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If you love fashion, admire branded clothes and stay updated with the latest trends, filling a Hollister application can land you in your dream job!

Hollister Co. is an American lifestyle brand owned by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. The store was created in 2000 at the Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio and since then they grew to be more successful than its parent company. The theme of their clothing was inspired by the Southern Californian surfing lifestyle and targeted towards teenagers between the ages of 14-19 years. The store has also been ranked second among the most preferred clothing brand of US teens.

If you successfully land a Hollister job, you will be welcomed in a diverse and inclusive work environment. This companyunderstands and recognizes individual differences and aims at embracing those differences to build a team that fosters growth, leadership and creativity.

The great thing about working here is that it offers career opportunities not only in store and home office but is also an ideal platform for individuals looking for a kick start to their modeling career. Hollister, being a clothing brand marketed towards youngsters is always on the lookout for new faces to endorse its clothes.

Employment Information

The employment form submission process is designed to encourage beginners at early stages of their professional life looking for a platform to launch their career. To view the Hollister application online, you must first fill out an employment form at your nearest store. The manager or recruiter will then provide you with a password. Through this password you will be able to access the employment form.

Apart from filling out a basic form online, you will be required to give an interview at your desired  location to determine if you meet the required job criteria.

With Hollister pinning new stores constantly, you can use the store locator to find one near you!

Things to Know Before Completing an Employment Form

Working at here is the ideal launch pad for your career. Career opportunities begin from entry level jobs that encourage fresh blood to join their competent workforce. Simultaneously, Hollister values experienced individuals to take up managerial roles to steer the company in the right direction.

However, the beginners and veterans are both considered as vital contributors to the success of the company. Hollister career opportunities are for people from all walks of life – being an equal opportunity employer, diversity is encouraged among its team members.

Before you begin exploring  career opportunities, here is some imperative information that will make the process faster and smoother.

Minimum Age for Employment

You may apply for a suitable job if you are 17 years or older. Since the brand is aimed at teenagers, young people on the front end and as models are better able to communicate and relate to the image of the brand. All models  are first required to work at stores before they become eligible for a role in Hollister Co. marketing campaign.

Store Hours

Hollister has fixed mandatory work hours which means no late shifts. Almost all Hollister stores operate 7 days a week with business hours differing on Sunday.

  • Monday – Saturday: 10am to 9pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 7am

The store operating hours, especially on weekend, can vary between states. In addition to these fixed business hours, employees can offer to work extra shifts in case they want to earn some extra cash. Models  have at least one on call shift per every week.

Direct Competitors

There are those who are so in tune with the fashion industry, that they can predict the trends, and never, ever wear a bad outfit. You are perfect for Hollister who always keeps up with these trends in their stores. So, let’s talk options. Someone with a lot of fashion sense is going to be high in demand, so don’t sell yourself short. Apply to Forever 21 to sell the hottest men and women fashions. Old Navy betrays its name by always being fresh and new, making it ideal for you to apply now. For our women readers, lend your talents to the team at Charlotte Russe and sell the greatest women’s clothing on the market.

Available Positions

Career opportunities are categorized in two broad sections:

Store Opportunities

Manager in Training

The MIT program is a 10 week course that trains the candidates on different aspects of running a business, like creating a positive in-store experience, diversity, HR, store operations and visual merchandising. On completion of the MIT, the candidate qualifies for an Assistant Manager role.


Models are responsible for a unique in-store experience – they endorse and promote the brand through their sense of style, vibrant personality and exceptional communication skills.


The Impact team members are the cornerstones of a presentable Hollister store – they are responsible for a smooth merchandise flow, stocking and restocking and maintaining high standards of presentations in store and stockroom.

Home Office Opportunities

Students and Recent Graduates

Hollister career opportunities for students and recent graduates include both full-time employment as well as internships. Leadership development and design training is offered to full-time employees and interns alike. Through these programs, Hollister encourages the young and energetic individuals to be part of its dynamic workforce.

Experienced Candidates

Hollister strongly believes in hiring from within the organization. Employees are encouraged to submit an employment form so that they can be considered for higher positions within the organization.

Distribution Center

The associates in the distribution center ensure that customers receive only the highest quality clothes. The distribution center comprises of  jobs in the supply chain or inventory management, including clerical workers, merchandise processors, material handlers and power equipment handlers.

Other Opportunities

  • Merchandising
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Brand Sense
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Information Technology

Additional Information

In addition to the Hollister jobs’ information mentioned above, you need to know what are the criteria for each job, how much each position pays and what is generally expected to go beyond in the career path.

