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Del Taco LogoIf you have ever had that feeling where you can’t seem to decide if you want to eat Mexican or American food, chances are you’ve ended up eating at a Del Taco. Operating more than 525 locations operating in 16 states, the popular fast food restaurant chain provides employment to thousands of hopeful job candidates who send in their Del Taco application forms each month.

With a menu that features great American dishes such as shakes, fries and cheeseburgers, as well as classic Mexican food like tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, Del Taco has become one the most popular Mexican-American fast food restaurant chains in the United States today.

Getting a job at one of the country’s more popular fast food chains is a goal that many aspiring job seekers have. Not only does the company offer ample employment opportunities, it also provides its employees with plenty of career advancement opportunities.

Del Taco is always accepting applicants for a variety of entry-level, management, and corporate positions. If you are looking to join the team of highly motivated individuals that work at Del Taco, you can apply to Del Taco via the company’s official website.

Applying to Del Taco online is fairly simple. All you would need to do is visit Del Taco’’s official website and click on the careers link at the bottom of the homepage.

After you click on the careers link, you will be taken to a page where you can decide if you want to apply for a job at one of the company’s restaurant locations or if you want to become part of their corporate team. Click on the career path you want and you will be shown a list of current job listings that you can apply for.

On this page, you can either click on the position you want in order to apply for a position online, or find directions to the restaurant location of your choice in order to apply in person. There is even a handy map of all Del Taco locations nearest you.

To continue applying to Del Taco through the website, click the apply button. On the following screen you will be asked to complete a form by entering information such as your name and contact number, as well as a copy of your resume.

Del Taco app formOnce you have completed the form, you can submit and simply wait for confirmation. Within a few days, you will be contacted regarding the status of your candidacy.

About the Company

The Del Taco chain of fast food restaurants was founded in 1964 by restaurant manager Ed Hackbarth and his business partner David Jameson. Their first restaurant opened in Yermo, California, and on their opening day, Hackbarth and Jameson managed to make $169 in sales.

The success of their first restaurant soon resulted in the establishment of two new locations in Barstow, one in Needles, and a fifth in Corona, which happened to be the first Del Taco to have a drive thru. Hackbarth and Jameson were soon joined by Dick Naugle, who at the time was responsible for setting up the kitchen equipment at their Corona restaurant.

Naugle was impressed by the success of Hackbarth and Jameson that the three of them soon founded Red-E-Food Systems Inc. in 1966. Their goal was to begin franchising the Del Taco brand.

In the early 1970’s, Naugles left the company in order to start Naugles, his own Mexican fast food chain. Soon after, Red-E-Food Systems Inc. became Del Taco Inc., and by the mid-1970’s the company was enjoying tremendous commercial success that at one point, they were opening new restaurant locations each month.

The two remaining founders decided to make the most of the company’s success by selling the Del Taco to a group of investors who sold the exclusive rights to use and develop the Del Taco brand throughout the United States. The company continued to expand through various franchise deals and acquisitions, and by 1978 there were already a hundred Del Taco restaurants in the western region of the United States.

The 1980’s saw Del Taco growing even bigger, with the company merging with Naugles in 1988. With the acquisition of 171 Naugles restaurants, Del Taco suddenly became one of the biggest Mexican-American fast food chains in the country.

The company went through several periods of struggle in the early 1990’s, with more than a few unprofitable restaurant locations closing down. Things began looking up again in 1997 and 1998, when the company opened its 325th restaurant location.

In the following decades, Del Taco continued to experience significant growth. In January of 2008, the company celebrated a momentous occasion when it opened its 500th restaurant location in Burbank, California.

Today, Del Taco operates more than 525 restaurants in 16 states. Most of the company’s locations are concentrated in the West Coast states, particularly in California, Washington and Oregon. The company also has a significant presence in other states such as Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah.

Del Taco restaurants offer a menu that features traditional American dishes and classic Mexican food. Some of the company’s best sellers are their famous Bean and Cheese Burrito with green or red sauce, and their Tacos al Carbon.

Direct Competitors

 Del Taco brings a variety of customers to their locations with a menu that combines Mexican and American food. Many other places will serve just one or the other, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you prefer mexican style food, apply to Taco Bell and relish in their menu. If you prefer the burger side of things, apply to Burger King and serve the American classic. For a more barbeque focused experience, apply to Arby’s and serve those fantastic curly fries each and every day. Menus are wide and varied across these fast food places, you should choose what you find the most exciting to sell, or if you like all of them, apply to each one and wait for the calls to come rolling in. 

