Hibbett Sports Employment Job Application

Hibbett Sports LogoKnown for its commitment to putting the customer first, Hibbett Sports continues to provide high quality sporting goods from many popular brands at relatively competitive prices. With plans to open as many as 500 new stores in different locations in the Southeastern, Southwestern, and Midwestern regions of the United States in the next few years, the sporting goods giant has also shown potential as a prospective employer for thousands of job seekers who all hope that their Hibbett Sports application becomes the start a wonderful career in retail.

If you are at least 16 years old and are looking to apply for a job at Hibbett Sports, you can apply online through the company’s official website. From the home page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link for career opportunities.

Once you get to the next page, you will be presented with options on whether you want to apply for a job at one of the Hibbett Sports retail stores, their wholesale and logistics facilities, or their even corporate offices. Incidentally, you will also see the list of employee benefits that the company provides.

Being a sporting goods retail chain, Hibbett Sports also expresses its competitive attitude towards upping their performance on this page, which is why they constantly try to improve their training methods. You can apply to Hibbett Sports online through this link.

About The Company

Hibbett Sports started in 1945 when it was founded by educator and high school coach Rufus Hibbett. At the time, the store was known as Dixie Supply Co., and its primary merchandise included athletic, marine and small aircraft equipment.

Ike and George Hibbett, sons of founder Rufus Hibbett, both decided to help their father out in managing the business. Because of their involvement in the company’s operations, which was now focusing more on team sports sales, the business was renamed Hibbett & Sons.

The business changed directions once again in the mid-1960 when the company became a sporting goods retailer. It was during this time that the company name was changed again, this time to Hibbett Sports.

In 1993, Hibbett Sports started a massive expansion drive, opening around 10 new stores each year. By the time the company went public in 1996 and took on the ticker symbol HIBB, it had more than doubled its store opening pace.

Today, Hibbett Sports operates as one of the country’s biggest sporting goods retailers and owns several subsidiary brands. These subsidiaries include Hibbett Sports, Sports Additions, Sports & Co., and Hibbett Team Sales.

Over the years, the company established ties with the top local and international sporting goods brands. Some of the top brands sold at Hibbett Sports stores are Adidas, Asics, Champion, Converse, Columbia, Dodger, Easton, Everlast, Fila, The Game, K-Swiss, Mizuno, New Balance, New Era, Nike, Pro Line, Reebok, Rollerblade, Russell, Spalding, Starter, Umbro, and Wilson.

With the current success of the company, it is no surprise that it has become a highly coveted employer as well. Every month, the company’s hiring and recruitment division receives hundreds Hibbett Sports employment forms from hopeful job seekers who wish to become part of a highly motivated and successful team.

Direct Competitors

Hibbett Sports applies all of the modern brands to a store that is filled with quality employees that provide outstanding customer service each time. You can apply to them as young as sixteen and get your career started as early as possible. Apply to  Zumiez to sell action sports gear ranging from clothing, to footwear, to snowboards and skateboards. When you’re finished there, apply to Big 5 and experience the power of selling speciality sports gear that everyone needs and wants. Finally, apply to Dick’s Sporting Goods and see how a massive catalog of items can go a long way towards making the customer experience that much better and your job that much easier.

Job Openings

Whether you are looking to build a career in sports retail, or are simply looking for casual work that will help pay the bills, a job at Hibbett Sports or at any of its subsidiaries could help you score big in the sporting goods retail industry. Some of the jobs that you can apply for include the following:

Entry Level Jobs

Even if you have little to no experience in the sports retail business, your Hibbett Sports employment form can still get you a position in the company. Some of the common jobs available include:

  • Sales Associate
  • Cashier
  • Stock Associate

Management Positions

For those who have had previous work experience in the industry, a position on the Hibbett Sports managerial staff could be for you. Career driven and highly motivated individuals who qualify for a manager post can apply for the following positions:

  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Sales Manager

Keep in mind that in order to be considered for any position in the company, you have to at least 16 years old. If you possess the skills and qualifications required by the position you apply for, you may just land the Hibbett Sports job that you wanted.

Working with the Company

The atmosphere at Hibbett Sports retail outlets can be defined as both fun and challenging. Work is fast paced, but interacting with customers and your coworkers can be a really enjoyable experience.

Hibbett Sports promotes an atmosphere of pride, integrity and determination. Just like a real sports team, the key to winning is to be continuously motivated while helping each other out as a team.

