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Claire’s is a popular brand for fashion accessories intended for young and adult women. The company has been in the fashion retail industry for more than 50 years and is continuously seeking qualified candidates to support them with their ever-increasing goals.

Thus, job vacancies are on the rise which you should ignore especially if you love women’s fashion. This article is a good resource of ideas on how you should prepare for your Claire’s application and if it is the right company for you.

Why you should pursue your Claire’s Employment

With Claire’s global presence, applicants and employees are provided with a variety of job opportunities. The company aims at providing their prospective and current associates a place where they can advance their career and dedicate their expertise long-term.

The company’s vision is to allow people to become themselves regardless of who, what and where they are. This vision also reflects how they treat their associates when it comes to giving equal opportunities for each of them.

Employees enjoy a few luxuries that other companies may not be able to provide. The company has a great support system where you can be yourself and pursue new opportunities where you believe you can shine.

About Claire’s

In 1961, two big retailers in Chicago have merged to establish what we call now as Claire’s. It all began in Illinois before the company was able to expand up to 1,000 retail stores across the US in 1992. A little over 3 decades later, the company has become one of the fast-rising fashion retail providers in North America and it continued to dominate the global market.

Today, the company has stores established in 44 different countries and the international recognition by designers and industry experts have been immense. Thus, the Illinois-based company became the go-to-store of quality and affordable fashion accessories and makeup for younger girls and women all over the globe.

Claire’s is currently recognized as the world’s leading ear pierce manufacturer. In fact, the company has an average of 3 million ears piercing every year, which helped them fulfill one mission – to be the number one destination for girl’s accessories. Simply said, Claire’s wanted to be every girly girl’s best friend when it comes to fashion and lifestyle.

The company’s demographic target 10-14 year old girls, and so far, they are successful in reaching for their targeted audience as they have 95% brand awareness in the market. Meanwhile, the company’s another brand, Icing, was established for older women aged 18-35.

The target customers are independent and career-oriented women who have deep interest in passion. Now that Claire’s is expanding their demographic, they will surely need more and more professionals out there to help them with their cause.

If you think Claire’s is where your skills and passion for fashion needed to be, secure a slot with your employment form on their website available here.


Employment at Claire’s

Working for Claire’s is like making good friends with people. You can feel as if you are a part of a big family who truly cares about your development as a professional.

The company can bring out your strengths and weaknesses and teach you how to use each of it to your advantage. It is where you will find people who share the same interest and personality as you are.

Thus, career growth is not exclusive to one person only. Everyone improves in what they do, enabling them to become a better professional.


  • Applicants must be 18 years old
  • Choose a job position that has sparked your interest
  • Create an account at Claire’s job website
  • Fill-out Claire’s employment form and submit it

Store Hours

Similar to other retail stores, the working hours start from 9 AM to 8 PM, every Mondays to Saturdays. However, depending on the location and occasion, a certain Claire’s store may open as early as 6AM until midnight like those that are located in airports and shopping centers. So, your hours must be flexible and you must be willing to work on weekends.

You can apply for full-time or part-time position as a sales associate. Most probably, full-time positions are available for their corporate and field work positions.

Available Job Opportunities at Claire’s

A lot of job vacancies with the company are customer service-oriented. The jobs are organized in three different categories such as regional, in-store and retail support. In-store positions are recommended for entry-level to mid-level Claire’s applicants.

You could apply for the sales associate, store manager or assistant manager positions. Regional and retail support jobs are intended for much experienced mid to upper level applicants as the positions involve fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a district and regional sales manager.

As of right now, Claire’s are looking for the following candidates:

  • Store Managers – You will join a team of diverse individuals and will be responsible for the continuous improvement of the store’s customer service, operations and sales and profit. You need to be goal-oriented and client-centric to ensure that the store operates smoothly. Part of your managerial responsibilities is to train and develop your subordinates so you must possess excellent leadership skills for this role.
  • Assistant Store Managers – Assist the store manager by making sure that his or her priorities are met on time, monitor the retail goals and target and supervise the store’s daily operations. You must also have strong leadership skills that can inspire other team members to be their best at all times. Thus, your team will be able to drive sales and reach the retail target.
  • Senior Sales Associates/Part-time Managers – This role requires you to be results-driven. You will work closely with the management team wherein you will share your shopping experiences and in-depth knowledge of the product.
  • District Sales Managers – You must ensure that all Claire’s store within your district perform well. Similar to the store manager, you must also be goal-oriented and client-centric with proven sales and retail experience.
  • Regional Sales Managers – RSM’s are responsible for helping the company achieve its goals on a larger scale. They must lead the district sales and store managers to the right direction to build a team of achievers. If you want to apply for the said position, you must possess excellent leadership abilities, which is one of the keys to managing a large team of experienced and entry-level individuals effectively.

