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Do you fancy designing greeting cards ever since you were a kid? Look no further than Hallmark Cards, as it is the most popular greeting card maker that was ever established on this planet. You could work as a part of the creative team, corporate or field merchandising departments.

Wrap up your Hallmark application and begin a bright career with a company that revolutionizes social custom and tradition. But before you proceed onto dropping by at the nearest Hallmark store, make sure to read some of the important information related to the hiring process of the company.

This article will give you just that; from company background, steps to applying online, salary and benefits and a whole lot of tips.

Applying to Hallmark Cards Online

As expected, Hallmark does have an attractive job search engine site for its online applicants. It is where you can check out the latest vacant positions, alerts and advanced opportunities (for current employees). On this site, you will see Part-time Field Merchandising, Headquarters & Manufacturing, and Creative as main categories.

Look into each category and “find a job that makes you look forward to the work week”, according to Hallmark. You may begin with your job search right away and then if you are interested with the available positions, head on to the registration page to create an account, which you can find here.

Enter all of the details that are asked by the website like your email, personal info and password. You can then log-in to your account to monitor the status of your candidacy for the position. You can apply to any jobs that you think you are a good fit because otherwise, the recruiter will just ignore you.

Using the Job Search Engine Site

The site is the right place to go to apply for both DaySprings and Hallmark jobs. You can click on the company logos to view the latest job listings for the last seven days. Or, pick among the job titles and location available at the job search section.

Persons with disabilities can ask for assistance when applying for a job online or if they have limited access to the website because of their disability. PWDs can contact Hallmark at assistanceneeded@hallmark.com.

As for military officers and veterans, they can learn of their potential role at the company by checking out this link. If you are a military man you can search for MOS related jobs by browsing through the site and then take the career assessment test.

About the Company

Hallmark Cards was founded by Joyce Clyde Hall in 1910. Joyce’s interest in postcards, which was a very famous interest during the early 20th century, had driven him to start selling postcards in wholesale. It was this move that the business started to grow and so Hall had to move to Kansas City to operate his business there.

From then on, Hall envisioned that greeting cards would be the next big thing on the market. From the 1900 postcard craze, he did think of making it big in the greeting cards market which went successful, indeed. He viewed the act of sending greeting cards to your loved ones as a social custom more than a means to express something.

Hallmark’s first name was Hall Brothers, which was established in 1915. It sold occasion-only greeting cards like during Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Due to popular demand the Hall brothers ran out of decorated tissue paper as a gift wrapper so they had to resort to using “modern” gift wrappers that made their company well-known for.

Hall Brothers became the talk of the town, growing from being a 4-member company to having 120 employees by 1922. This expansion and growth allowed the company to make casual greeting cards besides for the holiday ones.

The latter part of the 1920’s was a pivotal moment for the company as they changed its name from Hall Brothers to Hallmark. William Coutts Company became an affiliate to the greeting card maker, making it the very first international business venture of Hallmark which took place in 1931.

Today, the global office is still located at Kansas City, Missouri. Its products now extend beyond to greeting cards as Hallmark now offers flowers, books, keepsake ornaments, stationeries, frames, road rovers, webkinz and recordable plush. Aside from this, it has also acquired several licenses to reproduce and distribute original brands such as follows:

  • Family Guy
  • DreamWorks Animation
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Cartoon Network
  • Walt Disney
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Peanuts
  • Tim Burton
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Warner Brothers; among many others

As a potential employee, you may also find the Hallmark School Store as a great workplace. It’s located in Hudson, NH operated by Alvirne High School. It offers regular American food and drinks so you will be likely working in a fast-paced and loud work environment.

Employment at Hallmark

Hallmark boasts its unique company culture. It is where you will be encouraged to forge collaboration among your team members as the company tries to promote diversity and unified perspectives. This fun and dynamic workplace plus cool culture is combined perfectly with competitive employee benefits and compensation packages, not to mention the attractive job perks.

You can also experience work-life balance in this company although it is a 9-5 job. Right after your shift ends, you can now enjoy dining out with your friends around Kansas or go home early to be with your family. If this is something you wanted while taking a full-time job, then submit your Hallmark application now.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must pass background test

Office Hours

Mondays through Saturdays: 10AM to 8PM

Sundays: 11AM to 5PM

Available Job Opportunities

Hallmark is constantly seeking passionate and creative individuals to fill in their vacancies in the following job categories:

Field Merchandising

The company has over 43,000 retail stores in the country and 100 stores across the globe. Therefore, the merchandising department faces a big amount of job in tracking thousands of cards daily.

As a merchandiser, you are tasked to monitor and maintain the quality of the greeting card as they come in and out of the retail and wholesale businesses. You have to be organized, analytical and must be customer-oriented.

Apply now here.

Headquarters & Manufacturing

This business segment is the center of operations where the widest variety of Hallmark career opportunities can be found. Check out the following positions available today:

  • IT
  • Operations Officer
  • Engineering
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service and Development

You may be designed at the Kansas office of the company. Meanwhile, if you want to work as a store cashier, sales associate or store manager, go to the nearest Hallmark store directly and submit your resume to the manager.


This is the brain and heart of the company’s greeting cards and other products. The best thing about this department is that you’re going to work with multitalented ‘creative’ people in the country, who are passionate about making people happy through heart-felt messages that they create.

Under this department, you can find opportunities related to:

  • Writing
  • Gift Design
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Hand Lettering
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Creative Leadership

Click here to apply now.

Job Application Tips

The hiring process at Hallmark is simple yet it may not be easy. The candidates will undergo a series of one-on-one interviews with a hiring officer and then a manager. These interviews may take 20 minutes but the entire process could last up to 30 days of waiting.

In-store team members can be hired immediately, though. A store manager may decide to give you the job offer if he or she finds your skills and experience appropriate for the job. So, take chances always and come prepared for it by wearing casual business clothes and don’t forget to display your pleasing personality.

Show how friendly you are and your willingness to listen to whatever your interviewer says as this can be a good way to leave a positive impression. Keep in mind that you will be working with different customers daily once you get hired so be patient and mindful when explaining yourself as a demonstration of your interpersonal skills.

Direct Competitors

If you want a job that gets you involved with a lot of arts and crafts stuff, you may want to consider applying to Hobby Lobby. It has 67,000 products to offer worldwide and you can get an opportunity to design your own art and craft to add into this number.

Another option is Disney and for sure working in the company is as exciting as working for Hallmark. You will be surrounded with the most creative and dynamic individuals in the industry, making it a great opportunity for you to hone your artistic talents.

Employee Benefits

The Hallmark employee benefits are its token of gratitude to loyal and ever-passionate team members. The employees enjoy receiving the following perks:

  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Discounts
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Paid sick leave, vacation and holiday
  • Work-Life Balance
  • A fun, vibrant and diverse workplace

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