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In need of a premium burger fix and need it fast? Hardee’s is the place to go! With signature menu items like the Thickburger Burger ®, Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy and Charbroiled Chicken, customers both young and old have lots of delectable dishes to choose from.

The company even caters to those who are looking low-carb selections and sweet-tooth soothers like the Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shakes and Malts ™.

Along with its sibling restaurant-chain Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s has been regarded as one of the top ten fast-food chains in the United States. And it doesn’t stop there! Hardee’s has also spread its reach across the globe with 170 branches in the Middle East.

The company is constantly looking for full-time and part-time STARS whom embody their business ideals. Read on for more information on the Hardee’s application process.

Employment at Hardee’s

Hardee’s is a chain of fast-food restaurant stores that predominantly operates in the South and Midwest states. As one of America’s top fast-food chains, it presents a menu worthy of your hunger, with numerous burgers, sides, desserts and signature beverage.

Its most popular burger is the Monster Thickburger, which is a belly-busting combo of two patties made from two patties of Angus cattle ground beef, bacon, cheese and butter-flavored shortening, sandwiched between two warm sesame seed buns.

Over the years, the company has made several changes to their menu in order to entice other eaters who are looking for something a little different. They’ve added items such as the breakfast menu, non-beef burgers (chicken, fish, ham and veggie sandwiches), side dishes, desserts, Better for You ™ options, and the Red Burrito ™ line.

As their slogan says, they’ve got the premium menu when customers want to Eat Like You Mean It ®. Their international menu also includes a host of unique items such as the Big Deluxe, Original Frisco Burger, Big Roast Beef, and Big Cookie.

The founder, Wilbur Hardee, opened his first restaurant in Rocky Mount, North Carolina on September 9, 1960. During this time, the Huskee burger was the signature menu item.

After the success of its distinctive burger menu items, the chain expanded by franchising and acquiring other restaurant chains. The company headquarters remained in Rocky Mount until 2001.

In the 1970’s the regular menu featured the Huskee Junior and the Deluxe Huskee, which helped the company grow due to the distinctive taste of these two marquee menu items. Later on, additions such as the Big Twin and Big Deluxe spearheaded the conversion to “charco-broiled” burgers where the fat content dripping off the cooking beef ignited the “flame-broiled” taste.

In the 1990’s, the fried chicken menu was introduced, and along with it came traditional sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and biscuits.

In 1997, Hardee’s was acquired by CKE Restaurants, which is also the parent company of the Carl’s Jr. fast-food chain. Along with the acquisition, the company was rebranded and started to use the same star logo as Carl’s Jr. As of 2010, Hardee’s has expanded to 1905 restaurants across the United States, with more branches opening in the Middle East later in 2011.

In October 2013, Hardee’s has announced plans to expand into Northeastern United States, specifically in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The company’s continued quest for improvement has earned them a spot in the fast-food restaurant industry with the Most Improved Chains in Industry Awards in 2013.

The corporate office is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Apply Online to Hardee’s

You can apply on the careers page of their website. On the right hand side of the page is a list of job openings for restaurant jobs, restaurant manager jobs and corporate positions. Upon clicking on one of these options, applicants for restaurant jobs will be asked for their zip code and the distance they are willing to travel from this area.

Management and corporate candidates can filter their search based on job category, location, or keyword. Available jobs can be expanded to view the specific job description, requirements and benefits. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, you may apply.

Once you have qualified, Hardee’s will contact you for an interview, or to inform you of future openings. So before you submit your online employment forms, it’s important to ensure that all the information you have provided is up-to-date and accurate.

Hardee App form

Working at Hardee’s

Hardee’s is the ideal place for those who are looking to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Employees are referred to as STARS, which is an acronym of the values the require from each employee. STARS refers to friendlinesS, Teamwork, enthusiAsm, Reliability and guest-focuSed.

Whether you wish to work in a Hardee’s restaurant or in their corporate locations, the opportunities to shine are even brighter than their burgers! Start applying now to start earning.

Minimum Age for Employment at Hardee’s

The minimum age for a career at Hardee’s is 16 years of old. If you are 16 or above and have a bright personality geared towards customer service, click here to start.

Hardee’s Hours of Operation

Hardee’s standard hours are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM from Sundays to Thursdays and 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Saturdays. However, these store hours may vary by location. Some restaurants are open 24 hours a day.