Job Openings

The Del Taco chain of fast food restaurants is always in need of qualified individuals who can fill a variety of spots on their roster. They offer a wide range of employment opportunities for both the inexperienced job seeker and the grizzled restaurant industry veteran.

If you have little or no experience in the restaurant industry, applying to Del Taco could get you a job as a team member. The primary duties of a team member include operating the cash register, taking food and drink orders, and maintaining the general cleanliness of the restaurant.

Most of the team member positions work part-time hours, and have the opportunity to receive hourly pay increases as they continue to gain experience in the company.

For those who have been in the business for a longer period of time, their Del Taco job potential can get a position on the company’s management team. You can find supervisory work with the company if you get hired as a shift manager or an assistant manager.

Shift managers oversee all restaurant operations and work towards increasing profit and ensuring customer satisfaction. It is the shift manager’s job to make sure that all team members comply with the company’s standards for service and sanitation.

For assistant managers, their job is to work closely with team members and act as the bridge between them and management. Assistant managers work with the shift manager in ensuring that all team members are well trained and fully equipped to perform their duties well.

Working with the Company

A typical working day at the popular fast food restaurant chain involves plenty of customer interaction. Whether you join the team in an entry-level capacity or as part of the management team, everything revolves around customer satisfaction.

From food and drink preparation, to customer service, to bussing and clean up, team members at Del Taco work towards providing their customers with the best dining experience possible. Many current and previous employees agree that working at Del Taco is a fun yet challenging experience. During peak hours the atmosphere may be frantic, but during the day work can be light and enjoyable.

Regardless of the position Del Taco  gets you hired in, you can expect to be working with fun, like-minded individuals who have a passion for delivering excellent customer service. You are likely to meet new friends at Del Taco, which only makes the experience of working at the company even more enjoyable.

Hiring Process

As might most other fast food restaurant chains, the hiring process at Del Taco is fairly straightforward. After applying online or in person, you will be invited for an interview.

Depending on the position that you are applying for, you may need to go through more than one interview. Most of the qualified entry-level applicants are hired on the same day, while those seeking positions in management may need to come back for a second interview with the owner or general manager.

It is important that you come to your interviews on time. If you come late, or do not show up at all, you give the company the impression that you are not serious about applying for a job at Del Taco.

Also, make sure that you dress properly for the interviews. Wearing the right clothes can give the impression that you are a professional, which can only add to the likelihood of you getting hired by the company.

Once you successfully make it past the interviews, you will be notified of your schedule. In no time, you will be waking up in order to get ready for your first day of work at Del Taco.

Salary Information

On top of ample career advancement opportunities, Del Taco employees are also given a competitive salary. Employee salaries vary depending on their position, experience, and length of stay with the company.

Most entry-level positions receive an hourly wage that meets or exceeds the industry minimum. Del Taco team members usually make $7 to $10 per hour, with the opportunity to receive salary increases as they gain more experience with the company.

For managers, they stand to receive a significantly higher salary mainly because of the position that they hold within the company and the experience that they have accumulated in the industry. Shift managers make an annual salary that ranges from $20,000 to $45,000 per year, while assistant managers can make $18,000 to $25,000 each year.

Employee Benefits

Aside from a competitive salary, Del Taco employees also stand to receive a very comprehensive benefits package. Hourly employees can enjoy flexible work hours, meal discounts, bonuses, and career growth opportunities. Salaried employees and other qualified personnel can receive other benefits such as a 401(k) plan, medical benefits, dental and vision plans, life insurance plans, tuition assistance, and performance bonuses.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting trivia about Del Taco that can help you impress your interviewers.

  • In 1961, before Ed Hackbarth founded the now popular Mexican American fast food restaurant chain, he owned a small restaurant called “Casa del Taco”, which is Spanish for “House of the Taco”.
  • Until 1973, the company was called Casa del Taco. The founders decided to drop the “Casa”, and the restaurant chain was known simply as “Del Taco” ever since.
  • Ed Hackbarth used to co-own Bell’s Hot Dog in San Bernardino with Glenn Bell, founder of one of Del Taco’s competitors, Taco Bell.
  • Del Taco started staying open 24/7 in the 1980’s in order to cater to customers who worked at night.

Whether you have experience in the restaurant industry or not, there is sure to be a Del Taco job that suits your qualifications. Submit your Del Taco application and begin what could very well be a rewarding and enjoyable stint with the company.

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