly expensive and gives you plenty of opportunity to garner some nice tips. Bringing the breakfast feel full circle, apply to Waffle House for a great experience in a unique place. 

Tips and Suggestions

Buffalo Wild Wings now only takes electronic versions of job applications. This is convenience in one way as you don’t have to mail or drop off a printable version. Thus, you can easily fill out your online form within few minutes. However, do note that depending on the job requirement and the location in which you are applying, online forms will vary.

To help you create a form that increases your chances of getting hired, follow the tips and suggestions listed below:

  • If you can provide services in a variety of job positions, apply for each post separately. Let the employer know that you are willing and competent to be assigned multiple duties. Sending only one application in this regard is unwise, as it is possible the employer may overlook it and thus remove your chances of being hired in another post.
  • While Buffalo Wild Wings does not reject applicants at entry level who have no experience, it will give you a significant leverage if you have some restaurant experience. Moreover, even if you have served as volunteer in food sales on campuses, fundraisers, or festivals, this will also count as experience when you apply.
  • If you are applying for a managerial post, then be prepared to answer questions on your interview such ‘how will you handle a situation where the crowd gets rough while watching a game?’

Most importantly, nothing will help you impress your employer more than if you can demonstrate a considerable familiarity with the taste of Buffalo Wild Wings and the range of sauces and spices they offer. Also take out some time and learn some facts about the history and operations of Buffalo Wild Wings (see last section).

Employee Benefits

When filling up Buffalo Wild Wings employment forms, remember that getting hired will make you eligible to the following employee benefits:

  • A competitive starting salary if you have previous restaurant experience
  • Potential for salary raise if you perform well
  • Stock purchase options
  • Employee assistance programs
  • 401(k) savings plan
  • Paid vacation days
  • Paid holidays
  • Sick leaves
  • An opportunity to invest in health benefits and insurance coverage
  • Employee discount at all Buffalo Wild Wings outlets

Buffalo Wild Wings Facts

  • This franchise was founded in1982 by James Disbrow and his friend Scott Lowery to provide customers in Columbus, Ohio authentic Buffalo-style chicken wings.
  • The franchise was initially named ‘Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck’. Now it is also recognized by its nickname ‘B-Dubs’
  • They offer Buffalo wings with a plethora of sauces ( Teriyaki, Sweet BBQ, Caribbean Jerk, Parmesan Garlic, Jammin‘ Jalapeño, Spicy Garlic, Asian Zing, Honey BBQ, and Thai Curry etc.) and seasonings (Lemon Pepper, Salt & Vinegar, Chipotle BBQ, Desert Heat, Buffalo Rub)
  • The franchise operates from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and as of 2013, they have 925 locations (more than 400 of which are franchised) in US and Canada.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings makes a yearly revenue of $784 million