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Friendly’s LogoOn a hot summer day, there is simply nothing better than ice cream. For Friendly’s, which is one of the oldest and longest running restaurants in the United States today, 22 ice cream flavors is better than one.

Established in 1935 by brothers Prestley and Curtis Blake, the Friendly’s chain of restaurants started out as a simple ice cream shop in Springfield, Massachusetts which sold double dipped cones for 5 cents each. Today, the company has over 10,000 employees assigned to different US locations. It comes as no surprise that the company has also become a coveted employer, with thousands of job seekers submitting their Friendly’s application forms each month.

Working at Friendly’s is a job that a lot of people want to have, or at least learn about. If you are interested in finding a job at one of America’s most enduring restaurant chains, you can apply to Friendly’s online through the company’s official website.

From the homepage, scroll down to the bottom right hand corner and look for the careers link. Click the link in order to get to the next page, where you can see some of the benefits of working at Friendly’s, as well as links to the specific career path that you would like to take with the company.

On this page, you can choose whether you want to join the Friendly’s restaurant operations team, their creamery operations and distributions team, or their support center. You will also find a search button that will allow you to look for a specific job listing that you want to apply for, or restaurant location that you want to be assigned in.

After clicking the link for the career path that you want to take, you will be asked for your zip code and the approximate number of miles that you are willing to travel for work. After you find the job opening that you want to apply for, click on it so that you can complete the online form and submit a copy of your resume.

You can start your Friendly’s application on the company’s careers page here.

About the Company

The Friendly’s chain of restaurants began in 1935 when the Blake brothers opened a small ice cream shop in their hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts. When the ice cream shop opened, it was originally called “Friendly”, which was the atmosphere that the brothers were going for.

For the next few years, business went well for the Blake brothers; so much so that they were able to open a second Friendly in West Springfield in only five years. The second shop even had an expanded menu that served more than just ice cream.

By the time World War II was over, the Blake brothers had opened 10 Friendly’s which were all operating in Connecticut and Massachusetts. In the 1960’s, the company’s headquarters was moved from Springfield to Wilbraham, and in the following years the company continued to expand to other regions of the East Coast.

Today, Friendly’s has more than 400 restaurant locations spread all across the eastern United States. After more than 70 years since it was established, the company is still best known for its ice cream. They offer a wide variety of sundaes, including their famous Cone Head Sundae, which is essentially a clown head made of ice cream topped with a sugary cone and has Reese’s Pieces for eyes.

Some of the more popular ice cream dessert options include ice cream sodas, root beer floats, and their Fribble Shakes, which is a thick milkshake served with ice cream. They also serve desserts for take out, such as ice cream rolls, ice cream cakes, and ice cream pizzas.

Aside from a spectacular desserts lineup, Friendly’s menu also features classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, which includes a variety of hamburgers, fries, sandwiches and wraps. Friendly’s also manufactures and distributes its own brand of packaged premium ice cream, which is sold in supermarkets all over the country.

Direct Competitors

Working with Friendly’s is a fast and fun workplace serving great food and creating an atmosphere that cannot be beat. Working in a fun environment can make your job so much less than actual work. For an equally energetic environment, apply to TGI Fridays, and see how they’ve managed to make every day its own party. Chili’s is also known for their iconic and fast paced business and fun filled nights of drink specials. Finally, applying to Applebees will bring you full circle for yet another fun-filled job where everyone is always having fun. 

Job Openings

Friendly’s considers itself to be an employer of choice because of the wealth of career opportunities that the company provides. There are a number of Friendly’s job openings available, and your inquiry could just be the start of a great career with the company.

Entry Level Positions

If you have just gotten out of college, or are just looking for your first job in the restaurant industry, then applying to Friendly’s could land you an entry-level job in the company. Some of the entry-level openings include openings for servers, cooks, and fountain workers.

If you get hired to work as a server, part of your responsibility will be to greet guests and find seats for them, as well as taking customer orders and delivering prepared meals, beverages and desserts to the customers’ tables.

If you prefer to cook and prepare the meals rather than serve them, then a job as a cook might more to your liking. Aside from meal preparation, the responsibilities of a cook includes checking work schedules for assigned duties, menu changes, promotions, daily specials, and featured items.

If your Friendly’s inquiry gets you hired as a fountain worker, your main area of responsibility would be the ice cream fountain. Your job as fountain worker would be to prepare the ice cream and other fountain items, as well as making sure that the fountain area maintains a clean and presentable look.

