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Jack in the Box is one of the country’s leading fast food chains and operates over 2250 stores in 21 states. Almost 85% of its business is takeout or drive-thru. Most stores are open between 18 and 24 hours per day. Throughout the system there are over 22,000 Jack in the Box career opportunities.

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A great career is waiting for you at Jack in the Box. Whether you are looking for an entry-level Jack in the box Job or a management Jack in the box application, there is something here for you.

If you like to work with people in a fast paced environment and serve up the finest in fast food that is made hot when the customer orders, then fill out the Jack in the Box online employment forms.

Quality is the name of the game at Jack in the Box and if you want to excel and grow in your career and quality matters to you visit the Jack in the Box website and apply. Jack in the Box sells to billions of customers in the United States and Canada annually.

If there are Jack in the Box career opportunities available they will be listed on the website under the Careers tab. These are the employment opportunities currently listed there.

Jack In The Box Employment Forms

These positions are available at all Tennessee and some California stores:

Team Member: This is the Jack in the Box entry-level position in the stores. This position usually starts at minimum wage and is the customer service job. The team member will do a little bit of everything including taking food orders, preparing food, cashier, cleaning, and line cooking.

In order to be a team member at Jack in the Box one needs to be positive, energetic, flexible, and able to thrive in a fast paced environment. Above all else in this particular Jack in the Box career opportunity, you have to really like people.

For team member opportunities request a Jack in the Box job inquiry form at the store you would like to work at. You might also expect to be interviewed when you turn in the form so be prepared.

The Jack in the Box online forms are available for all the remaining jobs in the restaurants. This includes:

  • Team Leader: the first line of management and involves some supervision, scheduling and oversight of
  • operations on their shifts. This is still an hourly position paying about $10 an hour.
  • Assistant Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • District Manager

All other management positions involve some level of staff supervision, hiring, training, and overall day-to-day store or multi-store operations and finances.

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Manager positions start around $20,000 per year and can go as high as $55,000 per year or more depending on location and experience. District Managers and Executive levels are paid according to their level of experience. Apply now.

Jack In The Box Corporate Opportunities

There are many career opportunities in the Corporate Offices for those not inclined to be restaurant team members or managers. You can apply for these opportunities online at the Career Page. The Jack in the box employment form is easily accessed from this page. Just select the field you work in and the location you are interested in. Then click on the apply online link.

There are too many opportunities at the Corporate Offices in San Diego, California to list here but just a sampling includes IT Professionals and Network Analysts, Accounting Specialists, Supply Chain Analysts, Administrative Coordinators, Real Estate Site Coordinators, Materials Management staff, Plant Managers, Facilities Managers and staff, Food Service Packers and many, many more.

Click here for your Jack in the Box online form now.

There are higher level management and executive positions at the Corporate Offices in San Diego as well. These positions normally require at least a B.S. degree and many require advanced degrees or an MBA.

Facts about Jack In The Box Jobs

  • You must be 16 years of age to work in a Jack in the Box Restaurant.
  • Most stores are open 18 or 24 hours a day.
  • Schedules are flexible and variable.
  • Applicants for managerial positions are available to those over 18 years of age.

Direct Competitors

In the world of fast food, places to eat are a dime a dozen. It takes cunning, knowledge and the occasional leap of faith to discover the best. By choosing to apply to Jack in the Box, you’ve proven you possess these qualities. Apply to Dairy Queen as well to sell everything from chili dogs, to ice cream hurricanes. For unique menu choices, you’ll enjoy working at Hardee’s and seeing what they have to offer to their customers. We can’t discuss fast food without mentioning White Castle, the burgers that you want to sell, and eat all at once. We wish you all the best on your journey to serve the best food in the industry. 

Benefits for Jack In The Box Jobs

Jack in the Box believes that all their employees, both full and part-time, should have access to quality health care. If you like these benefits as well as paid vacation and competitive pay complete the online employment forms now.

Benefits for Team Members

  • Meal Discounts
  • Medical Insurance/ Dental Insurance/Vision Insurance
  • Paid Vacations
  • Service Awards
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Jack in the Box Career Opportunities
  • Paid Training

Benefits for Team Leaders

  • Meal Discounts
  • Medical Insurance/ Dental Insurance/Vision Insurance
  • Paid Vacation
  • Service Awards
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Advocate Program

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Benefits for Management Trainees, Restaurant Managers and District Managers

  • Medical Insurance/ Dental Insurance/Vision Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement Plans
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • 401 k Plan
  • Optional Life Insurance and Optional Disability Insurance
  • Optional Accident Insurance
  • EAP Employee Assistance Program
  • Service Awards
  • Health Advocate Program
  • Meal Discount
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Paid Time Off including Paid Sick Leave, Paid Vacation, Paid Floating Holidays and Paid Company Holidays.

Complete your Jack in the Box online employment forms now.

Jack In The Box Application and Interviewing Tips

You might be completing an online form or completing the same form in a Jack in the Box Restaurant. No matter where you complete the form it is important to fill it out completely and not to leave any spaces blank.

Your chances of being interviewed are greatly diminished if you do not fill out the entire form.

Be patient and take your time whether you are completing an online employment form or you are completing the form in a store.

Double check every line before you turn it in or hit the ‘apply now’ button. Make sure a hand written form at the store is neat and clean with no erasures or mistakes.

When interviewing remember these tips:

  • Dress professionally no matter what position you are interviewing for. This is especially true for the entry-level Jack in the Box jobs. Do not wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops or sunglasses.
  • Shake hands with your interviewer and make eye contact. Maintain a reasonable level of eye contact throughout the interview.
  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the interview and express your desire to work in a people service environment. Let the interviewer know that you want a career in the food and hospitality industries.
  • Be prepared to answer questions regarding why you wish to have a Jack in the Box job
  • Be prepared to ask a few questions yourself regarding perhaps the mission or the values of Jack in the Box
  • Review the history of Jack in the Box and perhaps find a question there you would like to ask.

History of Jack In The Box

Jack in the Box restaurant was founded in 1951 by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego, California. The original Jack in the Box was a drive in and drive-thru window restaurant that served hamburgers for 18 cents each.

The company was a division of San Diego Commissary and in 1960 the first store outside of California was opened in Phoenix, Arizona.

San Diego Commissary changed its name to Foodmark in 1960 and in 1963 Jack in the Box stores opened in Houston and the Dallas-Ft. Worth areas in Texas.

When Ralston Purina purchased Foodmark in 1968, there was a major expansion of the Jack in the Box chain. By 1979 there were Jack in the Box jobs at more than 1000 stores.

At the same time it was decided to concentrate on the western and southwestern career opportunities and closed over 200 midwestern and eastern stores.

In 1985 members of the Foodmaker management team and other investors bought Foodmaker, complete with Jack in the Box, back from Ralston Purina, then went public in 1987, and is a public company today.

Eventually, Foodmaker sold off all aspects of the company except for Jack in the Box. Due to the growth of the fast food chain, the name of the company was changed in 1999 to Jack in the Box Inc.

In 2003 Jack in the Box added Qdoba Mexican Grill to the corporation. Qdoba restaurants and franchises are located in 46 states with 600 stores.

Jack in the Box is one of the country’s leading fast food chains and operates over 2250 stores in 21 states. Almost 85% of its business is takeout or drive-thru. Most stores are open between 18 and 24 hours per day. Throughout the system there are over 22,000 Jack in the Box career opportunities.

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