Cheesecake Factory Employment Job Application

Cheesecake Factory LogoThis may be shallow but if you want job perks that can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, working Cheesecake Factory should on top of your list. The American cheesecake distributor was founded with the owner’s hard work, perseverance and commitment to giving quality service.

It is important that you also share the same work ethic to make the most out of your Cheesecake Factory application and employment. To help you make the cut, use this article as a material for your research about the company, its story, food menu, career opportunities, among many others.

Cheesecake Factory Employment Form Guide

The California based bakery and café shop boasts a well-designed career web portal for prospect and current employees. You can easily browse through the available job openings nationwide. Other featured information includes the company culture, benefits, locations and FAQs. You can make use of the job search menu to narrow down the job results according to your interests.

For quick Cheesecake Factory job search, you can just type in the main keyword on the search box. For example, type in the word “server” to filter the results to server job openings. You can then click on the results found and read the job description and requirements.

Additionally, simply read on the list of jobs listed on the right corner of the web page. The jobs are arranged categorically for easier reference.

Cheesecake Factory Talent Network

To have a more convenience online process, join the company’s talent network. Register your personal information and contact numbers to be able to receive the latest updates from the Cheesecake Factory. You may also opt to attach a copy of your updated resume to store in the database.

This way, the HR staff can easily screen your profile to see if there is any position that matches you. They will send you an email to know if you are interested for taking an employment opportunity at Cheesecake Factory.

About Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory is a labor of love of Evelyn and Oscar Overton. The Overtons hail from Detroit, where they lived a simple life in a decent neighborhood with their two children. Evelyn’s cooking skills were almost her secondary nature that she was able to develop original cheesecake recipes, which later on became the foundation of her bakery shop.

She first opened a small bakery shop in Detroit in the 1940’s but arrived at a point when she had to give it up to focus nurturing her kids.

During the late 1940’s, the Overton’s kitchen became Evelyn’s cheesecake factory. She would create and supply cakes to her customers, most of which were small restaurants. The couple believed in their dream of making it big time someday, so the two flew to Los Angeles to chase their success. They had to use almost all of their savings to buy a quite big lot for their business.

In 1975, The Cheesecake Factory was born in terms of booming sales, reputation and popularity. Evelyn Overton continued creating a wide variety of cheesecake recipes that were passed down generations from generations.

Today, Cheesecake Factory has over 150 locations throughout the United States. It also has expanded into other countries in the Middle East and the Caribbean islands. The international success of the company has allowed them to employ thousands of people today as well as lucrative job opportunities for young professionals.

Join America’s 11th largest restaurant with your well-done Cheesecake Factory cover letter and resume today.

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Employment at the Cheesecake Factory

The company had a modest beginning that prompted its founders to be committed and determined to achieving their goals. This is why the company has a very competitive and dynamic work environment today. Every team member is expected to share their own ideas on strategic planning while having fun with a nurtured team work among colleagues.

You can voice out your out of the box opinions and creative ideas, and somebody will listen to you because you are a vital piece of the company.

Depending on the store location, you might experience a hectic work condition. So you must also prepare yourself to work under pressure. Good thing is you will have an opportunity to interact with customers, introduce to them the company’s signature products and an opportunity to raise the store sales and profit.

For a restaurant staff, a typical day in a Cheesecake Factory store would be vibrant, filled with different people, a bit busy with the orders and all and the end-day could be rewarding as you made some customers happy with your services.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Cheesecake Factory submitted resume
  • Previous work experience preferred, but not required
  • Must pass background check

Working Hours

The company working hours may vary depending on the store location. If the restaurant is located inside a busy shopping mall, the hours may be longer than regular working schedule.

  • Monday to Thursday – 11AM to 11PM
  • Friday to Saturday – 11AM to 12PM
  • Sunday – 10AM to 11PM

Most probably the interviewer will ask you if you are amenable to work on a shifting schedule, so be sure to be flexible with the given schedule. You might be assigned to work on night shift or weekends.

Direct Competitors

Working for the Cheesecake Factory is like working for royalty. The inside of those places has incredible art, architecture, and great food. We tip our hats to the place that has a menu so big it needs a binding. Once you’ve applied here, check out Texas Roadhouse for a more southern twist. From there, apply to Longhorn Steakhouse make steaks that make people say something out loud involuntarily. Finally, we recommend you apply to Red Lobster to top off your classy working environment options. Find a place that makes you happy, and serve great food to happy guests. 

