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Five Below LogoIn today’s economy, there are few places in the eastern United States where you can buy items such as clothes, make up, bags, electronic devices, games, and even snacks for less than $5. One of these novel places is Five Below, which has been open since 2002.

The company operates over 300 stores in the eastern region of the United States, and the company is always in need of highly qualified applicants. If you want to land a job at the popular discount store chain, you can submit a Five Below application in person or through the company’s official website.

Additionally, this company is one of the fastest growing American discount store chains in the country today. As the company name suggests, every item on the shelves of all Five Below discount stores cost no more than $5, making it a popular destination for people who want to save money on the things that they buy.

Apply to Five Below Online

As the company continues to expand its reach across the United States, Five Below constantly has a need for driven individuals to work in their retail outlets and corporate offices. If you are looking to join Five Below’s team of successful employees, you can submit your Five Below employment form via the company’s website.

In order to begin applying to a Five Below job online, you need to start on the company’s official website. From the homepage, scroll down towards the bottom and click on the jobs link.

After clicking on the jobs link, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked about which career path you would like to take within the company. You can choose to work in any of the company’s retail stores, in their corporate office, or in either of their two distribution centers.

Once you decide on which direction you want to take in the company, click the link that will direct you to the next page which shows the current job openings. On this page you will find a link that shows you the schedule and location of the job fest nearest you, which is helpful if you are unsure about what Five Below job you would be a best fit for. You will also see the apply button on this page.

Next, you will need to complete a form that will require personal data such as your name, address, and contact details. It will also ask you to include information about any previous work experience you may have had, as well as your preferred schedule availability. You can also attach your resume.

Once you complete the form, you can submit it online. You can start here.

About Five Below

Established in October of 2002 by founder David Schlessinger, Five Below began its operations with its first store, which was opened in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Since then, the popular discount chain has opened more than 300 stores in 19 different states.

The discount chains massive assortment of useful and trendy merchandise that cost less than $5 includes miscellaneous items such as school supplies, sporting goods, toys, iPhone cases, bath items, video game accessories, and a collection of novelty, gag, and seasonal items. Their stores also offer a huge selection of cosmetics and beauty products, as well as various jewelry and accessories.

The company continues to expand its reach by opening more stores in other states. Most recently, Five Below stores have opened in cities such as Atlanta, Saint Louis, Austin and Nashville, with plans to open in other locations already set in place.

Five Below is a publicly held entity that trades in the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol FIVE.

Direct Competitors

Five Below is a store that understands the economy and wishes to bring you all the things you need for less than five dollars a piece. They have only been open since 2002 and they have already opened three hundred stores in the eastern section of the US. People love saving money, so apply to Goodwill where the deals are happening every single day of the week. Food 4 Less is another great choice, where shopping is streamlined and prices are very low. Plato’s Closet offers plenty of in style fashions for low prices, and they’ll buy your clothes you don’t want. 

Job Openings at Five Below

There are a number of job openings available at Five Below. Many of the positions available in the company are in their retail stores and distribution centers, although there are also a few job openings in their corporate division.

In the company’s more than 300 retail outlets, there are a number of job openings for both Manager and Sales Associate positions. Five Below is looking for motivated and energetic individuals who enjoy the challenges of today’s fast moving retail environment.

If your Five Below job inquiry lands you a position as one of the company’s Sales Associates, you can expect to find yourself working in a fun environment that offers plenty of career advancement opportunities. In order to be considered for a job as a Sales Associate, you need to be at least 16 years of age and have a passion for retail.

There are also several job openings for a position as Manager or Assistant Manager. If you get hired by the company as a Manager, you will be responsible for the overall performance of the store you are assigned to.

If you get hired as Assistant Manager, as the title suggests, you will be working with the Manager in making sure that store operations run smoothly. You will also need to perform various administrative tasks, such as creating schedules and hiring new Associates.

Job openings are also available at Five Below’s two distribution centers, which are located in New Castle Delaware and Olive Branch, Mississippi. Some of the part-time and full-time positions that you can apply for are Warehouse Associate and Transportation Manager.

