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If you’re living near or in Chicago area, it would not be impossible to hear about one of the city’s largest grocery stores, Dominick’s. This company is a subsidiary of Safeway, which is originally a pharmaceutical firm but diversified its assets to the supermarket industry.

Dominick’s had recently re-opened five of its locations in Chicago, allowing them to hire more qualified individuals to fill in the vacant store positions. If you want to work at a local grocery store to earn extra income, you might as well consider sending in your Dominick’s application. You can send your resume via online or walk-in.

If you want to learn more about applying to the said grocery store, read on. You will be supplied with rich information about Dominick’s applicant selection process, salary and employee benefits offer, employee reviews, tips, among many others.

Applying to Dominick’s Online

Since Dominick’s is a subsidiary of Safeway Incorporated, it is recommended to apply directly to Safeway’s website. Plus the variety store doesn’t have a career website anyway, so the only way to complete your online application is thru the mother-website here.

You can apply to various Dominick’s jobs available such as those that fall under the store retail and store management categories. Other categories include distribution manufacturing, corporate, internship, home delivery, and pharmacy and wellness center. However, before you could apply to any position, the company requires you to complete a series of steps first.

How to Apply Online

Via the Safeway website, you can pick particular categories that fit your desired job position. Use the drop-down menu on the right section of the site to do this. If you’ve selected “store positions”, it will take you to a webpage where you can create your online profile with Safeway.

Joining the company’s talent network is recommended for you to be able to receive the latest job posting and updates about the status of your candidacy. Plus, once you have completed filling-out your profile with all of the relevant information, a recruiter could easily review it and see if your skills and experience fit the bill.

Into the process, you must select your age and location before you could retrieve the job search results. Secondly create a new user account to be able to log-in on it next time as you apply to more job openings. Complete the last few steps in order to submit your resume and cover letter successfully to the database.

Additionally, if you apply via walk-in, make sure to talk to a supervisor or a manager. He or she may then decide to give you a one-on-one interview instantly.

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About the Company

Dominick’s traces its humble beginnings to Dominick DiMatteo, a Sicily-native businessman. He founded the grocery store in 1918 and then the second store opened in 1934. What started out as a small local store had grown into a supermarket after 38 years.

Dominick’s Supermarket was established in 1950 on a 14,000-square foot lot. This allowed the company to serve a bigger number of customers and investors, and unsurprisingly, they were able to expand to 19 store locations by 1968.

However, at the time, the DiMatteo’s sold the supermarket and its chain stores to Fisher Foods, a Cleveland-based company. The merger and acquisition agreements with Fisher Foods allowed them to have control over the stores’ operations still. However, due to what it seem irreconcilable issues with Fisher Foods, the family decided to re-purchase the store chain by 1980’s.

Luckily for the DiMatteo’s, the bold move went successful as they were able to expand more. They have even acquired Eagle and Kohl stores in Chicago during the 1990’s.

Added Variety to the Store Chain Products

Around the early 1990’s, Dominick’s was one of the few stores that tried to combine food and drug in their lines of products. Experts believe that the company was in fact the first to have experimented with this kind of scheme in Chicago.

In 1990’s, Dominick’s was improved to achieve its ultra-modern look. It had exposed ceilings that feature HVAC ducts and pipes, sophisticated POS and telephone systems, bulk food orders, audio and video sections, photo sections, etc.

Back in the heyday, Dominick’s was one of the most innovative supermarkets in the Mid-west. The company primarily offered basic commodities, prescription drugs, and poultry & livestock supplies. In 1998, Safeway finally acquired Dominick’s that grown into 116 stores at the time.

Dominick’s became a nationally-recognized grocery store chain that is consistently looking to hire amateur and experienced retailers, customer service representatives, and corporate clerks.

Employment at Dominick’s

At Dominick’s, employees enjoy the positive attitude that people have around them. The management is helpful and open to listening to the concerns of their team members. One could tell that the company tries to cultivate a winning culture bonded by mutual respect that will help them thrive in the volatile market.

A typical day for a front-end cashier would involve dealing with different customers and co-workers. The opportunity to meet new people every day is rewarding, especially if you are a people-oriented person. However, the difficult side of this job is when you have to deal with an unhappy customer, which you can overcome by staying calm and understandable.

Here’s an employee review from a former stock clerk from Chicago, IL:

“A typical day at work would be bagging items, pushing carts and helping guest. I learned how to bag items and push carts correctly. My management was great I never had an issue with them. My hardest part was pushing carts in the 100 degree weather. The most enjoyable part was cleaning up the store it was a big store and always something to do.” Via

So if this type of work environment is what you are looking for in a company, prepare your Dominick’s application now and start applying to any of the available jobs.

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 16 years old
  • Must possess a High School diploma or equivalent
  • Must be willing to work in flexible schedule

Store Hours

Open 24/7

Current Job Openings

The available jobs at Dominick’s mainly include store positions such as cashier, baker, pharmacist, clerk, stocker, Deli associate and meat cutter. Other vacancies include the following positions:

  • Home delivery driver
  • Store manager
  • Customer service representative
  • General warehouse officer
  • Corporate positions (e.g. HR, finance analyst, marketing & advertising, eCommerce specialist, etc.)
  • Interns

You can click here to find more jobs.

Job Application Tips

As with any other supermarket companies, expect to sit with a hiring manager for a one-on-one interview. You may also be interviewed by a panel of recruiters and a manager for your final interview, especially if you are aiming for a higher position in the store department such as retail manager, branch manager, supervisor, and the like.

Attend your interview wearing casual business attire. It is important to impress the interviewer(s) with your pleasant appearance and pleasing personality. Remember that you’ll be dealing with different people most times of the day, so Dominick’s would surely want to know if you can present yourself well to customers you hardly know.

The hiring process may be consisted of a two-part interview besides the initial screening via phone call. If you apply walk-in, expect to be interviewed on the spot by a lower-rank manager and then, if you passed, you will endorsed to the general manager for an interview.

Once you get past this stage, you will get a job offer immediately. You can be hired within the day, so you better give it your best shot as always.

Direct Competitors

If working in the Mid-west, particularly Chicago area, does not suit your preferred location, you can always try to seek employment to supermarkets like WalMart. This grocery store is pretty ubiquitous in the US already so you can find at least one nearest branch in your city.

However, if you’re in the Mid-west but prefers a larger retail chain company, then Fred’s would be a great option to look at. It has over 700 grocery stores and 350 pharmacy centers.

Dominick’s Employee Benefits

Dominick’s has always been known for their comprehensive employee benefits package. All the company wants is to provide a stable and reliable future for their team members. So the Dominick’s employee benefits are designed according to the modern-day needs of their retail and non-retail staff members.

Few examples include the following benefits:

  • Healthcare coverage (i.e. medical, vision, drug prescription, and dental)
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Retirement savings plan
  • Basic life insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Paid training
  • Paid time-off
  • Job perks

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