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Cato Application Online – Printable Job Employment Form

Cato has over 10,000 team members in all of their businesses; from stores, corporate headquarters to distribution centers. However, this number doesn’t stop the company to employ more and more associates for their business expansion. The US fashion retailer still looks to fill in the job vacancies that they have right now in order to meet the ever-increasing market demand.

If you consider yourself a women’s fashion enthusiast and a people person, send in your Cato application now to get hired as soon as possible. It is recommended, however, to apply online via the company website or third party sites to experience greater convenience than walking-in at a Cato store.

In this article, you will be informed about the company’s history, workplace environment, culture, career opportunities, products, brands, among other things that might be useful to getting hired.

How to Apply Online

As mentioned earlier, Cato maintains its own career website where you can preview the most recent job vacancies. You may directly go to the online form PDF site to fill it out with required information or visit the website first here.

While applying online, take advantage of browsing through the job listings. Read through it to be able to find the right position for you. This way, you (and the hiring officer) won’t be having a very difficult time looking for matches between your experience and the job for which you are interested in.

The landing page of the career website is where you can find a brief company overview. Below it is the list of careers that you could choose from. It says on the site that those jobs are in line with the field management niche.

So, for example, if you are a college graduate or still a university student, and are looking to build a career path in the management area, find a specific position that suits you. You may choose among sales associate, store manager, or assistant manager positions.

If you are a high school graduate, entry-level jobs that you might be consider looking at include but not limited to store associate, cashier, retailer, logistics personnel, office clerk, etc. Although you have graduated from high school only, you may still build a reputable career with Cato since the company is an equal opportunity employer.

Cato Application Form

Sending your Resume Online

  • You may opt to shoot the Human Resources department an email together with your resume and cover letter or fill out the downloadable employment form.
  • If you found it difficult to navigate the career website to look for jobs, just click on the job titles features on the left column. You will be then directed to a page where the job description of that job is posted.
  • Read the requirements and description to know if you are well-suited for that job. If yes, send an email to the email address provided below.
  • Make sure to proof read your resume and cover letter to leave a positive impression on the hiring officer. You can search cover letter samples online.
  • Allow the hiring officer to assess your resume and letter for a couple of days. Somebody from Cato will contact you if they found you a great match for the position.

Additional Tips

Your application would have higher chances of getting noticed by the hiring manager, if you have managed to fill out the downloadable form via the website. There is also a consent letter attached to the form that says you agree to undergo drug test as part of theprocess.

You may print the downloadable before and submit it by handing it out personally to the store manager. This also means that you need to find the nearest Cato store at your residence area to be able to apply immediately.

The store locator is available here.

About the Company

The company name was derived from the family name, Cato. It was founded in 1946 as a family-owned business specializing in women’s fashion clothing articles and footwear. Brothers Edgar Thomas and Wayland Henry assisted their father in managing the fashion retail business in its first location in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cato started as a single fashion retail company before it branched out into different brands or business segments. Aside from the mother company, it is also known as Cato Plus and Fashions. The company continued to expand that gave birth to the Versona Accessories and The Fashion Metro divisions.

Therefore, at Cato, interested applicants will have a wide range of job selections, especially at the corporate offices. Today, the company takes care of 10,000 associates that work under different Cato businesses. These businesses include;

  • Distribution Center
  • Stores
  • Corporate Offices

Over the years, Cato is able to expand on their array of clothing and accessory collections that are famous to their American audience. Just recently, the company had opened its lines to men’s fashion and kids, showing how dedicated they are in continuing to be an industry-leader.

As of right now, Cato offers the following products or services to customers:

  • Women’s Shoes
  • Women’s Dresses
  • Plus size
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories

Cato Fashions

It’s Fashion is another division of the company that specializes in creating and selling of trendy dresses for young men, women and children. This is where customers can find the latest fashion collections inspired by the trending styles, cuts and designs.

Click here to know more.

Versona Accessories

Yet another destination for fashion oriented women, primarily. It sells colorful and over the top handbags, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Each collection is inspired by a certain theme like carnival or tribal, which is apparently the latest fashion trend as of this year.

Take a look at the products here.

So, should you decide to work for Cato, you will be selling these products to customers as a store associate. The products are meant both for casual and formal use. They are made with high quality materials at affordable prices.

Additionally, Cato has over 1,000 locations in 32 American states. And with the company’s plan on national expansion, expect to be offered with multiple job opportunities.

Click here for more information.

Employment at Cato

Before submitting your form, you should also have an idea on how is the company like as an employer. Employees at Cato are provided with a drug-free workplace, including its hundreds of store locations. This is why it is a prerequisite of the company to have all pre-employed individuals undergo drug test and must pass background check.

The Cato headquarter is located at Charlotte, North Carolina, but the stores are located throughout the 32 states. Aside from this, Cato also has three different eCommerce stores with each store dedicated to the mother company website, Versona accessories and It’s Fashion (The Fashion Metro).