Management Positions

If you have been in the industry for a while, and you want to take your career to the next level, then you may want to apply for a managerial position in the company. Friendly’s managers are entrusted a range of responsibilities.

Should your Friendly’s job land you a position as Restaurant Assistant Manager, your duties will include supervising 15 to 30 crew members, as well as performing a variety of administrative tasks. As Restaurant Assistant Manager, you will be reporting directly to the Restaurant Manager.

The Restaurant Manager in turn, reports to the General Manager, who is responsible for creating business plans and meeting financial goals to ensure profit and positive revenue. The General Manager is also in charge of maintaining operations by preparing store policies and standard operating procedures.

Working with the Company

Past and present employees of the restaurant agree that working at Friendly’s is an enjoyable experience. The atmosphere is, as the company name implies, friendly, and the culture is happy and fun, If your Friendly’s job gets accepted, you will find that the work environment is not only fast paced and challenging, but also quite rewarding.

As part of the Friendly’s family, you get to interact with customers, serve great food, and make their overall experience an enjoyable one. Being part of the Friendly’s family means carrying on the tradition of providing excellent customer service.

Regardless of which of the many available Friendly’s jobs you get hired to, you would be looking at what could be the start of a highly rewarding career in the company. As an integral  part of the Friendly’s family, you are also entitled to a competitive salary along with an attractive benefits package.

Hiring Process

Getting a job at Friendly’s is a fairly straightforward process. It begins by applying for a Friendly’s job online through the company’s website, or you can also submit it in person by handing in a paper form at the Friendly’s nearest you.

After submitting your form, and depending on the position that you are applying for, it could take a few days before you move on to the next stage of the hiring process. Entry level applicants for crew member positions or cooks can get hired on the same day, while candidates for higher positions may have to wait a few days before getting called in for their interviews.

Before going to the interviews, it is important that you prepare yourself. Practice answering questions that are commonly asked during job interviews, and make sure that you exude confidence while delivering your answers.

Be sure to arrive early to present a sense of responsibility. If you come to your interviews late, regardless of your reason, you give your interviewers the impression that you are not serious about working for the company.

How you look during your interviews also affects the impression that you give to your interviewers. Wear clothes that are comfortable to wear and give a feeling that you are a professional, so that your interviewers will take you more seriously as an applicant.

Salary Information

Employees at Friendly’s receive a highly competitive pay. Employee salaries vary depending on experience and the position that your Friendly’s application gets you.

As part of the Friendly’s crew, servers receive a salary that ranges from 4 USD to 7 USD per hour. Fountain workers get paid a little more at an average of 7 USD per hour.

Cooks, however, get paid a higher salary because they have a bigger responsibility in the kitchen. On average, cooks receive an hourly salary of 11 USD.

For managers, the pay is a bit more generous mainly because of the fact that they have more experience in the business, and their positions in the company carry more accountability and responsibility. Restaurant Assistant Managers receive an annual salary of around 40,000 USD, while General Managers receive around 40,000 USD to 65,000 USD per year.

Employee Benefits

Aside from a competitive salary, Friendly’s employees also receive a great benefits package. These benefits vary depending on your position in the company, but generally Friendly’s employee benefits include the following:

  • employee discounts
  • discounts from over 250 retailers
  • healthcare
  • life insurance
  • 401(k) plans
  • paid vacation
  • sick days
  • paid training

Did You Know?

During the interview phase of the Friendly’s hiring process, you could impress your interviewer by telling them a few interesting facts about the company.

  • For almost 10 years, Friendly was part of The Hershey’s Company. When the Blake brothers retired in 1979, the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America bought the company from them. Friendly operated as a fully owned subsidiary of Hersheys until it was sold in 1988 to Tennessee Foods Inc.
  • Donald S. Smith, who was the principal stockholder of Tennessee Foods, is credited for changing the restaurant’s name from Friendly to Friendly’s.
  • Since 1981, Friendly’s has given over 30 million USD to charity.
  • Friendly’s vanilla ice cream is still regarded as the company’s most popular ice cream flavor.
  • To this day, the company continues to use the same hot fudge recipe that the Blake brothers used in 1935.

Your Friendly’s application can open doors of experience for you. Apply today, and begin what could eventually become a rewarding career in the company.

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