Dress Code

The Cheesecake Factory targets upscale lifestyle, so the uniform looks quite formal with long polo sleeves, neck tie and an apron.

Cheesecake Factory Job Openings

The cheesecake supplier is glad to announce that they are hiring more and more qualified candidates as they continue to expand their store locations. In fact, CNN had recently reported that the Cheesecake Factory is open to hiring 1,500 individuals. Most jobs are customer service related, ranging from restaurant staff, managerial, corporate to executive positions. The company is seeking to employ around 580 servers for their 170 store branches nationwide.

As an employer, Cheesecake Factory expects to hire professionals who have deep interest and passion for servicing the restaurant guests. This will help the company make sure that every guest is having a great dining experience that they would wish to come back soon to the restaurant.

Candidates for the managerial positions are expected to inspire and motivate their team members by cultivating teamwork. The human resources department is tasked to screen the applicants well, by assessing their work history and the contributions they have had made to their previous employers.

Cheesecake Factory Careers by Job Title

  • Kitchen Manager – 31 positions are currently available. You can focus your Cheesecake Factory employment form on this position, should you find yourself qualified. The role of a kitchen manager is to ensure that the food preparations and operations are running smoothly. He or she will be accountable for 20-25 team members primarily working in the kitchen. He will also be responsible for the budget planning, maintaining work excellence and driving sales growth.
  • Restaurant Manager – You will man the front-of-the-house duties and responsibilities. You will supervise all of the restaurant staff, the work environment, quality of food being delivered and prepared and safety of the place. You are also expected to be competent enough to deal with difficult customers, should your team member find it hard to handle the situation.
  • Bakery Management – This job category consists of a variety of positions such as facility manager, HR staff, senior training specialist, bakery research and development specialist, materials manager and materials management coordinator.
  • Corporate – The available positions for corporate roles include IT support specialist, senior CAD operator, Lawson integration engineer, director of sustainability, executive assistant, foundation intern, senior financial analyst, and learning management system administrator.
  • Bakery Production –Available positions: production worker and sanitation worker.

Cheesecake Factory Application Tips and Interview Process

Cheesecake Factory has a basic recruitment process, which can be done online. You just have to fill out the online employment form to show your interest in the job postings. You may also opt to turn your Cheesecake Factory forms to the nearest restaurant from your residence. Go to the restaurant and look for the manager to present him/her with your resume.

You may politely ask the manager if he or she is available for giving you an interview today. So before walking in to the restaurant, make sure that you are well-dressed, casual or formal business attire to fit the company’s upscale demographic. If you have done a good job in the interview, you may get hired immediately but the start date might be scheduled in a certain day so ask about it later on.

Common Interview Questions

  • Do you have passion for providing customer service?
  • What can you say about our food menu? Would you recommend them to your friends?
  • Are you amenable to work on weekends?
  • What is the first thing you should do when a guest enters the restaurant?

Interview Tips

Restaurant managers are busy people, so it is quite difficult to schedule an appointment with them. When you got a scheduled interview, make sure to be aggressive in expressing your reasons why you should get hired. You have to answer all questions with the best of your abilities to leave a good impression; that means you have understood the question and you know why you are being interviewed.

A successful initial interview with a low-ranking manager can give you the chance to sit with the general manager as part of the final interview. At this point of your Cheesecake Factory interview, don’t be too nervous as the GM will likely ask you one question that can be tricky though. The general manager might ask you a situation question that there’s no over thinking required.

Salary Information


  • Host/hostess – $9
  • Server – $5
  • Food server – $5.8
  • Baker – $9
  • Waiter/waitress – $7


  • Food server – $1,814
  • Server – $1,836

Full Salaried

  • Manager – $48,486
  • Kitchen Manager – $54,417
  • Restaurant manager – $53,929
  • Senior restaurant manager – $57,354

Employee Benefits Offered at Cheesecake Factory

At Cheesecake Factory, every team member is seen as the greatest resource of inspiration, success and motivation to continue doing what it does best. In turn, the company has designed a comprehensive benefit program for their dedicated employees and their dependents. Learning about these benefits can help with your Cheesecake Factory employment decision making as it might further inspire you to pursue employment at the company.

Each employee is eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Health savings accounts
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Life and Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Supplemental life and disability insurance
  • Eye care – Both of the employee and his or her eligible dependents will benefit
  • Paid vacation – three weeks of vacation after 5 years of employment at the company
  • Medical – four options are available: EPO, High Deductible health plan, PPO and Advantage exclusive provider organization (APO)
  • Dental – Aetna Dental Maintenance organization

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