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GameStop is a company that every gamer in the world knows. As the biggest entertainment and video game retailer in the world, Jobs at GameStop are one of the most prized jobs on the planet, from a gamers’ perspective at least. With almost 6, 700 retail stores around the world, GameStop jobs truly are a “fan favorite”.

Founded in 1984, the store serves an international market with both online and retail stores. Headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, GameStop serves gamers everywhere. As such, a GameStop career not only serves as a well paying job, but a lifelong passion for dedicated and motivated individuals.

The first step in the journey to acquiring a job is done through the GameStop application.

A fantastic career is readily at your fingertips. All you have to do is be ‘game enough’ for the job – Acquiring a job is as simple process that involves simply selecting the category of job you require and the job you desire. For a job, the first thing you have to do is select from 3 categories; corporate, field and distribution and refurbishment.

Once you are on the second page, you can select from the current listings or find a job based on location, category and keywords. If a job matches your search, you will be redirected to the careers page.

When you select a specific job you desire, you will be shown the job description, along with the necessary requirements. At the bottom of the page, you will also be shown buttons for uploading a new Resume.

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Things to Know Before Applying

If you plan on applying for a job through the online page, there are a few things you should know. Not only will this give you a better chance of success, but it will ensure a fast process.

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Minimum Age for Employment

Most positions require you to be at least 16 years of age. However, there are many jobs that require you to be at least 18 years of age. This is usually due to the experience requirements for the positions.

Hours of Operation

Many retail stores have general working hours that serve as guidelines for all new applicants. GameStop is unlike many retail stores that you will encounter in life. The hours of operation at any store or office is usually different from the next store next to it.

GameStop have issued typical work hours that range from 10am to 9pm on regular days. As such, to find out the work hours of the store you wish to work at, you will need to contact the store. At times, the hours of operation are listed in the job description.

As such, for more information on hours of operation, visit the stores search feature.

Available Positions

If you want to make full use of GameStop career opportunities, you need to know what positions are available. Not only does this save you time during your initial job search, it ensures a proper match between the position desired and our qualifications and requirements.

Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, the company provides a complete job description when you select a desired job. GameStop will show you what skills, personality traits and academic achievements are required in order to both acquire the job and advance.

For many job positions, prior information and experience about the industry is not always a necessity. However, with GameStop, knowing the gaming industry is a requirement. In order to understand the customers, the job or career and the goals of the company, you must understand the industry and its consumers.

While it may not be essential for some high-level jobs, it is a must for medium and low level jobs.

Contrary to other entry level job positions, GameStop entry level positions offer more than just good pay. It gives you a chance to earn while you do what you love doing; gaming. More than that, entry level positions provide exceptional career opportunities and a significant amount of experience.

Entry level positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Game Advisor
  • Sales Advisor
  • Accessory Associates

More than just entry level positions, the store offers a number of management positions to both current employees and new applicants. Of course, there are a number of requirements that need to be met before job acquisition. Management positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Key Holder
  • Assistant Manager
  • Store Manager

Of course, with any position, you need to display an ample amount of both experience and skills. For example, as a store manager, you need to not only display great leadership qualities, you need excellent interpersonal skills. Displayed, managers can earn over $55, 000 every year.

Direct Competitors

Video games have positively exploded in recent years. This has triggered the massive increase in the presence of video game centric stores. GameStop is one of the most well known ones, and their selection is always impressive. For the gamers out there, consider applying also to Hobby Lobby where you’ll be selling a variety of other forms of entertainment. With a knowledge of games, movies are sure to follow and working for Netflix would be any computer centric person’s dream. Be sure to apply to Toys R Us as well, as they sell video games and toys, which makes a gamer’s mind melt with possibilities. 

Employment Information

In addition to the above information, you need to know what each job position requires, how much each position can pay and what is generally expected in order to advance to a better position. The information listed below serve only as rough guidelines and are not definitive in any way.

For specific information, always read the job description provided carefully. More often than not, it can reveal a considerable amount both about the company and the job.

As such, here is a closer look at the entry level and management jobs available. The information detailed below contains information about the job requirements and the projected salaries.

Entry Level Positions

Entry level positions, like many others at a number of companies have a relatively large number of responsibilities. However, unlike other companies, these responsibilities are also the key to career opportunities.

That is why an entry-level job not only pays a respectable wage, but provides a considerable amount of relative experience.

One of the most important requirements of entry-level jobs is basic knowledge about the gaming industry (including technological knowledge) and excellent interpersonal skills. If extensively displayed, your chances of acquiring an entry-level GameStop job increases substantially.