Available Hardee’s Career Opportunities

Hardee’s career opportunities suit all qualifications. They are an equal opportunity employer, and they believe in promoting and developing their employees from within. Of course, different positions have different requirements, but in general all applicants must have customer service skills and an overall pleasant personality. The availability of positions also depends on your location. Here are some of the positions available:

  • Back of House Crew
  • Front of House Crew
  • Shift Leader
  • General Manager
  • Combo Tech I
  • Computer Operator (part-time)
  • HRIS Analyst
  • Payroll Accounting Specialist
  • Regional Human Resources Manager
  • Regional Loss Prevention Manager
  • Senior Tax Accountant
  • Unemployment Specialist

Direct Competitors

If you’ve always wanted to craft classic burgers in fun and unique combinations, Hardees is a great place to apply to. Of course, the burger has seen its fair share of variations over the years, and you can too. Apply to White Castle to experience making the classic burgers everyone loves. Take a trip back in time and work for a classic drive in like Sonic. Or, go all out with crazy business and phenomenal cooks and join the team at Five Guys. Don’t worry, there’s always room for one more. Be sure to check apply to all of them today! 

Hardee’s Job Descriptions

Crew Person – The crew person position is an entry-level position whose Responsibilities of this job include food preparation, operation of cash registers, and cleaning and maintenance of the restaurant. The pay generally starts at or around minimum wage, but an increase in wage is possible after a satisfactory probation period. As Hardee’s encourages promotions and advancements from within, it’s highly possibly to be promoted to Shift Leader or Manager after some time.

Shift Leader – Applicants with previous fast food experience may immediately be hired as a shift leader. Responsibilities of this position include overseeing crew persons, and ensuring all jobs are being done efficiently. In addition, Shift Leaders also take over the duties of the manager in his or her absence. Starting wages for this position may correspond with prior experience.

General Manager – General Managers oversee all the day-to-day operations of a number of different restaurants within a certain area. The district manager coordinates closely with each restaurant’s general manager to ensure all aspects of the business are at its maximum profitability. With the increase in responsibility, general managers get a higher than average salary, plus an attractive benefit package.

Hardee’s Application and Interview Tips

The best way to ensure you will ace your interview is to do some research on all available jobs that suit your qualifications. You may do this at the careers page of the official website.

It’s best to look into each position you are interested in to make sure that you understand all the responsibilities involved, as well as the requirements needed to be considered for this position.

Once you have chosen the position you would like to apply for, you may complete the employment form and make sure that all the information you submit is complete and accurate. Upon submission, you may wish to visit the Hardee’s restaurants that you have chosen.

This allows you to have a firsthand look at the environment. If the manager is present, you may express your interest in working at Hardee’s. This may result in your information being reviewed more quickly. Once you have been called in for an interview, remember to dress accordingly and to exude a friendly and pleasant attitude.

If the position you wish to apply for is a managerial position, make sure to include all prior relevant experience and qualifications in your inquiry. Along with the form, you may also want to submit a well-written, current resume that includes all relevant information.

Make sure to highlight the personal skills and achievements that would make you the most suitable candidate for the job.

Benefits of Working at Hardee’s

Hardee’s offers both crew people and management a comprehensive benefit package that would allow them to have a better quality of life. Once you have met the minimum requirements, you may be eligible for the following benefits:

For Crew Persons and Shift Leaders:

  • Holiday pay
  • Vacation pay
  • Paid Sick Time
  • Comprehensive Medical/Dental/Vision Care Plans (available for Shift Leader Position)
  • Part-Time Medical Insurance Plans
  • Employee Meal Discount
  • Education Reimbursement
  • On-The-Job Training for Promotion Opportunities
  • Paycheck Direct Deposit/Pay Card

For General Managers:

  • Holiday Pay
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Sick Time
  • Comprehensive Medical/Dental/Vision Care Plans
  • Employee Meal Discount
  • Educational Reimbursement
  • Management Training Programs
  • Paycheck Direct Deposit/Pay Care
  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • 401(k) Savings/Investment Plan

Benefits for franchised owned and operated restaurants will vary. You may inquire about these variations with the individual proprietor.

In addition to these benefits, there are numerous learning opportunities at Hardee’s. Different
training programs are available to employees of different positions. Here are the programs available at Hardee’s:

Crew Person Training – This program uses a three-step method: Learn, Practice and Evaluate. First, the team members learn an overview of the position. Then, their trainer demonstrates how each station works, and then the trainees will practice at the station to build their skills. After they have been allowed ample time to practice, they will be evaluated and certified.

Shift Leader Training – This is where Shift Leaders will learn how to effectively run a shift. In this training, the Shift Leader trainees will learn how to be in charge, how to direct crew members, how to complete basic shift responsibilities, and how to deliver quality service and cleanliness to the guests.

General Manager Training – This training gives you the practical knowledge and skills needed to manage the business as a General Manager.

Essentials of Management Training – This classroom training deals with effective managements skills through the use of group discussions, brainstorming, interaction, skills practice, analysis and role-playing. It also includes Essentials of Human Resources, which deals with labor laws, performance management and company policies.

Leadership Development Training – This series of development training modules deals with the essentials of leadership.

In line with continuing the education and learning of the employees, additional workshops will be conducted to enhance on-the-job skills.

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