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If you find interior design fascinating, you might be interested in working for a company like Ikea. This Swedish furniture company produces home appliances, furniture and accessories. It is also considered as the largest furniture designer and seller in the world, as of 2008.

In order to communicate with customers well about their inquiries related to furniture, you must have a good knowledge about home improvement, interior design, decoration and buying guides. This knowledge should be coupled with great communication skills, pleasant personality and sales approach. Submit your Ikea application if you think you meet the abovementioned qualities for a store associate.

Applying at Ikea Online

To apply at Ikea, simply visit their official company website at ikea.com. You can then view first their product category listings before heading over to the career website. This way, you will have an idea on what kinds of product the company sells. You will either love it or feel disinterested about it so it is important to also have that first impression about the home furniture.

Next, visit the career website, wherein you can look for job openings available in your country. It is available here, and you will see a search section below the graphic feature. Use this search bar in order to acquire information about the available jobs at the moment.

Simply select US if you are currently residing in the said country. You are to select a particular work area where you can apply your skills and knowledge the most like in sales, customer service, logistics, and finance, among many others. Make sure to select the right choices so you will have the most accurate search results.

If basic search doesn’t satisfy you, try to use the advanced search option. Clicking “advanced search” should bring you to a web page where a drop down list of all inquiries are presented. Take advantage of the Job Match feature on the web page where you can paste your resume to let the website know what positions exactly you are looking for.

Create an Online Account

However, as with any other online-based application, you are required to create a profile. It is where you can store all your contact and personal information for reference. You must agree to the company terms and conditions regarding their recruitment privacy policy before moving on to the next step. Click “Agree” and you are good to go.

Once you’ve set up your online account, you can apply to as many Ikea jobs as you can. Visit multiple work areas until you are able to find the job that suits your employment record and skills the most, including the availability of the job in your location.

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About the Company

At the age of 17, Ingvar Kamprad started building what is now a billion dollar worth company. Ikea was founded in 1943 in Sweden, and the company name was actually derived from the initials of Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd. Elmtaryd was a farm where Kamprad spent most of his youth, while Agunnaryd was a town in Sweden where he was born.

Ikea started out as a designer for furniture and home appliances. It also specializes in designing environment friendly appliances through the use of modern design and technology. With this technology, Ikea was able to develop cost-efficient and functional furniture at lower prices possible.

It only took Ikea ten years to implement all of its efforts for global expansion. In 2010, it already had 200 stores in various countries all over the globe. It was also the same year when the company was able to sell $23.1 billion worth of products to global consumers.

This continued success and expansion paved the way for the creation of the official Ikea web store where approximately 12,000 goods are on display for sale. Today, 2014, Ikea boasts having over 349 stores in around 43 countries and eventually becoming the largest furniture retailer of the planet. This company specializes in designing ready to use furniture such as follows;

  • Kitchen equipment
  • Bedroom
  • Living room furniture
  • Home appliances
  • Textiles and rugs
  • Furniture for children; and
  • For business

If you want to learn more about Ikea products, visit their eCommerce site here.

Employment at Ikea

Ikea is more than just a retailer of furniture items but is also an innovator. They lead the industry through their innovative breakthroughs when it comes to design and technology. They credit this achievement to their team members no less.

With that, Ikea pays great gratitude toward their associates who painstakingly work for continuing their legacy with seemingly-endless career opportunities. Each of the employees is given an equal opportunity to excel and be recognized for their notable contributions and ideas. This is why it is highly encouraged among employees to not be afraid of going the extra mile and stepping up to the occasion whenever necessary.

Ikea values having a positive team spirit around its office because it is through this that they will be able to inspire a lot of people. This positive team spirit would mean humility, easy to work with and passion for whatever you do when you work for the company. Overall, it is important for the would-be team members to possess natural leadership skills and to be a people-person, responsible, straightforward, and innovative.

If you think you have the potential to turn yourself into something big through the said company, send over your Ikea application via the career website today.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be willing to work in shifting schedule and on weekends

Store Hours

Sunday to Thursday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Friday to Saturday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Job Vacancies at Ikea

The Swedish company is looking to fill in approximately 94 positions for their global offices, including their stores. The available jobs vary in terms of location and work area as some are categorized as a part of the sales, logistics, quality assurance, customer relations and restaurant departments. Although, it is the sales work area that gets the most number of job vacancies.

Entry Level Positions

Below is the list of Ikea job openings that you may apply to:

Sales Associate – Helps the department in gaining a significant increase in the company sales and profit. This can be done by having an in-depth knowledge of the Ikea products and services, which should be promoted to the customers.

Warehouse personnel – You will work at the stock control department to do inventory, process requests, and perform other responsibilities as assigned by the team leader.

Customer Service – You may be assigned to work at the carts, cashier, pick-up, or return areas. You will have to basically offer assistance to customers as they shop, inquire or purchase furniture at Ikea.

Interior Design Co-worker – Brainstorm home furnishing ideas with the team and design it according to plan. Inspire other team members to express their creative ideas by being a leader of example. Lastly, you must have basic knowledge of AutoCAD and other computer software programs.

Pay Scale: $9 to $10/hour

Management Positions

Engineering Manager – Assigned to making sure that the architectural and technical aspects of building Ikea stores meet the standards of the company and of the industry.

Operations Team Leader – You are expected lead, build and coach your own team to ensure that they are delivering in their own tasks with the highest quality of service possible.

Store Sales Manager –Maximize the store’s profitability by motivating your team to work hard, sharing your knowledge about the products to customers and team members and adjust to the varying market conditions in order to thrive.

Pay Scale: $73,289 to $87,710/annum

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Direct Competitors

Although Ikea offer promising career opportunities, you shouldn’t close your doors on other opportunities where your skills and knowledge may be recognized easily because of lesser competition. Home Depot is particularly interested in hiring individuals who are bilingual, and does provide trainings constantly in order for you to learn more about their products.

Another worth mentioning is Menard’s, which is specializing in home improvement. If you are looking for something closer to Ikea, Menard’s should be on your list. It’s a family-owned company so you will be working directly with the founders, allowing you to learn about their business legacy and tradition.

Job Application Tips

A hiring manager does a three-part interview; phone call, one-on-one and a panel interview. This selection process may vary depending on the position, though. But the three-part interview is likely possible to be undertaken by mid and upper-level applicants. The hiring process may take up to 2 weeks for entry-level applicants, while it may last up to 4 weeks for managerial positions.

Here are some examples of interview questions:

  • Do you have any interest in interior design?
  • Do you love decorating your house? How do you do it?
  • How do you assist a customer confused with which bed frame to buy for his child’s room?
  • What would you do if you are not sure about giving out product information that the customer is asking you about?

Overall, if you intend to apply for a sales position, you should be willing to learn about Ikea products, its uses, technical details, and other important aspects. One way to sell an item to a customer is to convince him that he really needs it and so he should buy it.

If selling or designing house furniture and appliances is your strength, you should work at Ikea.

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