Also, because the different brands constantly try to improve and outdo their respective competitors in terms of performance, Hibbett Sports associates are given frequent training in order for them to keep up with the times. If your Hibbett Sports form goes through and you get hired to work at one of the company’s subsidiaries, not only will you be entitled to a competitive salary and benefits package, you will also have the opportunity to further your career in the industry.

Hiring Process

The hiring process at Hibbett Sports requires quite a bit of time. It is advised that you set aside time to complete the form, as it could take about an hour to complete.

After submitting it, a hiring manager or someone from the human resources department will review it and see if you have what the company is looking for. If your Hibbett Sports employment form is reviewed and accepted, you will be scheduled for interview.

Depending on the position that you applied for, you may have to undergo up to three different interviews. Make sure you come to your interviews on time and in a very presentable way, so that you make a good impression on the team.

Also, it does not hurt to make the interview for your Hibbett Sports position as interactive as possible by asking intelligent questions of your own, as long as you are courteous and polite.

After you make it past the interviews, and you have met all the requirements needed by the position you want, you could be on your way to your first day of work with Hibbett Sports in no time.

Interview Tips

Many of the questions asked during the interviews for Hibbett Sports aim to allow the interviewer to learn more about not just your aptitude, but your attitude as well. Some of the questions are situational, and how you answer these questions give the interviewers an idea of how you handle certain situations.

Some of the questions commonly asked during the interviews include the following:

  • Do you work well under pressure?
  • How has your past work experiences prepared you for this job?
  • What was your greatest failure, and what lesson did you learn from it?
  • How do you handle difficult customers?
  • In your opinion, what are your key strengths?
  • What was the most recent project that you headed?
  • Can you give an example of a situation where you had to plan and organize a project?

If your Hibbett Sports employment query is for a position as manager, the interview questions could be about how you lead a group of team members. Some examples of common managerial interview questions include:

  •  How do you motivate your people?
  • What managing styles do you prefer to use?
  • How do you handle team members who do not play well with others?
  • Can you cite an example of how your previous managers taught you valuable lessons that you can use in your future?
  • In your own words, how would you define a good leader?
  • Do you think you have been a good leader to your former team members?

Salary Information

Hibbett Sports offers its staff a highly competitive salary to go with an impressive benefits package. Employee salaries vary depending on their position, experience and length of tenure with the company, but here are some examples.

For entry-level positions with Hibbett Sports, such as cashiers, sales associates and stock associates, the average salary is 21,000 USD per year. Managers, however, get paid a little more because they are often more experienced and have a greater responsibility in terms of how the store operates.

Because managers receive a higher pay, more people strive to gain enough experience to qualify for the position. This means that you are most likely not the only person applying for the job with Hibbett Sports, and that you may be facing stiff competition for the manager post.

If your Hibbett Sports application is for a management position in the company, you could be looking at an attractive salary if you get picked for the position. For example, an assistant store manager receives an annual salary of 29,000 USD a year, while store managers and general managers earn an average of 36,000 USD a year.

Company Benefits

Hibbett Sports also provides its employees with an attractive benefits package. Some of the benefits that a successful Hibbett Sports employment could get you include:

  • healthcare
  • dental insurance
  • life insurance
  • accidental death and dismemberment benefit
  • disability insurance
  • stock purchase plans
  • 401(k)
  • profit-sharing plan
  • employee discounts
  • vision care plans
  • sick days
  • vacation leaves

Facts about the Company

During your interviews, you might be asked several questions about the company. Here are some interesting facts about the company that could just take you Hibbett Sports employment to the next level.

  • In 1980, the company was bought by the Anderson family, who owned the popular bookstore chain Books-a-Million. Seven years later, the Anderson family sold control of the company to Saunders Karp & Megrue Partners. A year after the acquisition, the company became a publicly traded holding company.
  • Many of the jobs available at Hibbett Sports retail stores have a sports themed alternative name. For example, the Store Manager is known internally as the Coach, while Assistant Managers are called Assistant Coaches. Similarly, Sales Associates are called Rookies.
  • Because Hibbett Sports operates sporting goods stores in small to mid-sized markets, predominantly in the Sunbelt, Mid-Atlantic and the Lower Midwest, and because the company’s primary store format is a 5,000 square-foot store located in dominant strip centers and enclosed malls, it was estimated that each store typically lies within 150 miles of another store location.

As the company moves toward continuous expansion, more jobs are expected to become available to people who want to become part of a winning team. Visit the company’s official website in order to apply to your local Hibbett Store online, and you might just get a shot at a very lucrative career in sports retail.

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