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From humble beginnings with a single store opened up in 1905 in Kerrville in Texas Hill Country, HEB has grown to become one of united State’s largest retailers. Named after the owner, Howard Edward Butt, HEB has grown from a simple store to a wide network of stores in over 150 communities around Texas. The company is is currently hiring so submit your HEB Application today!

Fresh foods, quality products and convenient services are some of the propositions which make the company stand out from its competitors. Recently, HEB opened stores in Palmhurst, Waco, Mueller, Benham, Carrizo Springs, and Conroe market, in Texas which display exceptionally visually appealing infrastructure.

The booming growth also means that HEB is going to be continuously looking for new employees to bring on board.

A job at here isn’t merely a job; it is the first step towards a promising, lucrative career which offers a rich and diverse experience. The company values all its employees and continues to offer a better working environment so that once an employee starts; they don’t find a reason to leave.

Online HEB Forms for employment

A job at HEB offers a chance to experience many new things and connect with a number of great people. The company is always looking for dedicated and hard-working employees to add to their team.

You can easily visit the website and look for vacancies according to your educations, skills, location and experience. If you find something that suits you be sure to drop off a CV so they can contact you. From entry-level to upper management, HEB offers a diverse range of jobs which means there always something for everyone!

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Things You Should Know Before Applying to HEB

Do you crave to work in an environment where you’d get to interact with a diverse variety of faces and people every day? This is the place to be. HEB offers great benefits and flexibility for its employees, but still, if you wish to work here, here are some things you should know.

Have a look at the following and make sure you are eligible and the job is suitable before you put in your forms.

Minimum Age For Employment

The minimum age of working at HEB is 16 years. There are a number of entry level jobs you can go for, however, there are some jobs like in the upper management which require you to be older.

Hours Of Operation At HEB

HEB stores have customers coming in all day, whole week; therefore, they are open every day throughout the week from 6 am to 12 am. However, a standard isn’t that long; a working day is divided in to multiple shifts to make things easy on employees and to offer flexibility in timings.

You can visit the careers page at the HEB website to go through the list of available jobs and to grab an idea of the timings and exact location where you might be required to work.

Available Positions At HEB

Careers at HEB vary according to your education and any previous experience. Fresh students who might have graduated recently are hired as well alongside experienced professionals.

Entry level positions don’t really require any prior experience as the company offers a rich on-the-job experience and candidates get a grip on their responsibilities pretty quick, these jobs can be started off at the age of 16.

There are almost 76,000 people currently employed in the chain of stores, they work as full-time or part-time employees.

HEB offers a diverse set of employment opportunities and makes it an ideal place to take a start at a young age. People who have specialized educational skills should also consider making a career out of management positions.

Entry-level positions at HEB include employment opportunities like cashiers, stockers or baggers which students and other candidates can easily manage with their education.

As HEB values and works its best to retain all its employees, entry level positions offer a solid first step towards gradual career development and growth. The company values and their company philosophy can actually be found directly on the employment forms.

Middle and upper management level jobs include opportunities like store managers, department managers, general manager and HR managers. These jobs offer a lucrative career and development, the experience is great and with its reputable name in the industry, management experience with HEB is valued everywhere.

Entry Level Positions

  • Cashier
  • Night/Day stocker
  • Central checkout specialist
  • Customer service representative
  • Meat cutter
  • Checker

Middle And Upper Management Level Positions

  • Administrative assistant
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Hourly manager in charge
  • Department manager
  • Assistant manager
  • General manager
  • HR manager
  • Loss prevention specialist
  • Benefits program advisor
  • Recruiting coordinator
  • Senior recruiting coordinator

Click here to check out the full list of jobs available at HEB; there you can go through any educational, skill, or experience related requirements. Once you find the perfect job for you, click the ‘Apply’ button.