Warehouse Associates are in charge of making sure that all the merchandise stored at the company’s two distribution centers are properly organized. Warehouse Associates usually perform various manual tasks, such as loading items onto delivery trucks and maintaining warehouse inventory.

If you get hired as a Transportation Manager at Five Below’s distribution center, your job is make sure that items taken from the distribution center arrive at the retail stores on time and in perfect condition. Part of your job will be to coordinate logistics and ensure that carriers properly execute deliveries.

Working at Five Below

A typical day at a Five Below store involves a lot of interaction with customers. Sales Associates help find items that the customers need, organize display shelves, and ring up sales using the cash register.

Managers observe the store’s daily operations, making sure that everything is in order. They also inspect display shelves, maintain inventory, and help resolve any customer concerns.

The environment at every Five Below store is always fun and energetic, and there never seems to be a dull moment. Most customers get excited by the fact that they can buy so many useful and trendy items such as clothing items and accessories for less than $5.

If your job inquiry goes through successfully, as an employee of the popular discount chain you will be entitled to a more than decent salary and a great benefits package, as well as a range of career advancement opportunities.

Five Below Application Tips and Hiring Process

The hiring process at Five Below is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure. After your information is reviewed and accepted, you will be scheduled for an interview. Depending on the position you apply for, you may be required to go through more than one interview. This is especially true for applicants who are hoping to get hired as a Manager for the company.

It is important that you come to your interviews on time and appropriately dressed, as being tardy for the interview or showing up wearing shorts and sandals reflects an image of being unprofessional. If you give your interviewers the impression that you are not serious about getting a job in the company, then chances are you will need to take your employment form elsewhere.

Also, when speaking with your interviewers, always make eye contact when delivering your answers in order to show confidence. If you can, make the conversation a little more interactive by respectfully asking a few questions of your own, such as how it is to be working for a successful company or what benefits do you stand to receive should you get accepted?

The interviews are an important part of the entire hiring process. If you make it past the interviews, and depending on your schedule availability, you will soon find yourself coming in for your first day of work at Five Below.

Five Below Salary Information

Employees at the popular discount retail chain receive a salary that meets or exceeds industry standards. If your Five Below job inquiry lands you a Sales Associate job in any of the company’s stores, you stand to make $7 to $9 an hour on top of bonuses and opportunities for a salary increase as you gain more experience in the company.

For Managers, however, because they have a higher position in the company and possibly more experience in the industry, they are entitled to receive a bigger salary. Assistant Managers usually get paid $32,000 to $40,000 a year, while Managers make an annual salary that ranges from $40,000 to $58,000.

At Five Below’s distribution centers, Warehouse Associates usually make $7 to $9 per hour, similar to what Sales Associates make at the retail outlets. Transportation Managers receive an annual salary of about $38,000 to $40,000.

Employee Benefits at Five Below

Aside from a competitive salary, Five Below employees are also entitled to a comprehensive employee benefits package. These benefits vary depending on your position in the company, but generally these include the following:

  • flexible work schedules
  • career growth opportunities
  • employee discounts
  • healthcare
  • dental plans
  • paid vacations
  • 401(k)

Some of these benefits apply to entry-level employees as soon as they are hired, while others apply as soon as the employee qualifies for them.

Fun Facts About Five Below

Sometimes during the interview phase of the Five Below job process; mentioning a few interesting facts about the company can go a long way in helping you get a job at the company. Here are some fun facts about Five Below.

  • Five Below founder David Schlessinger also founded popular bookstore chain Encore Books, and co-founded Zany Brainy, an American retail store, with the company’s former CEO Tom Vellios.
  • The company also offers fundraising opportunities for a number of non-profit groups. Some Five Below stores partner with these groups, and any member of the group who has been given an invitation can shop at the store for a specified period of time, and 10% of the sales will go towards a donation to the participating non-profit group.

With such a diverse selection of merchandise and an enjoyable working atmosphere, it is no wonder that Five Below is one of the most sought after employers among job seekers in the eastern region of the United States today.

Being able to work for such a fun company is a dream that many hopeful job applicants have. Submit your Five Below job inquiry now and become part of the company’s continuing commercial success.

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