An overview of both entry level and managerial level Hollister jobs is outlined below. However, the overview only serves as a guideline for Hollister career opportunities. For definite information about specific career opportunities, read the job description carefully when filling the form.

Entry Level Positions

The entry level Hollister jobs would largely include front end customer service associate, sales associate, models and store associates. Internships will also fall under entry level Hollister career opportunities.

Being an equal opportunities employer, Hollister does not hesitate to accept individuals with little or no work experience. If the potential candidate is ambitious to become part of the team, Hollister provides on the job training to enable team members to develop and polish their skills and perform their job responsibilities competitively.

Pay Scale for Entry Level Jobs

Once your paperwork is accepted for an entry level job, you can expect an hourly salary between $6-$10 as a sales associate or impact team member. Model can make up to $6-$9 per hour. Part-time employees are also entitled to the same salary range

Management Positions

Managerial positions are comprised of both middle and higher level Hollister career opportunities. You may apply to fill positions as a store manager as well district and regional manager. However, every potential candidate has to complete the MIT program to move up the ladder.

Pay Scale for Managerial Level Jobs

Assistant store managers can earn up to $28,000-$35,000 and managers  can expect a salary range from $33,000-$48,000. The compensation package can vary according to job position, experience, educational background and job responsibilities.

Helpful Tips

In order to launch your career through a Hollister job, you must visit the company’s website or visit your nearest store to inquire about Hollister career opportunities. At the store you must request an employment form that must be filled out entirely.

In addition, you must attach a professionally written CV. Doing so will increase the probability of landing successful in a Hollister job. While writing your CV or filling the job form, you must ensure correct grammar, well-written sentences and use of keywords to highlight your skills and capabilities.

To increase your chances for acceptance, hand in or mail your form as soon as possible. If you do not hear back from the company within a week, follow up with your nearest store.

Advanced Tips

Acceptance of your initial form gets you a step closer to a Hollister job. However, to qualify for the position you applied for, you will have to meet with the manager of the store you applied at. The interview is going be the deciding factor of whether you will succeed for the applied job or not.

Being a clothing brand targeted at teenagers, Hollister will look for candidates that have an approachable personality and the determination to learn and excel at what they do. Enthusiasm, eagerness and a good sense of style are the few traits that Hollister managers will keep an eye for.

Here are a few tips that will improve your chances of acing the interview:

  • Do Your Homework – Knowledge of company background, job responsibilities and requirements will help you communicate and negotiate confidently and leave a good impression on the hiring manager.
  • Be Confident – When working at an entry level position, you will be required to possess qualities of teamwork, decision making, problem solving, store management and good communication skills. The bottom line is to be confident about yourself and in your abilities. Wear a smile at all times – being approachable and friendly will significantly improve your chances of success.
  • Dress to Impress – Your attire will be as important as your confidence. Hollister wants its employees to endorse the company’s image – every team member must be a brand ambassador. This means you have to be updated with the latest fashion and trends and dress accordingly.
  • Be Punctual – Punctuality is another key success factor – it portrays a responsible nature and will never fail to create a good impression on the hiring manager.
  • Be Honest – Since Hollister encourages teenagers to apply for jobs, it is very important that you are honest about your education and other details asked.
  • Don’t Forget to Ask Questions – If you have any doubts regarding the form itself, job responsibilities or benefits package, do no hesitate to ask.

Employment Benefits

Once your form is accepted and you have passed the interview, a Hollister job will qualify you for a number of benefits.

  • Discounts – Full time employees qualify for a 20% discount and part time employees are qualify for a 10% discount on regular priced products.
  • Triple AAA purchases
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • 401(k) retirement benefit plan
  • Fax preparation services
  • Financial assistance programs
  • Health insurance for medical, dental, and vision plans

Company Facts

In addition to the employment information, here are some interesting facts about Hollister that will help you glide smoothly through the initial submission and interview process and give you an edge over other applicants:

  • The idea of Hollister clothing is inspired by the Southern Californian surfing lifestyle.
  • Hollister has spent millions to create a “SoCal surf” ambiance in both the interior and exterior design of its stores.
  • Hollister stores are designed to resemble beach shacks.
  • All merchandise at Hollister divided into two sections – “Dudes” and “Betties.
  • All Hollister stores are scented with the company’s signature SoCal fragrance.
  • It is a corporate policy to play a controlled mix of licensed music at all times in all stores.

If you love the beach-like atmosphere, have an eye for fashion and aspire to become part a highly progressive team, roll up your sleeves and fill the Hollister job form now!