Start Your Career with These Burger King Job Interview Tips!

Fast food is a great way to begin a career as many companies are constantly offering entry-level positions for hopefuls. With our Burger King job interview tips, you’ll have all the tools you need to confidently ace those questions.

Interviews are tricky because each company does them differently. Today we’ll look at Burger King’s hiring process and give you some insight on how to properly prepare for the big day. Stay confident and be sure to take advantage of other resources that will help you learn more about Burger King.

Are you ready to start your career? Of course you are, so read on!

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Burger King’s Interview Process

There are over 8,600 Burger King locations and all of them are constantly looking for good people. Many of the locations are also franchised so the process can vary slightly, but typically you will know within a week if you are hired or not. There are some ways to expedite this process however.

If you are referred by an employee, or if you are one of the bold candidates who stops into the store to introduce themselves, you can possibly be given an on-the-spot interview depending on how dire the need is for new candidates. It’s happened plenty of times so always remember to show initiative and drive.

The typical hiring process though will have you attending a one-on-one interview with several managers and supervisors. Each interview will only last about twenty minutes. Once you’ve become part of the company, further interview for promotions into management will be structured slightly differently.

Since the company likes to promote from within, you will attend group sessions where you participate in discussions and coursework to better assess your abilities and your progress towards becoming a leader in the company.

Interview Questions: How to Best Answer Them

When it comes to Burger King’s interview questions, you can expect some of the more common ones for the fast food industry but that doesn’t mean they won’t throw a few curve balls your way. Let’s take a look at some example questions and how to field them properly:

1. What would you do if a customer was angry and being rude?

1a. Example Answer: “I would ask them to calmly explain the problem they are having and repeat back to them what I was told so they know I fully understand the situation. I would then seek out the assistance of a manager to properly handle the situation and ensure the customer leaves happy.”

2. What is the difference between Maturity and Responsibility?

2a. Example Answer: “Being mature simply means that you have a grasp on social and emotional norms. Being responsible is understanding the duties given to you and ensuring that you always meet and exceed expectations around time, tasks, and other elements of the job.

Keep in mind that your answers should always be focused on customer service which is a major part of fast food. Thanks as always for reading and remember to keep these Burger King job interview tips in mind when that call comes!

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