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Make a fresh and juicy start to your career with Jamba Juice!

A premier international chain serving healthy smoothies and delicious delights across 750 locations, Jamba Juice is a name that does not require any introduction. Aside from their headquarters in California, Jamaal Juice franchises operate in 26 states across the country and also have international presence in Philippines, Canada, South Korea and the Bahamas.

A career is filled with all the juicy details that you can dream of – staff benefits, attractive pay scale and an opportunity to interact with people all day long! Flexible work hours and exclusive training programs are another plus of working at Jamba Juice and are equally beneficial for entry level candidates as well as professionally experienced applicants.

Applying is easy – you can either submit a Jamba Juice application online or download the employment forms and drop them to your nearest store.

A fresh and bubbly career awaits you! Browse through available job listings now.

Starting off your dream career at Jamba juice is as easy as a breeze!

Being an equal opportunity employer, the company invites people from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their ethnicity, skills or expertise. Entry level positions are especially targeted for those who are interested work in a friendly and hip environment and do not have any prior experience.

If you are up for some fun and thrill at work everyday and enjoy meeting new people and making fun memories, Jamba Juice is the place for you!

Simply start with filling out an online form – and the rest is history! Jamba Juice offers employment opportunities in its stores, in senior management positions and also for supervising roles in its regional offices.

Take a look at the available career opportunities today and kick start your career with the right sizzle of energy and zing!

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Things to Know Before Applying

All set and ready to send over your printable form? Here are a few pointers that will help you make a great first impression!

Jamba Juice offers a productive, fun and athletic environment to work in, both at the stores and the office. Plus, there are a multitude of opportunities to climb up the success ladder and grow to middle and senior management level positions in a small period of time.

However, bear in mind that the enterprise receives hundreds of applicants everyday and in order to make your profile impressive and get called for an instant interview, you have to know as much about the employment opportunity and working conditions as possible.

So here is a quick go-though guide that will help you find and avail the best career opportunities out there. Check them out:

Minimum Age for Employment

A fun and exciting career opportunity becomes available to you as soon as you hit 16! Age and experience is not a pre-requisite for a blend-worthy and drool-some job at Jamba – all you need is enough energy to whip up fun at work!

Jamba team members are mostly students aged 16 and up working in a part time opportunity, which means there is tons of potential for you to work and grow as a professional in flexible and schedule-friendly work hours.
For more information about the necessary requirements of working at Jamba Juice, take a look at their official careers page.

Hours of Operation

One of the main highlights of working at Jamba Juice is its flexible and accommodating work hours. Offering part time, full time and hourly employment opportunities on entry, mid and senior level, career opportunities are a blessing for those who love a pepped-up balance of work and fun.

Before applying and sending over your employment form for consideration, it is important to know the hours of operation of your nearest store.

Generally, stores are open for public everyday from 06:30 AM to 09:30 PM.

For more information about the working hours and shifts available, visit your nearest store or take a look at the information available on the official website.

Direct Competitors

Making a drink of any kind isn’t simple. Taking solid objects and making them into drinks is an even more daunting affair. Jamba Juice has managed to do this exact magic though, How they manage it is beyond me, but by applying you may yet learn their secrets. Since you have the power of the drink creation, apply to Smoothie King as well for a chance to craft this healthy and tasty beverages. If you’re more of a coffee person, apply to Starbucks to really stretch your knowledge of how many ways you can mix up a cup of coffee. You’ll also learn how powerful espresso truly is. 

Available Positions

Jamba Juice offers a diverse work environment and versatile opportunities to learn and grow, and the plethora of work opportunities and employment vacancies advertised on a regular basis say it all. Though the franchise may seem like a restaurant serving up fresh juices and smoothies, the career opportunities are immense once you delve into it. Whether you are applying for an entry level spot, a supervising role or a senior management position – every position comes with a unique set of opportunities and benefits that are not only attractive today but also helpful for future prospects.

Before you jot down your career preferences, it is important to know in detail the various employment opportunities they offer. And the first step along the way is learning more about the work place responsibilities of the various positions.