If you think you possess the skills, education and experience that the above mentioned jobs warrant from an applicant, you may send your resume here. You may also visit the nearest Claire’s store in your neighborhood to inquire about their latest job vacancies, especially if you are looking for other in-store or customer service oriented positions.

Additionally, you can click here to subscribe to Claire’s job alerts.

Direct Competitors

Working for Claires will allow you, the savvy accessory connoisseur, to help people find the fashion accessories for their daily lives.Since you seem to know your way around the world of crafting and accessorizing. And so, we’re here to help you find the job where you can shine. Apply to Michaels to help people find ways to create their own inspiring methods of adding panache to everything they do. Once you’re done applying to these, apply to Sephora, one of the largest beauty and cosmetic stores in the world. For a job that has all this and more, apply to Five Below. Make-up, accessories, and so much more is available for you to learn about and sell. 

Salary Information

Claire’s salary may vary depending on your job title, experience, skills and location. Keep in mind that states in the US have a different cost of living that can affect your salary. So, to give you an overview of how much Claire’s employees earn annually, read on the information below.

In-Store Employees

  • Store Managers – $31,482 per year
  • Assistant Managers – $11.32 per hour
  • Part-time Managers – $8.65 per hour
  • Sales Associates – $7.66 per hour


  • District Sales Manager – $58,375 per year

Retail Support

  • Sales Associates – $8 per hour
  • Design – $8 per hour
  • E-commerce – $8 to $9 per hour
  • Store operations – $9 to $10 per hour

Click here for a thorough Claire’s job description.

Claire’s Application Tips, Interview and Hiring Process

Expect tough employment competition when applying at Claire’s because it is a large company. So, do not underestimate your competitors especially if you are applying for an entry-level position.

Claire’s presence in the United States is strong; with approximately 95% of shopping malls have a Claire’s store branch. However, good thing the company continues to hiring new employees every now and then. You just need to keep yourself updated with the latest Claire’s job opportunities.

If you applied online, expect to hear back from them within 2-3 business days. The hiring process however may last up to 30 days depending on the volume of applicants that the recruitment team has to screen and short-list.

Take advantage of this lull by preparing for a series of interview that may be done via phone call, while the succeeding interviews can be a one-on-one or a panel interview. It usually depends on your targeted position.

For example, if you are interested in becoming a store manager, you will likely be interviewed one-on-one by an HR manager to know if your resume should be endorsed to a panel of executives for another interview.

Claire’s Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to work for Claire’s?
  • Are you available for long-term work?
  • Do you have any previous experience related to the fashion retail industry?
  • What important qualities do you have to land a job at our company?

Interview Tips

According to a sales associate, the interview process is quite easy and simple. The interview questions would focus on the applicant’s work experience. So, it is important that you have relevant experience in the position that you are applying for otherwise you might have a hard time convincing the interviewer why they should hire you.
Applicants tend to collect and select when they are seeking for a job.

This should not be the attitude because hiring officers will know if you really wanted to work for their company. So, to make a strong stand for your candidacy, you must make sure that you want to spend most days of your life there first. The duties are not light and simple, so the company will likely need someone who’s willing to meet to the expectations of the company.

Claire’s Employee Benefits

Claire’s is generous when it comes to employee benefits. Employees receive a variety of packages in the form of a retirement plan, savings plan, job perks, education assistance, medical and dental benefits and a competitive salary.

Aside from this, hardworking employees may be granted of training opportunities for their respective career advancement. The aim is to fully develop their skills set and strengths while overcoming their weaknesses. Thus, they will come out as a well-rounded professional after their career stint at Claire’s.

Employees who have worked with Claire’s for years can enjoy having 401(k) retirement plan and savings plan to secure a good future for their family. They will also receive paid vacations and holiday pay to spend some time off from working and unwind with their loved ones.

Claire’s managers care for their employees that they understand their needs and demands to be happy outside of work by giving them life-work balance. If these things sound good to you, start with polishing your resume now and do your best during the interview.

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