Dicks Sporting Goods Employment Job Application

Dicks Sporting Goods LogoDicks Sporting Goods is a US chain of sporting goods and retail stores, and is one of the world’s largest. Because of this, it is a favorite stop for athletes and consumers alike.

Besides shoppers, it is also a popular destination for job seekers looking for rewarding work in the sports retail industry. The company offers competitive pay, training programs, and an extensive list of benefits and opportunities.

Read further to find out more on how you can pass your Dicks Sporting Goods application today.

About Dicks Sporting Goods

Dicks Sporting Goods is a US chain of sporting goods and retail stores. It is known as one of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers in the world.

The company was founded in 1948 by Richard “Dick” Stack, who was 18 at the time. He was working at an army and navy store in Binghamton, New York, when he thought of expanding the product offering to include camping and fishing supplies.

The owner of the store thought it was a bad idea, going as far as saying Stack would “never make a good merchant.” Upon telling his grandmother about it, she told Stack to believe in his dreams and gave him $300 from her savings to start a business.

The store was a small “bait and tackle” fishing supply store, which expanded in the 1960’s. By then, he named the store Dicks Sporting Goods.

Today, it sells sporting goods, outdoor equipment, fitness equipment, bicycles, athletic apparel, outerwear, sportswear, athletic shoes, casual footwear, and boots.

Besides selling sporting goods, Dicks Sporting Goods is active in the sporting community by sponsoring events in football, soccer, golf, and running. It also sponsors sports teams like the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins and Colorado Avalanche, and the MLS’s Colorado Rapids.

Currently, it is a Fortune 500 corporation with 525 stores in 42 US states, most of which are located in the eastern part of the US. The company also owns Golf Galaxy, Inc., a golf specialty store with 81 stores in 30 US states.

The corporate headquarters are in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.

Apply Online Dicks Sporting Goods

You can apply on the careers page of the official website. To begin, you must enter the city and US state you’re in, the job category, and the keyword of the job position you want to pursue.

After you have selected one or all of the options, the related Dicks Sporting Goods job openings will appear on a new page. You may click on the job title to read more about the position, including the duties and responsibilities, skills required, and the benefits you can enjoy if you’re hired.

If it is a job you’re not interested in, you may select from the related jobs on the right side of the page. However, if you are interested in the Dicks Sporting Goods job opening, you may click the ‘Apply’ button to start.

You will be asked to log into your profile if you have one already. If not, you may create a profile on the spot.

The Dicks Sporting Good recruiting team will review your information and if qualified, will contact you for an interview.

Working at Dicks Sporting Goods

Dicks Sporting Goods is committed to promoting excellent customer service, and it promises to deliver that by employing a passionate team of associates who live and breathe the brand. All Dicks Sporting Goods associates have a unique combination of skill, drive, passion, and commitment for the business, which is also shared by the shoppers and athletes they serve.

All employees are passionate about sports and draw from their experience to deliver, guide, inspire, and inform every customer who walks in the store, making the sporting goods chain the top choice for dedicated athletes in every sport and every season.

Dicks Sporting Goods employees are bound by a belief and passion for the company’s core values:

  • Driven to win
  • Committed to relentless improvement
  • Skilled, focused, and precise
  • Passionate for the sport, the team, and the community

Minimum Age for Employment at Dicks Sporting Goods

The minimum age for a career at Dicks Sporting Goods is 18. If you are aged 18 or above, have a personality suited for customer service, and like sports, check out the Dicks Sporting Goods career opportunities on the careers page of their official website.

Hours of Operation at Dicks Sporting Goods

Standard hours are 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM from Mondays to Thursdays, 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM on Fridays, and 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Sundays.

Direct Competitors

Dick’s Sporting Goods is one of the largest sporting goods retail stores in the country. If you’re looking for quality work in a massive store with an even bigger selection, apply here immediately. Check out Sports Authority as well for a competitor who rivals the selections on display. Big 5 also should be applied to for their focus on specialty sports items. Finish Line is a great option, where you can sell sports apparel and shoes all in one store. Athletics and sports have never wavered in their popularity, so working for one of these places will offer you plenty of job security.

Available Dicks Sporting Goods Career Opportunities

Positions are open to motivated and dedicated individuals who can work under pressure in fast-paced settings. The company likes applicants who are knowledgeable, cheerful, and team oriented.

Experienced and entry-level job seekers have many positions and departments to choose from. If you’re looking at a fresh start to a career in sports retail, start applying on the careers page for any of the following job openings:

  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Nike Brand Coordinator
  • Store Administrative Assistant
  • Apparel Sales Associate
  • Footwear Sales Associate
  • Lodge Sales Associate
  • Lodge Sales Leader
  • Bike and Exercise Sales Associate
  • General Sports Sales Associate
  • Lacrosse Service Specialist
  • Operations Associate
  • Bike Technician
  • Customer Engagement Specialist
  • Running Specialist
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Golf Sales Associate
  • Golf Technician
  • Golf Professional
  • Sales Support Manager
  • Front End Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Store Manager

Start your career today!