Keep reading to get hands-on information about the ‘hows, whats and whys’ of working at Jamba Juice. Take a look:

Entry and Mid-level Jobs

  • Team Member
  • Support Center Customer Service Representative
  • Support Center Operations Services Representative
  • Support Center Franchise Representative
  • Support Center Finance Representative
  • Support Center Marketing Representative
  • Support Center Accounting Representative
  • Support Center Human Resources Representative
  • Support Center Public Relations Representative
  • Support Center IT Representative
  • Support Center Legal Representative
  • Inside Sales Account Coordinator

Managerial Level Jobs

For more senior professionals who want to venture into a more serious leadership role at Jamba juice, the managerial positions are an ideal fit. Management level career opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Shift Leader
  • Assistant Manager
  • Shift Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Area General Manager
  • Senior General Manager
  • Business Systems Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Sourcing Manager
  • District Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Sales Director

Employment Information

Whether you want to join as a team member or intend to work at a senior post, there is an immense amount of  jobs available for you to choose from. Give your career a boost in the right direction with a worthwhile, rewarding and fun career at Jamba Juice!

Being an international franchise, there is a vast number of career opportunities that open up every now and then. You can either drop your Jamba Juice application in person or apply online to get an interview call.

Take a look at the jobs available to make a more informed decision that works in your favor. Here’s a quick go-through:

Entry Level Positions

Most of the positions advertised cater to entry level candidates and offer tremendous opportunities of growth and learning. The stores are an ideal work place to start if you want to venture into a full time food industry career in the future, while the support center jobs are ideal for those who are more inclined to working in the administrative side. The flexible work hours and hourly positions are also well suited for students or individuals looking for a part time job.

Jamba Juice jobs at the entry level and middle positions include that of team member at the store, while vacancies are also available at supervising and administrative positions in the legal, PR, human resource, marketing, IT and accounting sectors. Team members are responsible for attending to the customers, explaining them the menu and preparing salads, smoothies or sandwiches. On the other hand, specialist level positions require working in more strategic and administrative roles and vacancies in this sector include that of support center representatives in marketing, customer service, finance etc.

Pay Scale for Jobs at Entry Level

Most entry level positions, such as team members, involve interaction with customers, preparing smoothies, shakes and sandwiches and maintaining a professional and friendly attitude. As such, most entry level jobs start at or above minimum wage and the pay starts increasing gradually as you gain more experience.

Management level Positions

Management positions offer an array of benefits, from the pay, to the level of experience and expertise gained. A lot of entry level team members gain management roles as they progress on, while experienced individuals with relevant knowledge and skills are also invited to apply for senior management career opportunities.

Some of the commonly advertised management level Jamba Juice jobs include that of the team leader, shift manager, assistant manager, store manager, sales director and much more.

Pay Scale for Jobs in Management Positions

The perks of an attractive pay are one of the main advantages of working at Jamba Juice. For managerial level jobs, a decent pay scale along with a string of employee benefits are guaranteed which make the prospect all the more attractive and competitive.

Generally speaking assistant managers can earn up to $30,000 every year while the annual pay of store managers can exceed $60,000 depending upon the responsibilities and job description.

Job Benefits

Jamba Juice not just promises a fun and healthy work environment – the staff benefits offered to both entry level and senior level employees are also amazing! Eligible employees can look forward to a number of benefits that include, but are not limited to:

  • Health insurance that includes dental and vision care plans
  • Paid training
  • Flexible timings
  • Paid holidays
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Future planning assistance
  • Flexi spending accounts
  • Meal discounts
  • Complimentary uniforms and name tags
  • And much more!

A worthwhile career at Jamba Juice is so much more than just these advantages – the ability to grow and learn as an individual and explore more diverse career opportunities in the future are an added plus.

For more information about the employee benefits offered to eligible employees, take a look at their official career page.

Tips and Suggestions

If you plan on making use of Jamba Juice career opportunities, you should first make sure that you have plenty of information about the company on hand. This not only makes it easier to acquire a job, but ensures faster career progress and growth!

Jamba Juice Tips

Show your Passion! One of the primary requirements for almost any position, particularly entry level positions is passion and zeal for working in the restaurant environment. Show your employers why you want to join them, how you want to learn and grow in the industry and how you are going to help customers making a healthy selection for their everyday meals!

Your Attitude Says it All – A lot of your customers are going to be kids – you know that, right! Make your personality shine in the interview by displaying your affection for kids and fun loving nature!

Facts about Jamba Juice

A little background info about the company will help you nail your online form on the very first try! Here are a few fun facts about the company that will definitely impress your future employers. Check them out:

  • Jamba juice started off in 1990 by Kirk Perron- a healthy lifestyle advocate and cyclist.
  • Approximately 336 company owned Jamba Juice restaurants run all over the world today and there are over 470 franchise locations of Jamba Juice internationally.
  • Jamba Juice is a one-of-kind restaurant franchise offering healthy meal additions and fruit smoothies for both adults and kids.

Start a juicy and fun-filled career today! Click here to apply now at Jamba Juice.