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Citi Trends is a retail chain selling urban clothing, shoes and accessories as well as home decor at value prices. The company started life as Savannah Wholesale right after World War II. In 1958, after several exchanges of ownership, Savannah Wholesale became Allied Department Stores. Finally, in 2000, they became Citi trends. This article will guide you on how to fill out and submit a Citi Trends Application.

The goal of the store is to sell national brands at 20% to 70% discounts, from specialty and department store prices. With their headquarters in Savannah, Georgia and two distribution centers, along with the stores, there are many career opportunities available. Citi Trends has offices in New York and Los Angeles as well.

You can complete an employment form for jobs in 29 different states. Citi Trends has 506 stores and employs 4500 people. The company has a variety of opportunities for which you can complete online employment forms. Citi Trends looks for enthusiastic and outgoing people to fill any openings on their staff.

Apply Online to Citi Trends

To land one of these jobs you need an outgoing personality, a strong ability to be able to speak with customers, and be able to provide great customer service. From entry-level to executive, career opportunities are there for the right people whose values match those of Citi Trends.

There are also a variety of other jobs that you can apply for at the headquarters or at one of the distribution centers. You can research these jobs at the Citi Trends website here. Once there you can just enter the city you are interested in and all the available career opportunities at that location will come up.

This will give you information about the job and allow you to complete a Citi Trends online forms just by clicking on “Apply”. For example, if you enter the location of New York, jobs in New York will come up. If you enter South Carolina, Citi Trends in South Carolina come up. Choose the city and state where you want to work.

When you know where you would like to work and what kind of job you are interested in, you can then complete the employment forms. If you do not have a place you want to work in mind you can enter anything into the keyword space, such as store associate.

Searching your job instead of the location can help you find what you want faster than searching just your location. It will still produce the career opportunities that match your keyword search. Now you can complete the Citi Trends online employment forms.

What You Want to Know Applying to Citi Trends

Positions Available Outside of the Retail Stores

There are a variety of positions available that are not at the retail stores. At the same time it is good to know that the majority of career opportunities begin by working in a store. Here are the other positions:

The Distribution Center hires District Managers, Material Handlers, Processors, Packers, Merchandise Planner, and Processing Clerks.

Headquarters hires Human Resources Receptionists, Payroll Supervisors, Information Services Trainees, Project Managers, Managers in Training, Marketing Coordinators, Help Desk Support, Accounts Payable, Accounting personnel, Allocators, Store Auditors, Field Recruiters, Recruiting Coordinators, and Operations Managers.

For any of these positions and to find out more career opportunities and complete an online employment form by going to the website.

 Citi Trends Application Tips

There are plenty of full-time career opportunities in the stores which are located in 29 states, the two Distribution Centers and the 4 Home Offices. You can also apply to Citi Trends for of these jobs:

  • You must be 16 years old.
  • Store Hours are 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Knowledge of the fashion industry is not a must have but it is an advantage in applying with others who do not have this.
  • You need to have good customer service skills and the ability to provide excellent customer service.
  • You need a dependable work ethic to succeed at Citi Trends.

Fill out your Citi Trends employment papers now.

Direct Competitors

There are many ways to approach fashion, and more specifically there are many tastes for each person. Everyone has different things they want to wear. Working somewhere like Citi Trends will offer you the chance to sell modern and urban clothing unique to that store. Apply to Forever 21 as well, to sell men and women’s clothing that is modern and contemporary. Old Navy should be on your list for their constant sales and unique styles. Finish up your applying spree with a stop on our Hot Topic page, where the styles are as extreme as the music they play in their stores.  

Citi Trends Career Opportunities in the Retail Stores

The retail stores offer various types of job opportunities that you can apply for by filling out the Citi Trends employment forms fully. Most of these are entry levels and store management positions.

Sales Associates in the retail store stock products, assist customers, work the cash register, clean the store, maintain inventories and inventory controls, and maintain compliance standards. Entry level Sales Associates earn $7 to $10 per hour.

Management in the retail stores interview, hire and supervise all store associates, Inventory Management, HR functions, supervise day-to-day store operations, oversee sales and customer service, monitor all associates, and make sure they comply with Citi Trends policies and procedures.

Citi Trends career opportunities in management in the retail stores include 1st Assistant Manager, Key Holder (shift manager) 2nd Assistant Manager, Manager in Training, Store Manager and District Manager. Managers receive a salary which ranges from $36,000 to $53000.

All of these positions can be applied for online.

Citi Trends and Benefits

Citi Trends is committed to the concept of fostering an outstanding work environment for their employees. The experience should keep you occupied, productive, fun, and safe. Here are some of the benefits that all Citi Trends employees receive:

Entry Level

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Paid Training
  • Health Care = medical/dental/vision/
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee Discounts
  • Employee Referral Programs
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance both Long and Short Term

Advanced Employee

  • Generous Salary Options
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Paid Training Programs
  • 401 k Retirement plan w/matching
  • Health Care = medical/dental/vision
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee Discounts
  • Employee Referral Bonus
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance both LTD and STD

Apply for a Citi Trends job today. Check the website to verify benefits and search for the open positions.

When You Are applying to Citi Trends Online

When you fill out the forms be sure to take your time. Be patient. Make sure that you fill in every field and do not leave any blank. Carefully look over all the positions available at Citi Trends by clicking here.

You can and should apply for as many positions as you are qualified for and are really interested in. If you are really interested in living in Chicago and in Peoria and you were going to apply for Chicago only, go ahead and apply for Peoria as well.

However, if you are not serious about the position in Peoria then do not apply for it. Only apply for those positions that you really want. Please do not waste your time or the recruiter’s time. You do not want to gain a reputation for over applying. If you fill out Citi Threads online employment forms you should mean it.

When Interviewing for a Citi Threads Job

Once you have been asked to interview you should:

  • If there is time, send a thank you before the interview.
  • Dress professionally for the interview. Entry level candidates this is particularly important for you. DO NOT WEAR jeans, t-shirts, shorts, short blouses, flip-flops, hats, sunglasses.
  • Shake hands firmly with the interviewer and with everyone you meet.
  • Make and maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Be prepared to ask questions about the company or job.
  • Familiarize yourself with the company history to prepare for questions
  • Send a thank you after the interview.

Citi Threads Short History

As a wholesaler, Savannah sold undergarments and hosiery to stores in the southeast. Because they were so successful as wholesalers, Savannah opened the store in 1958. They called the store Allied Department Stores to signify the variety of items the store was able to sell, and also so that they could capitalize on the emotional responses that Americans had for the word “Allied” in this time after the second world war.

In February of 2000 they created a new store format of larger stores with a greater variety of merchandise. These stores opened the new name Citi Trends, Fashion For Less. All of the old Allied stores have been converted to the new format. It was the goal of Citi Trends to become one of the largest specialty stores in the country.

Citi Trends discounts urban fashion designs whether it be in shoes, apparel, accessories, or home décor. The goal is to appeal to the consumer who is looking for great styles and fashion at deep discounts. The company is committed to selling national brands at 20 to 70 percent discounts.

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