Dollar General Job Interview Questions and Tips

So Dollar General doesn’t actually sell everything for a dollar. I know, it’s kind of weird, but the company is rock solid, so let’s not get too worried over the time. Once you’ve learned a bit more about them and who they are, you’ll find a lot to like. Obviously you did, because you’re here to find out the best ways to ace your interview.

They are like most other companies in the sense that they want the best people possible. Your goal, with our Dollar General job interview tips in mind, is to show them that you are, without a doubt, that exact person. We’ll show you the best ways to field the questions and give you an edge into the hiring process.

How Dollar General Hires Employees

After submitting your application online or in person, you’re ready to move on to the final obstacle between you and utter glory. The hiring managers only take about a week at the most to decide which candidates they want to pursue for an interview. You will receive a phone call from them if you made the cut.

This call will only last a minute but it sets into motion a number of events that leads to you getting hired, if you follow the right steps. For the entry-level positions like customer service representative, the process is very simple and easy to complete if you impress the interviewer. The interviews typically last between twenty and thirty minutes on average.

Generally, Dollar General uses a one-on-one style of interview format to judge their candidates. During these interviews conversation is casual and laid back. Topics like your desired hours, experience, and availability are all par for the course. If you plan to become a manager with Dollar General, the process is a little more rigorous.

For these types of positions both a one-on-one interview and a panel interview can be required. These interviews focus more on the long-term career goals of the candidates and their personal leadership techniques. In addition, loss prevention and employee enrichment are going to be touched upon in these proceedings.

Potential Questions

To round out these Dollar General job interview tips, we’d like to show you some common questions to help you best prepare for the coming interview:

  • Why do you want to work for Dollar General?
  • How do you guard against internal and external theft?
  • How long do you plan to work for our company?

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