Aside from the work place and compensation advantages, Cato also boasts their dynamic, young and professional teams. Each is given the opportunity to achieve career development while working for the company, as long as they have shown genuine commitment to work, loyalty and consistent in providing excellent customer service.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Completed online form
  • Previous experience preferred, but not required

Store Hours

Monday to Friday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Saturday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Sunday: 12 PM to 6 PM

Apparently, if you are going to work in-store, you must be willing to have a flexible work schedule and must be willing to work on weekends.

Work environment is fast-paced, especially during holiday breaks, so you need to be capable of working under pressure.

Available Jobs

Biz Cato is currently seeking talented individuals to fill in the following positions:

Corporate Offices

  • Systems Administrators
  • Loss Prevention Officer
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Information Technology Specialists
  • Marketers
  • Advertisers
  • Print Shop/Mail Room Coordinator
  • Finance Analyst
  • Real Estate
  • Merchandisers
  • Part-time Collector
  • Product Development Officers

Stores: It’s Fashion/Cato/Versona

  • Store Associate
  • Field Management Trainee
  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Training Store Manager

Distribution Center

  • Accounting Coordinator

Read the job description here to help you decide.

Career Opportunities

As an equal opportunity employer, Cato values hard work, loyalty and work performance of an individual regardless of his or her highest educational attainment, gender, racial background or experience.

At Cato, you will have an opportunity grow as a well-rounded professional, specializing in field management. This is especially true in the store department, where you can start from the bottom – store associate. As a store associate, you will provide assistance to customers shopping for dresses, shoes, or accessories.

You can get promoted eventually to become a second or first assistant manager. You will lead a team of associates to ensure quality service is being provided; the products are in premium condition and offer assistance to the customers.

From being the assistant manager, you can be the next store manager that will guide and coach your own team towards excellent customer service, increased sales growth and achieving the store business objectives. Your leadership would essentially be the source of inspiration, energy and motivation of your team members.

Afterwards, if your success in the company will continue, you could attain the following positions:

District Manager

Sr. District Manager

Regional Vice President

Territorial Vice President

You will be provided with rigorous training by the company in order to be qualified.

Job Application Tips

The hiring process at Cato may be as short as one working day or as lengthy as seven days. The duration may vary depending on the Cato job that you’re applying for, volume of applicants and holiday breaks.

However, in some instances, applicants can get hired on the spot when they applied by walking in at the store. They passed their resume to the manager, and instantly, they were invited to sit down for 1-2 interviews. If the manager found good reasons enough to hire the candidate, so he or she will get the job offer on the same day.

Apparently, the hiring process involves one-on-one interviews between the recruiter and the applicant. You will be asked questions after questions and you must answer with good articulation to show how good you are at oral communication. This skill is very important to your work since you will be facing different customers daily.

Basic Interview Questions

  • What are your favorite Cato products? Why?
  • Would you recommend Cato to your friends?
  • What would you do if you caught someone shoplifting at the store?
  • Are you willing to work on weekends?
  • What do you want to become 10 years from now?
  • What are your expectations from the company?

Direct Competitors

Cato is in direct competition with Aeropostale and The TJX Companies. If you want to work at the world’s largest discount fashion retail shop, then TJX Companies might suit your interest. This company offers a much broader variety of men, women and kid’s apparel through their 3,200 stores, and about 400 home furniture stores.

Aeropostale is a world-renowned clothing brand that prides on giving prestige to the name of their team members. So, if you want to work in a hippie and trendy clothing store, Aeropostale should be right up your alley.

Salary Information

Salary is determined by a number of factors such as type of job (part-time or full-time), work experience, education, job title, geographical location, skills, etc.

For salary reference when pursuing an application, read on the list below:


  • Sales Associate – $7.43
  • First Assistant Store Manager – $9.03
  • Assistant Manager – $8.61
  • Second Assistant Store Manager – $8

Annual Salary

  • Retail Store Manager – $29, 474
  • Store Manager – $28,064
  • Allocation Analyst – $28,409
  • Merchandiser – $30,000

Employee Benefits

The benefits may vary depending on the job title. To give you an idea on the difference, read below:


  • Healthcare plan (i.e. dental, vision, prescription discount, medical)
  • 401(k) plan
  • ESOP
  • Stock Purchase Plan
  • Life Insurance, including the dependents
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Credit union


  • 401(k) Plan
  • ESOP and Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Healthcare plan
  • Long-term and short-term disability plan
  • Paid time-off
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Paid holidays
  • Life insurance

Working at Cato would be a privilege as you will be given the opportunity to learn its secrets to decades of successful business tradition. Similar to other large-scale companies in the market, the company sees their associates as the best asset they have, and that should be taken care of.

With that, Cato is more than happy to offer above-average salary packages and benefits to their well-valued team members. However, only full salaried employees can receive the full range benefits that the company offers.

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