Direct Competitors

HEB is a massive retailer who, like so many others, started small and grew to a massive size over the years. Their constantly changing work environment ensures that the employees are happy and never wanting to leave. For another experience working in an environment that promotes diversity and values their employees, be sure to apply to Harris Teeter as well. If you enjoy the customer service centered environment, apply to Food City and push forward their already outstanding reputation of customer centric service. Finally, apply to Food 4 Less and work for a streamlined grocery store that takes out the small parts and leaves more time and people to help their customers. 

Employment Information

Grocery and food aren’t the only things HEB does, it offers more than that. It delivers value to a customer which is the reason it has been able build up the loyal customer base over the years.

Interviews at HEB include an extensive process and require involvement on the candidate’s behalf. Regardless of what positions you are applying for, you will be required to participate in a number of stages. After submitting the initial forms, suitable candidates are called over for a group company orientation process.

After that, in-depth one-on-one interviews are conducted by either store managers or upper management HEB representatives, depending on the nature of the job.

Anyone who has worked with a grocery store earlier will obviously have an upper hand answering the interview questions. Applicants may be asked to share their prior experience and duties with the previous employer and reasons of joining HEB.

Comprehensive details for applying and job positions are provided below.

Entry Level Positions

Applying for entry-level positions like cashiers, checkers and stockers requires the least amount of education and prior work related experience.

As these jobs involve continuous interactions with new people every hour, employees are required to display their best behavior and treat all customers with respect and care. They are required to follow strict ethical guidelines.

Pay scale For Entry Level Jobs

Largely, entry-level jobs at HEB get paid according to hourly rates, which are decided according to the location and work experience of the employees.

Employees working as cashiers, customer service associates, night stockers and checkers can easily make anywhere from $9 to $13 depending on their experience.

Management Level Positions

The good about landing a job at HEB is that every employee starts off at the bottom, most of the Department managers started off as cashiers and other entry level positions.

Management level jobs at HEB like store managers, department manager, general managers require vigilant individuals who have work related experience or solid educational backgrounds. Employees are provided training and development opportunities where they can further enhance and develop their managerial skills.

Employees in the upper level management enjoy superior salaries and added perks and benefits. Through a systematic interview process, the company decided the best possible candidates for the vacancies and then pay scales are decided according to work experience and academic backgrounds.

Pay Scale For Management Level Positions

The pay scale for middle and upper level management positions are decided according their responsibilities, performance, experience and education. Management positions provide a great salary package to employees and an employee can earn anywhere above $35,000 annually. It all begins by applying which you can do on the website.

Benefits Of Working At HEB

A job at HEB means an enjoyable career in a fast paced environment, employees can make quite a handsome hourly wage and full-time employees are offered lucrative salaries which make up a huge sum annually. In addition to the basic pays, the company offers great perks like:

  • Health coverage
  • Future savings plans
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Flexible work hours
  • Special discounts

Added to these, there are a number of other benefits, HEB offers its employees so that they build up a career here.

Some Basic And Additional HEB Application Tips

Create The Best CV- Rather than stuffing irrelevant details in your CV, try keeping it precise and to the point. Mention any prior experience you have working at a grocery store because that will come in really handy.

Also you should consider selling yourself. Do you have any certifications or have you worked on customer relationship projects at college? Mention them in your CV.

Be Sure You Know What You Are Applying For- Applying for a department manger? Do you know what their responsibilities are? Make sure you look around, consult your friends and family to have an insight into the job you wish to apply for.

Keep Track- Once you choose a position according to your skills and experience, apply. You are then allotted user id and password which you can use later to keep track of your job eligibility. Click here if you wish to go to the track page.

Quick facts about HEB

  • It was named after the owner, Howard Edward Butt.
  • The first store started in 1905.
  • HEB currently employs over 76,000 employees
  • The company has over 340 stores in Texas and Mexico
  • HEB is known for its low prices, exceptional customer service and a friendly shopping experience

If you are willing to showcase your talent by working hard and committing to the goals of the company, be sure to apply. Opportunities here are more than jobs, they are careers!

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