Dicks Sporting Goods Job Descriptions

Dicks Sporting Goods offers many job employment opportunities for those looking to start a challenging yet fun career in sports fashion retail. The sports retailer must constantly fill entry-level jobs in stores, corporate headquarters, and distribution centers.

If you believe you are motivated, dedicated, and with a strong passion for customer service and sports, you might be what the store is looking for. Start applying now.

Cashier – cashiers operates the cash register by checking out items, accepting different modes of payment, and issuing change and receipts. The ideal cashier is someone who is approachable, attentive, and polite.

Cashiers normally earn minimum wage.

Sales Associate – sales associates are divided into apparel, footwear, lodge sales, general sports, golf, and bike and exercise. Like cashiers, sales associates must also be friendly, attentive, and courteous.

Sales associates start out earning minimum wage, with the chance to earn more.

Management – The management team is composed of the department lead, assistant manager, and the store manager. Together, they hire and train new employees, set schedules and tasks, ensure customer satisfaction, oversee shipping and receiving, and communicate with corporate headquarters.

The department lead makes $9 to $10 an hour, while assistant managers earn $30,000 to $40,000 a year and store managers earn up to $80,000 a year.

Dicks Sporting Goods Application and Interview Tips

Dicks Sporting Goods is the perfect store to apply to if you have a passion for sports and retail. Knowledge for sports may be one of the most important qualifications, so it’s ideal to have a basic grasp of popular sports to start applying.

Applicants can begin applying online by applying at the careers page of the official website and waiting for an interview schedule. Entry-level positions will only have to undergo one or two face to face interviews, while management applicants will have to face two or three interviews.

After the recruiting team reviews your information and finds you suitable, they will contact you for an interview. The interview will give them the chance to know your qualifications and see if you are suited for the sports retail brand.

The Dicks Sporting Goods interview is laid back and will focus on standard questions, like your personal details, employment history, job skills, work ethics, and availability. Since it is a sports retail store, you may be asked your knowledge in sports.

Therefore, it is important to brush up on some of popular sports such as baseball and basketball. Aside from memorizing team names, team players, and scores, it is also important to read about the company’s mission, values, and policies.

Coming to your interview prepared will make you more confident and impress your interviewer. Aside from confirming your personal and employment details, the interviewer will also ask you the following questions:

  • Have you ever asked customers to sign up for store credit cards or rewards programs?
  • When have you worked as part of a team to accomplish a common goal?
  • How would you define passion?
  • Why do you want to work for Dicks Sporting Goods?
  • How do you define customer service?

You may also be asked situational questions to gauge how you would react to common store situations. In your answers, always prioritize customer service:

  • What would you do if you caught a shopper stealing?
  • Can you describe a time when your work was criticized and how did you handle it?
  • A customer is unhappy with a purchase. How do you handle it?
  • Have you ever had trouble with a boss, co worker, or customer?
  • Can you describe a time when you had to deal with almost impossible demands?

It’s a good idea to take a few seconds to carefully consider the question before answering. Taking the time to think of the best answer saves you from embarrassment through fumbling and stuttering.

As much as possible, try to prepare answers to possible questions beforehand to have enough time to think of the best response. Doing so will make your interviewer think you are confident and capable for the Dicks Sporting Goods job you’re applying for.

Talk about your experiences in retail if you have any. Dicks Sporting Goods is looking for applicants who are familiar with customer care and who have experienced challenges. You may also talk about your favorite athlete and recent sporting events to highlight your knowledge in sports.

When it comes to your interview, share stories and experiences that show how passionate and diligent you are. If you have no prior experience, make them want to hire you by saying you’re dedicated, focused, and can work under pressure and minimal supervision.

If you’re applying for a managerial position, your interview will focus on skills and experiences related to managing a retail outlet.  On top of questions on customer service skills and employment history, interviewers may ask how you handle employees, day to day operations, and inventory.

Show a lively personality and an outgoing attitude throughout the interview, as hiring managers look for friendly and cheerful employees. Most importantly, interviewees should be knowledgeable and have a real desire for sports to start their Dicks Sporting Goods employment.

You do not need to dress in a suit and tie for your interview, but it’s still a good idea to come in clean and presentable clothes. A simple dress shirt, slacks, and leather shoes are good options for men, while women may wear a blouse with slacks or a skirt to show professionalism.

It is important to keep in mind that Dicks Sporting Goods likes cheerful and passionate individuals who can provide exceptional service to its valued customers.

Benefits of Working at Dicks Sporting Goods

Those who are hired will find competitive pay, training programs, merit and performance pay increases, and flexible work hours. Dicks Sporting Goods also offers employees an attractive benefits and opportunities package.

Because the company recognizes that its employees are important in the pursuit for success, the company is dedicated to providing a dynamic work environment filled with rewards and opportunities

These exciting benefit packages await successful applicants. Apply online and submit through the Dicks Sporting Goods website.

  • Medical plans
  • Dental plans
  • Vision plans
  • Life insurance
  • Nurseline
  • Short and long term disability
  • Company matching 401(k) retirement plan

Additional perks provided by Dicks Sporting Goods include:

  • Store Discount
  • 529 College Savings Plan
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Tuition reimbursement (salaried associates only)
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Worker’s comp

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