Pay Scale for Entry Level Jobs

One of the most important questions when applying for entry level jobs, is the pay. Most entry level positions provide a pay scale that is at or close to minimum wage.

Management Positions

Management positions offer current employees and new applicants a chance at managing some of the most respected and desired retails stores in the world. If you are in a management position, you will be in charge of ensuring smooth daily operations, training new employees, occasionally working with customers and developing team strengths.

Most importantly, management positions come with a vast range of work hours. In fact, the typical work hours usually do not apply to managerial positions. However, there are a number of subtle benefits that make it worthwhile.

Pay Scale for Jobs in Mid-Level Positions

If you are fortunate enough to acquire a prospective management career, you will be entitled to a significantly higher pay scale. For example, store managers can expect to earn at least $28, 000 a year with a number of benefits. If you show considerable talent and progress, you can earn in excess of $55, 000 a year, again with benefits.

Benefits of GameStop Jobs

When applying for GameStop jobs, you not only acquire a respectable pay scale, you gain a number of job benefits. The higher you are positioned in the company, the larger and greater the number of benefits offered. Please note that the benefits can vary depending on the position and remuneration package. If you want to work at GameStop, then you are eligible for the following benefits:

  • 15% in-store purchase discount
  • Medical insurance that includes dental and optical plans
  • Paid leaves
  • Life insurance
  • Disability benefits
  • 401(k) plan
  • Sales benefits
  • Tuition benefits
  • Free work training

Tips and Suggestions

For many, applying for a prospective job can be rather confusing and difficult. However, there are ways through which you can significantly increase your chances of success. Here is a look at a number of tips and suggestions that will help improve job acquirement.

  • Know the Industry – When applying for a position in the biggest retail company in the world, it pays to know your industry. This improves your chances of success and gives you an edge over other applicants. Interestingly, displaying more technical knowledge gives you an even greater edge.
  • Be Confident in your Abilities – More often than not, applicants cannot display the level of knowledge required during interviews. However, this is not something you should be embarrassed about. When applying, be confidant in your abilities and know how they will help make an impact in your desired position.
  • Select a Higher Position than Desired – At times, job applicants select a job that they believe matches their skill set. While this may be a safe technique, it does not demonstrate tenacity. As such, always apply for a position slightly higher than the one desired. More often than not, interviewers may be impressed by certain traits usually displayed in interviews.

Interview Tips

Interviews can be rather tricky business for almost anyone. Fortunately, there are ways that dramatically improve interview experiences and your chance at success. Here is a look at 3 great tips that will ensure a successful interview:

  • Rehearse Beforehand – If you believe you can give a successful interview on an impromptu basis, you are mistaken. Even the best job applicants prepare beforehand, reenacting possible scenarios and questions. As such, always have a friend or family member be your interviewer and practice for the interview at least once before giving it.
  • Appear 30 Minutes before Interview Time – If there is one trait that interviewers admire and desire, it is punctuality. Not only does it display good character, it showcases your commitment to the desired GameStop job.

Confidence is Key – During an interview, confidence has always been the key to success. The inability to display confidence proves to your interviewer that you are either overconfident or do not care enough to prepare. Furthermore, it demonstrates weak communication skills.

Facts about GameStop

When applying GameStop jobs, it is a good idea to always know certain facts about the company. At times, your display of knowledge about the company can impress your interviewer.

Listed below are some of the most interesting facts pertaining to GameStop.

  • GameStop is the largest video game retailer in the world.
  • Contrary to popular belief, GameStop was founded in 1984 as Babbage’s.
  • GameStop came into existence due to a number of mergers and acquisitions.
  • GameStop came into actual existence in 2000 when it renamed by owner Barnes and Noble.
  • GameStop freed itself of Barnes and Noble by reacquiring 6 million shares.
  • The first GameStop location was in beautiful San Jose, California.
  • GameStop operates almost 6, 700 stores in over 17 countries.
  • GameStop has over 17, 000 employees working for it full-time.

The entertainment and video games industry is one of the biggest in the world. As such, working at the biggest video game retailer in the world serves as some of the biggest opportunities in the world. With literally thousands of applicants applying to GameStop every day, the career opportunities are truly some of the most desired.

With great pay scales and a number of benefits, including sales benefits, both entry and management level positions, GameStop offers highly desirable pay packages. The store offers paid training, high advancement chances and an enviable work environment. For a job, fill out a GameStop application clicking here!